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Respected Scientist Trashes UN Climate ‘Decarbonisation’ Treaty

Written by Terri Jackson Bsc (Hons) MSc MPhil MinstP

Former Science Adviser to Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Terri Jackson, issues stinging attack on what she describes as “scientific fraud” woven into climate policies. figueres

As Britons gear themselves up for a crucial referendum on further membership of the troubled European Union Jackson, founder of the Energy (climate) group at the Institute of Physics in London exposes the multi-billion Euro climate scam that relies heavily on junk science.

In a hard-hitting, fact filled summary of the key points known to many thousands of skeptical scientists, Jackson urges voters to beware stark admissions from Christiana Figueres (pictured right), the U.N. climate change chief since 2010 made in February last year.

Figueres said:

“This is the first time in history we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally within a decade to change the economic development model that has been reigning since the Industrial revolution”

Jackson retorts: “So what she wants is an end to capitalism founded on ‘fossil fuels’ which has brought prosperity to millions and a return to the hell of communism centred on the UN. She is in that same club as the first UN head of environment the late Maurice Strong who was a dedicated communist.”

She argues it is no coincidence that the UN’s Earth Day is April 22 each year (Lenin`s birthday!)

In December 2015 in Paris over 160 of the world`s top climate scientists sent a letter to the UN head Ban Ki Moon setting out their objections to the present UN climate policy. The letter was completely rudely arrogantly ignored by Mr Moon and of course by the alarmist biased sections of the UK press. Read it now on www.pcc15.org

The Paris Climate Challenge conference led by Rev Philip Foster MA(Nat. Sci.) held in parallel with the UN meeting in Paris was well attended as skepticism of climate alarmism grows.

Jackson laments:

“Regarding present developments and the Paris agreement I agree with Professor James Hansen former director of GISS(Goddard Institute of Space Studies) when he says that the Paris climate agreement is a fraud. A fraud indeed but for very different reasons than those put forward by Professor Hansen. It is a fraud because the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is mostly coming from natural sources such as ocean de-gassing and plant decomposition, with little coming from fossil fuels.( proof: see satellite image below).

Jackson and her colleagues at Principia Scientific International (PSI) say there have been “deceptive alterations of temperature data in the US.” PSI has campaigned for six years demanding that NOAA and NASA are both answerable for this deception.

Jacksono continues:

“Temperature data with deceptive alterations from terrestrial based measuring stations have been deliberately altered to deceive and give the impression that the earth is warming when the opposite is the case”

She cites the alleged criminal like activity discovered by German Professor Fredrich Ewert of Padorborn University. [Also see in http://scientificqa.blogspot.co.u]k

Apparently, the three terrestrial temperature data sets Hadcrut 4, Giss and NCDC have all been altered.(fully documented in Professor Ian Plimer`s new book Heaven and Hell.(Amazon books).

Recent temperatures have been adjusted upwards by 0.2C.

“To alter raw temperature data to suit a political aim is fraud. Requests for explanations go unanswered, “ bemoans Jackson.

By contrast the two satellite temperature data sets which cannot be interfered with, UAH (University of Alabama Huntsville) and RSS (Remote Sensing Systems).

“These show no global warming for twenty years! SSRC the Space and Science Research Corporation a world leader in climate prediction has accused President Obama and NASA and NOAA of deceiving the public” adds the respected scientist.

These deceptive alterations are such that SSRC now say “until scientific integrity is restored to the White House and in the rest of the federal government we will be forced to rely solely on satellite data” The terrestrial data sets are all compromised. Professor Ole Humlum Professor of Physical Geology at the University of Oslo and an expert on global glacial activity is the co-author of the SSRC report.

In addition more fraud has allegedly been exposed in the Maine state temperature data in the US.

“In any other profession it would mean immediate imprisonment. NOAA the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration clearly has no shame. Engineering physicist Mike Brakey has used NOAA`s own temperature data and found NOAA added 55188 HDD(heating degree days) to strategically reduce historical temperature in an apparent attempt to strengthen the argument for progressive global warming. Temperatures for earlier years were deliberately lowered so then they could keep spending $27 billion a year on pushing global warming, “ pinpoints Jackson.

