The burning of the journal Pattern Recognition in Physics

Written by Giordano Bruno

The burning of the journal Pattern Recognition in Physics is just the last of a long series of actions to suppress not only the scientific freedoms and the academic independence, but even the simple freedom of speech.prp Because of one inconveniently true sentence in one paper commenting how the lack of measured warming is casting “doubt” on “the continued, even accelerated, warming as claimed by the IPCC project” all the journal has been terminated by the publisher.

The only truth about global warming is that there has been no measured warming over the last 16 years in the global air temperature of the land and the sea surface, the same global air temperature over the last century has been more naturally oscillating than following the carbon dioxide emission, there has been no warming and no change of salinity of the oceans 0 to 2000 metres depth over the first 10 years these parameters have been measured.


The forced consensus about global warming is unfortunately for science an integral part of the plans for a “New World Order” that may be “unlocked” only by the “threat of environmental crisis” used as the “international disaster key” (words in italics by Mikhail Gorbachev).  After having read on Nature about the most unrealistic development of climate change, from the 4 ºC by 2100 adding the cloud effect to the already overrating climate models, to the spot of faster warming on earth in the actually cooling Antarctica, to the justification of bringing journalists to get trapped in the ices of Antarctica as a proper use of tax payers moneys, I would love to see the free scientific debate about global warming finally back to the pages of this prestigious journal. 


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