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Scandal? French Government Disappears Skeptic’s Project From ‘100 Projects For The Climate’ Contest!

Written by P Gosselin

It’s no secret that Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s outstanding, purely scientific Medieval Warming Period Map project has been held in very high regard within the science community.

It’s also no secret that some government-funded scientists and a slew of activists are not at all happy that it has created controversy and cast serious doubt over climate science. Indeed Lüning’s project has exposed that climate science has been a bit sloppy in its handling of the inconvenient Medieval Warm Period (MWP).

Recently Dr. Lüning entered his Medieval Warming Period Map project in a French-government sponsored contest, 100 Projects for the Climate, which has the aim of selecting and supporting the 100 best climate-related projects. 

To say the least, the project seemed to be generating a fair amount of voter activity.

Recently I got some mail from readers who had sought to cast their vote for Lüning’s project at the French-government operated website. They asked me to check the link because they had been getting the following error message:

psi 7

I checked this over and there is nothing wrong with the link which allowed votes to be cast for Lüning’s project – except for the fact that the page now “doesn’t exist”. Many people (and we suspect perhaps too many) had already successfully cast their votes for the Medieval Warming Period Map. Was the link changed in the middle of the contest? 

I’ve contacted Dr. Lüning about this and I’m hoping that he’ll post some news on this soon.

Too inconvenient?

Could this be the French government moving to shut out a project that is simply too hot and too inconvenient to handle?

One notes that the projects are about climate change and how to deal with it. It is truly mysterious that a quality project, such as Lüning’s, which relies solely on a huge base of scientific literature, would be disappeared for whatever reason.

This stinks to high heaven and we can only hope that project’s disappearance has to do with a technical glitch, and not some political reason rooted in irrationality (fear of alternative views), or worse. It just seems to be too foul that one of the surely very few SKEPTIC projects happens to be the one that has been affected in this way.

I’m very curious to find out how all of this will unfold. I have a feeling we have not heard the last of this.

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