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Stephen Crothers Presents the Case against Black Holes and Relativity

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In what is an exotic yet contentious subject, Stephen Crothers used a recent science conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico to deliver a robust attack on the cornerstone of modern cosmology. Crothers, who was forced to quit his PhD studies because he questioned ‘Big Bang’ physics offers an entertaining and compelling argument for his position.

Electric Universe

This addresses the Big Question that has long perplexed scientists: what is the true driving force behind our Universe? But from the early 20th Century a consensus was established around the ideas of Albert Einstein whose Theories of Relativity seemed so compelling. But in the new millenium the debate is once again hotting up. Opponents of such problematic ideas as Dark matter and Dark energy are espousing the notion of plasma cosmology (also known as the Electric Universe theory), and it is here where Crothers has taken center stage.

Crothers and others say there is increasing evidence to believe there are no isolated islands in the universe. They say all objects in space, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters, are connected by manifestations of the electric force acting in real time.

In this two part video presentation (part one, part two) we see that not only is the concept of an electric universe, its driving forces, and electro-magnetic mechanical properties far more readily understood than those of ‘Big Bang’ physics, picking holes in Black Holes is a lot of fun, too. As Crothers quips during his presentation, “When quantum physicists don’t understand things, they postulate a new particle.”

To Crothers and his colleagues a better explanation is found when accepting that properties of atoms, electrons and protons have nothing to do with the theory of relativity. They argue that a form of magnetic force, EU advocates often called “strong force,” creates atoms. Thereafter, the electrons are the minus charge and the protons are the plus, thus rendering a neutrality of the force.

Averse to overly mathematical elaborations in his public presentations Crothers exudes a level of common sense conviviality that belies his former status as PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales (his opposition to Einstenian physics resulted in him being expelled). In a detailed account Crothers demonstrates that his university expulsion is yet another example of the irrational suppression of science when it conflicts with an establishment view.

Since posted on Youtube these two new videos have drawn over 7,000 views in just three days. Viewers can see how adeptly Crothers dissects two papers: (1) Stephen Hawking’s claim for quantum gravity expansion of the Universe with negative cosmological constant and (2) the Hawking-Penrose ‘Singularity Theorems.’

Crothers explains why black holes cannot exist and why Einstein’s Theory of Relativity doesn’t lend support to the black hole hypothesis.To skeptics of modern trends in cosmology there is much food for thought here. Perhaps there is one such place, the Max Plank Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany, that will permit Crothers to make a similar presentation. In 2008 the Institute stood out when it bravely conceded that no black holes have ever actually been found.

Crothers also finds allies at Principia Scientific International (PSI) where members hold deep suspicion of any government science that resorts to ridiculing rather than debating independent researchers who argue for a different position.

As such, Crothers is flourishing in the realm of open online peer-to-peer review where dissenting views are not only tolerated but positively encouraged as the best way to expose junk science. For those of us who follow the Popperian principles of the traditional scientific method the key to testing any theory’s credibility is to see how new observations and discoveries impact upon it. Adherents of the EU viewpoint argue that such new discoveries are increasingly revealing there exists magnetic fields everywhere, even in the “empty” depths of intergalactic space. And as Crothers and his associates insist, magnetic fields cannot exist without causative electric currents.

Crothers makes the complexity of relativistic mathematics more digestible by spicing the presentation with humor to poke fun at mainstream cosmology to expose it as perhaps another church of science akin to the man-made global warming sect. Even if you have no doubt that Einstein and Hawking are right you will find these videos illuminating, entertaining and certainly food for thought.

Also published by Stephen Crothers:

‘Proof of No “Black Hole” Binary in Nova Scorpii’, Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Physics and Space Science, Volume 12, Issue4, Version 1.0, June 2012. (peer-reviewed)

Proof of the Invalidity of the Black Hole and Einstein’s Field Equations:Letter to Professor Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, Concerning His Public Lecture at the University of Sydney on 9th November 2012’ (not peer-reviewed)

On the Alleged ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ in the Bright Quasar 3C 279 (An Open Letter to Weintroub et al.) (not peer-reviewed)

General Relativity – A Theory in Crisis’, Global Journal of Science Frontier Research Physics and Space Science Volume 12 Issue 4 Version 1.0 June 2012 (peer-reviewed).

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