Deep sleep may act as fountain of youth in old age

Written by University of California - Berkeley

As we grow old, our nights are frequently plagued by bouts of wakefulness, bathroom trips and other nuisances as we lose our ability to generate the deep, restorative slumber we enjoyed in youth. But does that mean older people just need less sleep?

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Ground breaking Experiment Debunks ‘Back radiation’ Greenhouse Effect

Written by PSI staff

A debate raging among climate researchers over whether earth gets added warmth from ‘back radiation’ from the atmosphere may finally be settled by an experiment. New evidence from an independent laboratory in Mexico proves climate researchers may have misinterpreted contamination of their instruments for the supposed extra ‘back radiation’ heating effect.

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online book purchases reveal partisan science interests

Written by Feng Shi, Yongren Shi et al.

Abstract: Passionate disagreements about climate change, stem cell research and evolution raise concerns that science has become a new battlefield in the culture wars. We used data derived from millions of online co-purchases as a behavioural indicator for whether shared interest in science bridges political differences or selective attention reinforces existing divisions.

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On How the Earth Keeps Cool

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

A young lady on Facebook sent me the usual accepted version concerning Climate and Global Warming. I have forgotten her name for the moment – it will return doubtless in a short time. Oh yes, it is Harfiyah.

To whom I would make this reply. Most, if not all scientists do agree on the facts, but alas they cannot always agree on the conclusions.

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Cornell and the First Law of Fooddynamics

Written by Jordan Anaya

If you’ve been following the Cornell Food and Brand Lab story, you may have seen the recent Retraction Watch interview of the lab’s big cheese, Brian Wansink. Just like Wansink’s bottomless bowls, this is the story that just keeps on giving. There is so much to digest in the interview, it’s really a buffet of options.

I’m not even going to talk about how Retraction Watch asked some soft serve questions. Or talk about how this is the second helping by Retraction Watch and they still haven’t tapped any of my coauthors for comment.

Or bring up that Cornell stated investigators can decide if they will share data “in the absence of sponsor or publisher data sharing requirements”, but BioMed Central has had an open data policy since 2011, so Cornell’s response was nonsensical. No, I won’t talk about any of that. Because I want to talk about the First Law of Fooddynamics.

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Public confidence in scientists remains high

Written by Cary Funk & Brian Kennedy

Recent surveys by Pew Research Center and other organizations have shown wide public divides in the U.S. over climate change, food science and other science-related issues. But public confidence in the scientific community as a whole has remained stable for decades, according to data collected by NORC, an independent research organization at the University of Chicago.

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Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

Written by Paul Rincon

Graphene oxide membraneImage copyright: UNI MANCHESTER
Image caption: Artwork: Graphene-based membranes hold huge promise in desalination

A UK-based team of researchers has created a graphene-based sieve capable of removing salt from seawater. The sought-after development could aid the millions of people without ready access to clean drinking water.

The promising graphene oxide sieve could be highly efficient at filtering salts, and will now be tested against existing desalination membranes.

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Idaho’s $4.3 Million Solar Road Can Power only ONE Microwave Oven

Written by Andrew Follett

An expensive solar road project in Idaho can’t even power a microwave most days, according to the project’s energy data.

The Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways project generated an average of 0.62 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day since it began publicly posting power data in late March. To put that in perspective, the average microwave or blow drier consumes about 1 kWh per day.

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The Ideal Workweek, According to Science

Written by Simon Parkin

Sigmund Freud’s alarm rang at 7 a.m. each morning. He took one hour to trim his beard and eat a light breakfast before seeing his first patient at eight. After lunch, as his son would later recall, he took a daily walk around the Ringstrasse, the road that encircles Vienna’s oldest district, at “terrific speed.”

Come 3 p.m. Freud ushered in his second lot of patients, working through until nine, at which point he’d retire to plays cards or, if he was feeling perky, take another walk with his wife and daughter. Freud ended the day by settling down to write journals until around one in the morning.

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J Scott Armstrong: ‘No One Asks’ Researchers to Follow Scientific Method

Written by Allum Bokhari

Earlier in the week, we covered a study from Wharton School professor J. Scott Armstrong and Dr. Kesten Green which claims that only a fraction of 1 percent of the papers published in scientific journals follow the scientific method. Professor Armstrong appeared on Breitbart News Daily today to discuss his research with editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

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Climate Lukewarmers Sell Carbon Magic Gas Sorcery

Written by Joseph A Olson PE

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” ~ William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

Today ever more of us are realizing we live in a ‘fake news’ false paradigm reality. It is bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news. You can be forgiven for extrapolation to a mega dystopia financed by a fiat currency and directed by Demonic Warlords of the ‘Deep State.’ The ‘One Percent’ have long ruled over the other 99 percent. Monarch/monopolists continue to war with meritocracy, Truth and humanity.

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