Paris Climate Summit: No Global Temperature

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

by Anthony Bright-Paul

While misguided global policymakers debate in Paris this week over ‘fixing’ earth’s climate to two degrees of warming serious thinkers agree there is no such metric as an average earth temperature. climate circus

 Anthony Bright-Paul writes: There is no such thing as a Global temperature, and everybody knows that this is the truth and yet both Warmists and some Skeptics keep up the charade of pretending that such an elephant exists.

If I were to ask you the temperature in Singapore, or Jakarta, or Perth Australia, or of Moscow, or Denver at this very moment, it is not impossible with a computer to look up the temperatures at about 1 – 1.5 metres above the ground in any of these places. Furthermore in every single one of these places the temperature will change or will have changed some 3,600 times within the hour.

Everyone, that is everyone who is not an absolute simpleton and has a modicum of knowledge, knows that the Earth is rotating on itself and is travelling round the Sun in an ellipse, so that it is sometimes, I am informed, some 91 or 95 million miles from the Earth. So our distance from the Sun varies by a matter of 4 to 5 million miles!

The fact that we are hurtling round the sun – if my memory serves me aright at some 66,000 miles per hour, and that the Earth is tilting – these facts are now common knowledge, and account for the Seasons. So everyone who has the slightest wit knows that there are seasons, that we in Europe look forward to the Spring with hopeful anticipation, and to the approach of Winter with apprehension.

Why then do good honest Skeptics go along with a myth that there is such a thing as a Global Temperature when they know very well that there is no such thing? Oh yes! There is a concoction that is cobbled together by organisations whose names I fear to mention for fear of being dragged into the Courts, but the fact is that those figures that are supplied to a gullible public are dubious in the extreme. Even so we all know that even the figures upon which a so-called temperature is based, are simply an average, boiled together with ‘anomalies’ in order to produce a potage that is edible for the fanatics of doom. Based on absolutely nothing but some incomprehensible figures we are all to be persuaded that the Earth is getting dangerously hot.

What is the reply of most of the Skeptics? Shall I tell you? It is a bleat. They for the most part accept these figures, but say they are exaggerated and not really dangerous at all. In this way they concede the very basis of the Warmist alarms. They concede that there is a Global Temperature. But, of course, we all know there is no such thing. Even at surface level the temperatures are constantly and of necessity changing, endlessly and ad infinitem.

If there were such a thing as a Global Temperature assuredly that would be the first announcement on every News Bulletin the world over. Today the Globe warmed one tenth of a degree! But no such bulletins occur. What does occur is a constant barrage of misinformation to the effect that the Globe is becoming dangerously hot and that the global temperature must be reduced by 2º C.

Just how are these mighty magicians going to reduce a temperature that does not exist for a Globe that has not been defined? They wish to reduce emissions of Carbon Dioxide which every human being is exhaling at the rate of 40,000 parts per million with every single breath? The sheer arrogance of these magicians is only exceeded by their ignorance.

There is nowhere a constant temperature and any average is an average created for the unwary and the unwise. That great Astrophysicist, whom you all know well, asked ‘Where does one place the thermometer?’ Where indeed?

The Atmosphere has a huge range of temperatures. The oceans likewise have a huge range of temperatures – as also the crust and the centre of the Earth. Why then do well-known Skeptics come out with such sayings as that there has been no warming for the past eighteen years? Where have they been living? The Earth has been warming and cooling incessantly every second of those past eighteen years. Can anyone deny that?

In fact nobody on Earth can possibly know the temperature of the Earth and all the talk of dangerous warming is simply dangerous nonsense. What is really dangerous is the hysteria that surrounds and has surrounded this question.

Basic Physics tells us this: The Sun does not send heat through space but radiation. Radiation has to encounter mass to produce heat. I am not even looking at my notes to repeat this. It means one cannot heat nothing – one can only heat something.

So we all know that 99% of the atmosphere is transparent to radiation, but the so-called greenhouse gases are opaque. And it is precisely because they are opaque that the so-called Greenhouse Gases are the major coolants in the climate system. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the case of a cloud blocking out the Sun on a summer’s day. Even a child can experience the immediate cooling.

It is argued that Water Vapour will trap outgoing infrared radiation and it is true that in humid condition that rate of cooling is lessened, but that is all. Even supposing that such a thing as trapped heat were possible and a balloon of trapped heat existed at say 20,000 feet, what happens to hot air? It rises and cools. The atmosphere does not heat the Earth. The Earth heats the atmosphere from the bottom upwards, the well known Standard Atmosphere and the Adiabatic Lapse rate.