She cited further examples of the fraud: 1904 reduced from 40.6F to 38.3F, 1918 reduced from 42.1F to 40.5F, 1925 reduced from 42.3F to 40.7F, 1913 reduced from 46.9F to 42.9F. Reference WUWT web site report. www.wattsupwiththat.com. [Also details on http://scientificqa.blogspot.co.uk ]

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere mostly from natural sources not fossil fuels

So CO2 is mostly from nature? This is confirmed by the Japanese IBUKU climate satellite and the Sciamachy instrument on the Envisat satellite s(ee graphic below).

Jackson and her PSI colleagues are adamant that human use of fossil fuels is not leading to temperature increases and climate change. She says,”It is the exact opposite. It is natural temperature changes that results in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere mainly from plant decomposition in high vegetation areas in equatorial regions and also coming from de-gassing of carbon dioxide from the oceans. This is due to the warming of the oceans as a result of the earth coming out of the Little Ice Age which ended in 1850.”


“A growing realization among the general public is that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a harmless trace gas which we humans breathe out, she adds.

“Are climate alarmists telling us we should stop breathing?”

Jackson explains that CO2 concentration in the atmosphere stands at only 0.4percent of the total.

“This is dangerously low. Plants are already struggling to survive. If they die we die!” warns the impassioned skeptic.

Moreover, say analysts, the amount of carbon dioxide coming from humans is at most 4 percent of the 0.4 which comes to 0.0016 percent, a trivial amount.

PSI-sponsored scientist, Professor Murry Salby, in his Westminster lecture given in March 2015 points out that the contribution of humans to climate change is “insignificant”. Salby`s textbook “The Atmosphere and C02 ” published by Cambridge University Press is the standard text on the subject read by all UK postgraduate physics students at UK universities.

So it now appears we need more carbon dioxide not less. More will improve crop growth and increase habitats and be good for agriculture..The online German publication Focus reports former IPCC economist Richard Tol. He says: “a global warming of 1.7degrees celsius would produce net advantages for man and the earth ecosystem.”

According to many oceanographers the present small warming is due to the El Nino in the South Pacific. It has nothing to do with humans. Tol resigned from the IPCC because of its alarmist stance. Hans Wegel director of the German Johan Heinrich Institute for Biodiversity says carbon dioxide is an essential building block of photosynthesis and thus the basis for all life” (quote from Focus). The effect of the recent el Nino in the Pacific is already declining and sea temperatures are getting colder.

Warmest year on record? Another deception, Another lie

You often hear “this is the warmest year on record” this is deception, claim the skeptics.

Jackson explains:

“What they do not tell you is that this only refers to the thermometer era which is only about 200 years old. However scientists using ice core data from Greenland and Antarctica have been able to deduce the temperature going back millions of years. This has revealed the earth temperature as being much higher than today such as the Minoan warming, the Roman warming, the Medieval warming all much higher temperatures than today. The 1930s and 40s were considerably warmer than today.”

Carbon dioxide level today is about 400ppmv which is very low by historical standards.

“Carbon dioxide does not absorb heat. It has no capacity to store heat. Any infra red radiation that it absorbs is immediately re-emitted,” Jackson adds.

In the Cambrian era, an ice age, carbon dioxide levels were twenty times higher than today but there was no runaway global warming. There was glaciation instead (confirmed by skeptic scientist Ian Plimer (Professor of Climate Geology Adelaide University) Both global temperature and CO2 have been much higher than today for most of earth history.

Jackson and her colleagues have questions for the alarmists from President Reagan`s Economic Secretary Leighton Stewart. He asks:

“Why did many of the earth`s glaciers in the Alps, Asia, New Zealand and Patagonia begin to retreat nearly half a century before the industrial revolution and man`s use of ‘fossil’ fuels?”(first published in the World Net Daily 9 December 2011).


Scientists from the UK to Germany to India to Russia have pointed out that weakening solar activity can bring about another Little Ice Age. Scientist Jurgen Lange from the German European Institute for Climate and Energy(EIKE) has predicted a drop in global temperature due to diminishing solar activity, Virginia based Vencore weather has reported that the solar sunspot count is at its lowest for over a hundred years, a sure sign of an approaching ice age.

