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President-Elect Donald Trump does not believe in Man-Made Climate Change!

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

Neither do I! It is a man-made belief, it is a man-made money making idea, and it is a totally man-made theory, which has nothing whatsoever to do with either science or religion. There is no proof whatsoever that the evolution of the climates on this Earth has anything to do with man. Sure there is a supposition, sure there is an hysterical belief that man is changing the ‘climate’ – but which climate are the apparatchiks referring to? There is not one climate on the Earth, but 29 major systems and a million microclimates.

For years alarmists have campaigned using junk science to introduce draconian measures based on a ‘belief’ that so-called Greenhouse Gases are causing Global Warming. But there is not one shred of empirical evidence to support such a belief. But there is plenty of evidence that some profited hugely from this belief.

There is no such entity as a Global Temperature. If there were such an entity do you not think that CNN and the BBC would broadcast it every day? But they do not do that, do they? I watch Sky News, BBC News, CNN News, Euro News and Fox News most every day. I’ll tell you something – CNN is pretty well the best, the tops for the Weather around the world. Why! They show the differing temperatures of different locations at one time admirably!


There is not one temperature, for the simple reason that we live on a sphere that is hurtling through space at some 66,000 miles an hour, revolving on its own axis and wobbling like a spinning top. So some temperatures are taken at 5ft off the surface and an average is cobbled together, with a special method to ensure that nobody understands exactly what is happening, because they use ‘anomalies’ to reach this average.

I will tell you what – that average is totally meaningless – it is a construct specially designed in order to frighten the common man and woman that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter – and those, who are gullible, swallow this rubbish, hook, line and sinker!

The President-elect of the United States is not swallowing this junk science. Neither do I. Neither do 32,000 Climate Scientists of high repute. These are the Physicists, the Biologists, the Botanists, the Marine Biologists, the Astrophysicists the Mathematicians, the Chemical Analysts and so on and so forth, who, for many years have been shouted down and branded as Deniers, and why? Because they have denied that Carbon Dioxide can generate heat, can trap heat, or can radiate heat back upon itself.

Besides which our 4 atmospheres are together some 60 miles high before Outer Space is reached. So some tiny measurements are taken of a small number of weather stations 5 foot off the ground and cobbled together with the aforesaid ‘anomalies’ in order to persuade the unwary that we are getting hotter and hotter. Oh yes! Even our Met Office is in on the act, declaring that such and such a year is or was the hottest ever.

As a matter of fact there are cycles when the Earth is warmer and cycles when the Earth is so cold that large areas get covered in ice. These latter are called Ice Ages and are greatly to be feared. We have only just come out of the Little Ice age, and the hystericals take charge.

American voters have elected a new President of the United States who does not believe that man can heat the Planet; who does not believe that Man can change the various climates of the world and the alarmists are panicking that their scam is being terminated.