The Warmists argue that the Globe is getting warmer and that man is the culprit – that man is the culprit for Global Warming and for Climate Change. Of course there is no scientific or logical basis for either of these statements. We cannot logically assess a Global Warming without establishing a global temperature, which is impossible. We cannot likewise talk about a change in Climate until we have established what Climate should be, that is what is the norm. But since Climates everywhere, since the beginning of time, have been changing there is no way of establishing a status quo. I prefer to say that the whole Biosphere is evolving, and is evolving through the powers of Great Nature, which will not be denied.

Even some Skeptical Physicists argue that the more Carbon Dioxide there is in the atmosphere the more warming will occur. This looks logical at first sight. But is it so? What does the warming and what is warmed? In other wards what is the cause and what is the effect?

Hold on! Is that logical? So let us ask the question ‘Do the sands of the Sahara cause Global Warming?’ Certainly they are mass, certainly the radiation from the Sun makes them exceedingly hot, and certainly these sands heat the air, the oxygen and nitrogen immediately above them by Conduction. If we say yes to this, it would mean that everything that is warmed is causing global warming. But that would produce an indefensible logical position. It would mean the confusion of cause and effect, which is the bane of the Warmists, who confuse one with the other. Surely it is clear that the radiation from the Sun is the cause, and heat generated is the effect.

The Greenhouse Gases keep us cool, as is most obvious with clouds and water vapour. All the work to curb ‘emissions’ of Carbon Dioxide is simply dangerous lunatic nonsense.

If Oxygen and Nitrogen are transparent to both incoming and outgoing radiation that means they can and do only get warm through Conduction, which accounts for the temperatures which are the facts of our daily and nightly experience.

All that business of ‘trapped heat’ so beloved of the Warmists is simply a mark of low intelligence. If heat could be trapped it would be rendered incapable of radiating. If on the other hand it can radiate, then the heat is not trapped. And if it can radiate then it must be cooling down by the very fact of radiation. The logic is irresistible.

A short time ago I received an email from Hans Schreuder, of which I append an extract:

Here’s another superb analysis by Carl Brehmer with regards the impossible “greenhouse effect”:

The “greenhouse effect” is assumed to exist because what is called the “Earth’s effective radiating temperature” is some 33C higher than what is called the “mean global temperature”.  They assert that without an atmosphere the “mean global temperature” would be only -18C instead of what it is now, i.e., 15C.

Read that again.  Without an atmosphere the “mean global temperature” would be only -18C instead of what it is now, i.e., 15C.

Are they not aware that the “mean global temperature” is an atmospheric temperature?  To be exact, it is the temperature of the air 1-1.5 meters off of the ground because that is where the thermometers are cited, the readings of which are averaged to produce the “mean global temperature.” So, what they are really saying is this.  If there were no atmosphere then the lower atmosphere would be 33C cooler than it is now!  Doesn’t something have to exist in order for it to have a temperature?  

Yes, read that againWhat does not exist cannot have a temperature.

One final word – the general public have no idea how many weather stations these averages are based upon. They accept what ‘scientists say’. They do not know the distribution of these weather stations, or whether they are equally calibrated. But Skeptics on the other hand know very well from numerous publications is that the sheer number of weather stations has fallen dramatically. We know that for example that weather stations in Russia have been dramatically reduced, while there is preponderance in the United States. The general public have no means of knowing where these weather stations are located, or how many are at high altitude or in especially cold regions – or how many have been deliberately relegated to oblivion in the service of those whose avowed aim is to destroy Western civilisation.

So Skeptics know very well that the data is skewed, that the data is flawed, but they still accept these flawed averages – or some do. That makes the position of the Skeptics totally untenable and in a word unscientific. Until such time as we declare roundly that it is impossible to take the temperature of a body that has a thousand different temperatures constantly changing, we face losing a battle of the utmost importance for mankind. So the Warmists will and do daily declare that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter and dangerously so; the retiring head of the CBI declares that we must ‘tackle climate change’ than which there can be few more illogical and ignorant statements. These people sincerely believe that man can regulate the temperature of our Planet to within 2ºC., with an arrogance that can have been rarely surpassed.

Trusting that I cause no offence to all true Skeptics,

Anthony Bright-Paul