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‘Piers Corbyn Storm’ Causes UK Chaos as Predicted – 6 Weeks Ahead!

Written by PSI Staff

As Britain is battered by 99 miles per hour wind and “boiling” seas maverick long range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn provides thousands of his loyal customers with yet another astonishing performance. Londoner Corbyn, who runs the WeatherAction forecasting service, is today touting his “End Game” special forecast that more accurately (from two days ahead) foresaw the blistering storm track that left a wake of destruction further South than the UK MetOffice and Standard Models had predicted.

severe storm

But what is so incredible is not that Corbyn’s forecast was more accurate than others, but that he first predicted this severe storm a full six weeks before it struck. The 67-year-old gave this bullish news release earlier today:

“Everything Piers Corbyn warned about this storm (named his storm by thousands) from 6 weeks to 6 hours ahead confirmed while UK MetOffice knew nothing or dithered.”

The ‘Piers Corbyn Storm’ of October 2013, the most serious in Britain and Ireland, North West France and  the Low Countries for decades, was predicted – in detail to within one day from six weeks ahead – by WeatherAction.

Piers Corbyn’s forecast specified an “EXTREMELY DANGEROUS” storm  a full six weeks before it hit and WeatherAction’s warning of “damage on a par with the Great Storm of Oct 15/16th 1987” – particularly along a track from the Southwest of Britain towards Europe and the Low Countries was spot on.

Corbyn goes on to say: “We are very pleased with our success – which follows on confirmed success for significant ‘warm-up’ storms of major rain/flooding and/or severe gales/storms this month on 17/18th mainly in Ireland and 21-23rd (208th Anniversary of the ‘Trafalgar Night Storm‘).

According to WeatherAction “all subscribers and monitors in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe were well warned and prepared ahead of all official public warnings and have saved distress, losses and money. The application and announcement of our forecasts by the UK and other Governments and official media such as the BBC would greatly help preparedness and reduce stress, damaging losses and save lives. However we are blacklisted by the BBC’s top TV and Radio and the UK Government and Emergency Committee (COBRA) ignore us.”

Outcast Status

Despite his repeated successes Corbyn has long been persona non grata among the Establishment. His “mistake” was in being a vocal critic of doomsaying claims made by government climate scientists. The main focus of Corbyn’s ire has been the MetOffice and BBC for their zealous support of what he calls the “fiction” of man-made global warming. For years Corbyn has insisted that official computer models are incorrectly set to factor in a dubious warming effect due to so-called “greenhouse gases,” which Corbyn claims is a lot of junk science.

Corbyn adds, “Although the Government is showing signs of breaking from the stranglehold of hated green /’Global Warming’ taxes, in the interests of public safety they must break completely from the grip of the self serving mandarins of the Met Office and BBC and the CO2 pseudo-religion and it’s  discredited forecasts – who put defence of their failed delusional ‘science’ ahead of defence of public well being.”

Independent researchers and meteorologists at Principia Scientific International (PSI) have long been impressed by Corbyn’s peerless work. PSI covered a similarly astonishing forecast by Corbyn back in January 2013. Then WeatherAction stole the show to predict icy blasts and blizzards that all the mainstream services had failed to spot. At the time, so impressed was London’s colorful Mayor, Boris Johnson that Boris bodly declared “It is time to consult once again the learned astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn.”

This morning Piers told supporters:

“I am honoured by people naming this “Piers Corbyn’s storm of Oct 2013″ and urge all those in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe who want to roll back the hated green energy taxes and charges and get WeatherAction’s advanced forecasting science applied for public well-being to so describe and name the Storm – as opposed to those who want to hide continuing forecast failure and carbon tax robbery behind a nondescript routine saints name. THANK YOU!”

Upcoming Important Free Public Events

Egged on by increased public suport Corbyn and WeatherAction are ramping up their campaign against junk climate science by endorsing a series of free public meetings fronted by Corbyn and other notable critics of junk climate science. Outspoken Australian skeptic climatologist, Professor Murry Salby will be giving a talk on “Climate Change: What We know & What we Don’t” in a series of meetings – all free. 

Corbyn is asking for those who are interested to attend the open events as follows:

– Mon 4th November 4.30pm Hemingford Abbots;

 Wed 6th November 1.30pm – 3.30pm Palace Of Westminster;

The meeting will include questions & discussion and is expected to include comments/short reports:

– MPs eg Graham Stringer (Lab), Sammy Wilson (DUP)

– The UN IPCC-Royal Society meeting 2-3 Oct – Piers Corbyn & Danny Weston who attended.

– The Campaign Against the (Climate) Act – Fay Tuncay

– Thu 7th November The Links Hotel, Edinburgh 7- 9pm, 

– Fri  8th November 2pm Farmers Club Whitehall Court

 Above events generously sponsored by Stairway Press.

For more information readers may contact Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction on (+44/0)7908734296 / (+44/0)2079399946 or visit their website: weatheraction.com


 Update (29 October):

In the aftermath of the storm Piers Corbyn has condemned  false claims made by someone from The Weather Club (a Met Office extension) that “The Met Office got it just right, warning of 80-90 mph gusts from 4 or 5 days ahead.”

Corbyn denounced this as “a brazen lie” posting the following on the WeatherAction site:


i. If the MO+BBC had actual forecasts of many gusts likely in the 80-90mph range they would have put out RED WARNINGS (ie take action, fix things that move, don’t park cars or caravans under trees before the storm, don’t swim in the sea as the storm brews etc – such as precautions WeatherAction advised) all across the South/West + SE half of England & Wales for ‘the 4 or 5 days’ dishonestly claimed. However THEY DID NOT. RESULT: Otherwise avoidable destruction and death.

ii. IF they believed such gusts were likely they would have advised the take down of that crane near the Cabinet Office BUT THEY DID NOT.

iii. While not complaining about what MO got right the truth is this storm was UNDER-FORECASTED* – as we at WeatherAction warned it would be since in an R5 period – until it was Now-casted too late to, for example, remove that crane from near The Cabinet Office.

*The idea that “it was claimed (really by whom?) they were ‘over cautious’ by some” is just another sly media-management trick to make it look as if they ‘got it just right’.

*Michel Fish (Yes the very same) advising during the storm to take 3 hours off work because of the storm was TOO LATE. Most people cant just cop out of earning a crust. THAT advice should have been a week ahead and only WeatherAction had anything useful to say a week ahead. Result: thousands putting themselves in travel danger and waiting at stations or the Dover crossing for Piers’ storm (105mph at Dover) to abate

iv. All the agencies / quangos (Councils, Network Rail, Highways, BBC) and public could have been better warned from 6 weeks ahead but they were not because the MetOffice and government cronies use all their might to keep ‘Exclusive’ propagation of their limited skills and exclude better forecasters from getting a look in.  

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