The recent solar cycle 24 has had fewer sunspots than at any time of the previous 23 cycles.

Scientists at the University of Southampton have recorded that the AMO (Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation) is declining which will result in cooler surface waters that can impact the climate for decades. This means cooler global temperatures.

Data from the European Space Agency Cryosat 2 satellite indicates Arctic sea ice is above the average for the last five years. Oceanographers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the US have found that the ice in Antarctica is much thicker than has been predicted.

The snowfall in Antarctica is greater than for 300 years!

The American Geophysical Union and the British Antarctic Survey note that West Antarctica coastal snow accumulation rose by a massive 30 percent during the 20th century. This outweighs the loss due to thinning glaciers on the West Antarctica peninsula due to underwater volcanic activity.

Meanwhile scientists at the University of Northumbria have revealed new research indicating the earth is heading for a new ice age in the next ten to fifteen years. Under professor Valentina Zharkova the team has indicated that solar activity may fall by a massive 60 percent activity. She said the result would be similar to the freezing conditions of the 17th century when people skated on the Thames.

The Northumbria team predict the likely arrival of a Maunder Minimum. This was the name given to the period between 1645 and 1715 when Europe and North America had very cold winters. It is named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder. The Maunder Minimum period in the 17th century was preceded by a sun with almost no sunspots when the global temperature dropped by 2 to 3 degrees. (This is exactly what is happening today, as reported by Dan Hyde Daily Telegraph 11 July 2015).

Urging concerned readers to check the facts for themselves Jackson pinpoints how over 165 world climate scientists sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon during the Paris climate meetings in December last year. They were pointing out the fallacies of the man made climate theory and the reality that the climate models are wrong and do not mirror the real world.

More information on this can be seen at ‘Paris Climate Challenge’ on www.pcc15.org. This was led by Rev Philip Foster MA(Nat Sci), both a scientist and an Anglican minister.

Over 1000 international scientists have signed a US Senate report stating they dissent from the theory of man made climate change http://www.climatedepot.com/a/9035/special-report-more-than-1000-international-scientists-dissent-over-manmade-global-warming-claims . Over 30 000 graduate scientists have signed the Oregon petition stating fossil fuels will not harm the environment www.petitionproject.org

Terri Jackson’s further recommendations are as follows:

Three recent books have been published in the wake of the Paris Climate meetings:

Climate Investigation” by Phillipe Verdier French Television top weather presenter. Published by Amazon Books on line. In this book Verdier rips apart the genocidal climate scare campaign. He was the chief meteorologist for the state run French Television channel. He was quickly taken off the air for daring to expose the climate hoax. A petition launched in support of Verdier gained 15 000 signatures in one day!! Also he had the support of at least ten senior French parliamentarians.

A separate inquiry found that at least half of French meteorologists agreed with Verdier. He accused the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC apolitical body) of blatantly erasing data that went against their overall report conclusions. He accused some political leaders of promoting misleading temperature data.

The second climate must read book published in the wake of the Paris UN climate meetings is called “UN Climate Liars” by Christian Gerondeau a leading French Engineer.

Published by Toucan publications Paris with a sub title “Millions dying in the name of rich countries” and with a foreword by Nigel Lawson former UK Secretary of State for Energy and Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher.

The third book worth reading is Heaven and Hell. The Pope condemns the poor to eternal poverty. Ian Plimer University of Adelaide Professor of Climate Geology. Connor Court Publications Ballarat Victoria Australia. Also available from Amazon books on line. Professor Plimer is a frequent visitor to London.

Web sites:

www.pcc15.org (Paris)

www.notrickszone.com (German)

www.weatheraction.com (London)

www.heartland.org (American)

www.notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com (UK)

www.climatescienceinternational.org (Canadian)

http://scientificqa.blogspot.co.uk (UK)


10000 year temps

satellite obs

Satellite image shows the northern hemisphere coloured green indicating net zero carbon dioxide emissions .As soon as carbon dioxide is emitted from fossil fuels it is mostly reabsorbed. In the southern hemisphere coloured red , yellow represents the carbon dioxide emissions coming mostly from plant decomposition in equatorial regions.. Also some from ocean de-gassing. So it is natural temperature changes that are leading to carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions are not leading to temperature changes.

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