The Hypocrisy of the Greens

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

There can be no better illustration of the hypocrisy of the Greens than the case of the Drax Power Station. As most people now know, Drax was fired by coal, but under pressure from the Greens this power station has been converted to burning wood pellets, made from virgin hardwood forest in the United States, converted to pellets and shipped to the UK.

Why on earth was this done? It goes back to some insane ideas on man-made Global Warming. The theory is that emissions of Carbon Dioxide in some peculiar manner are supposed to trap heat and radiate it back to Mother Earth, thus making it warmer than it would otherwise be.

It is difficult to deal with this all in one go. In the first place wood pellets like coal are carbon. Secondly all combustion involves the interaction of carbon and oxygen and so produces Carbon Dioxide. So this is an exercise in utter futility, for if the aim were to reduce emissions of Carbon Dioxide this venture has signally failed. Furthermore the Greens are supposed to support Great Nature and in particular forests. Why do they support forests? Very correctly, because green plants feed on Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen as a by-product, which is elementary Biology. So here we see that the Greens are in fact party to the destruction of virgin forests in the USA in order to support a half-baked theory.

In giant glasshouses today tomatoes are grown, where some 1,000 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide are blown in, in order to stimulate growth. Far from wanting less Carbon Dioxide the Planet Earth could do with a lot more. In fact we are Carbon Dioxide depleted. We could happily do with at least 800 parts per million, and the evidence for this is the greening of the Sahel. The slight rise in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide has already had beneficial results in making for a greener world!

The Greens wail that since the industrial revolution the amount of atmospheric CO2 has risen from 370 to 400 parts per million. Oh, horror of horrors! This is causing Planet Earth to warm!  And the Climate to change!

Of course, this is complete nonsense, as Carbon Dioxide cannot and does not generate heat. Luckily for us all the Sun rises every day. Can you imagine for one moment if the Sun did not rise and night was continuous, what would happen? There would be no warmth. Thank God in his heavens that we are provided with warmth from the Sun. It is only the Greens who are worried sick that we might get too warm and the seas will rise. In fact there is evidence that in some regions the seas are sinking!

The Greens are very fond of saying ‘scientists say’ and these acolytes are half baked very often and fail to understand just what the scientists do say. The biggest misunderstanding of the lot concerns the absorption by Greenhouse Gases. All scientists are agreed that Greenhouse gases absorb infrared. Yes, all. That is to say that both Warmist and Skeptic scientists agree on this matter. Yes, they do agree on this vital matter – they also agree that 99% of the atmosphere is transparent to infrared and that just 1% absorbs it. That includes Water Vapour, which is by far the largest Greenhouse gas and Carbon Dioxide and Methane.

But do these Greenhouse Gases just absorb it and in some mysterious way ‘trap’ the heat engendered by this infrared?  Well, if it was trapped and not emitted it would not warm a sausage, would it? The Greens omit that these Greenhouse Gases emit warmth or radiate away and thus cool down. So if heat were truly trapped, it would be useless. If the molecules radiate away then they can warm what is cooler and so heat is no longer trapped. Except of course 99% of the atmosphere would be unaffected since it is transparent to radiation.

Far from causing man-made Global Warming the Greenhouse Gases have a vital role in keeping Planet Earth cool. Why and how is that? It is only the Greenhouse Gases that both scatter incoming radiation and also are alone capable of radiating heat into space. So now we see that the Greens are not only hypocrites, but they are also scientifically illiterate. I do not wish to offend them, but alas their ideas cause humanity great harm.

Modern man cannot exist without electricity, with the result that the Greens have majored on Renewables. They rejoice that acres and acres of good arable land are covered by solar panels. I cannot share this enthusiasm, nor can I share their enthusiasm for wind power or tidal surge power. In each and every case these schemes are hideously expensive and only exist because of government or UNO subsidies. What does this mean? It means that the common man is taxed to the hilt and then these schemes are subsidised by the State, without which they would not and could not exist. Certain large landowners have benefited hugely by these subsidies – in fact it is a major Ponzi scheme where the poor unwittingly cooperate in making the rich even richer. For which the Greens should hang their heads in shame.

Far from protecting the environment, which the Greens wish to do, the environment and the ecology, in each and every case, is devastated. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Thus do the environmentalists crap on the environment.

It is ironical, is it not, that the Greens who wish – often quite sincerely – to look after the Planet, to look after the environment, are just those who are doing their best to destroy it.