Natural sun cycles will bring worst cold in 200 years

Written by John L. Casey, Orlando Sentinel

“We are not capable of addressing climate change.” Such was the lead sentence of climate-change guest columnist Gregory Willits, in the Dec. 24 edition of the Orlando Sentinel (“Let’s accept climate change and deal with it in a big way”). It was an accurate statement to be sure, but for all the wrong reasons.John L Casey

Willits, an avowed “green” enthusiast, went on to strongly support the building of sea walls to keep out the predicted rising sea levels that the world’s greatest climate scaremonger, Al Gore, has said will swamp most of Florida with 21 feet of sea water by the year 2100. Yes, we are not capable of addressing climate change — the truth about climate change, that is.

The truth of what is really happening to the climate versus the United Nations and current U.S. government version is, however, a bit hard to accept after two decades of global-warming propaganda. I know. It was for me in April 2007, after finishing some research into solar activity.

I had concluded that global warming was ending and a potentially dangerous cold climate was beginning. Such was my first public climate prediction with several more to follow.

My announcement then to the White House, Congress and the mainstream media was, of course, greeted with the expected indifference, ridicule and even slander.

Now, it’s almost seven years later, and the track record of my Space and Science Research Corp. in making major climate-change predictions is one of the best in the United States, according to public records.

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Many Climate Reconstructions Incorrectly Attributed to Temperature Change

Written by Dr Tim Ball, Climatologist


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) set climate research back thirty years, mostly by focusing world attention on CO2 and higher temperature. It was a classic misdirection that required planning. The IPCC was created for this purpose and pursued it relentlessly. Through the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) they controlled national weather offices so global climate policies and research funding were similarly directed.

IPCC’s definition of climate change narrowed the focus to human causes, but they exacerbated it by ignoring, downgrading or misusing variables. Most important and critical was water in all its forms and functions. The obsession restricted focus to higher temperatures and increased CO2, which directed funding of impact analyses, whether economic or environmental to cost only, instead of cost/benefit. Climate studies only considered temperature, usually and incorrectly attributing changes caused by precipitation to temperature. This practice was most evident in paleoclimate reconstructions, either done by IPCC participants or chosen for inclusion in the IPCC Reports.

It is almost a maxim that if the people at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), who effectively controlled IPCC science, were looking at a topic it was because it posed a threat to their predetermined hypothesis.

Tom Wigley took over from Hubert Lamb as Director of the CRU and guided much of the early research and then remained the major influence as the leaked emails revealed. He completely redirected CRU from Lamb’s objective, which was the need for data before any understanding could occur;

“the first and greatest need was to establish the facts of the past record of the natural climate in times before any side effects of human activities could well be important.”

Lamb was at odds with and appears to regret hiring Wigley and wrote about the different direction Wigley took the Unit. He wrote,

“Professor Tom Wigley, was chiefly interested in the prospect of world climates being changed as a result of human activities, primarily through the burning of wood, coal, oil and gas reserves…”

That became the focus of the CRU and subsequently of the IPCC. It was a predetermined hypothesis that led to manipulated climate science. The leaked CRU emails disclose Wigley as the eminence gris to whom all his old pupils and colleagues at CRU turn to for advice and direction.

A classic danger in climate research and an early threat to claims of a human signal was that they could be dismissed as a result of auto-correlation. The issue was identified in 1944 in Conrad’s classic Methods in Climatology. A 1999 article The Autocorrelation Function and Human Influences on Climate by Tsonis and Elsner commented on Wigley’s attempt to prove a human influence was not due to autocorrelation.

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The Lithium Squeeze

Written by Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

You will be familiar with lithium-ion batteries, the little knob-sized things that keep your wrist watch and other small electronic devices going for years. Slightly larger lithium batteries power cell phones, cameras, walkie-talkies, and other small portable devices.  So, why should such batteries not be able to power your electric car as well?battery

Indeed, hybrid (electric/gasoline) and fully electric cars rely on lithium-type batteries at this time. To add to the electric (or should this read eclectic?) excitement, new battery technology breakthroughs are touted quite frequently.

Lithium Ores

Lithium is one of five naturally occurring alkali elements, with sodium and potassium the most common other ones. In contrast to sodium and potassium, lithium salts are not known to be vital components or nutrients for organisms. Also, though widespread, this element is relatively uncommon in the earth’s crust of rocks. There are few lithium ores and the high solubility of lithium salts in water means that they will precipitate or crystallize out last from any salt water lakes. But that’s exactly where much of our current lithium supply comes from, with Chile and China currently the major producers.

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The Invisibility Cloak

Written by Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The Khaleej Times reports that you’ll soon be able to hide – perhaps even make your shadow invisible – with the headline: Coming soon: Invisibility cloaks! But that’s not all. The article’s writer goes on to say the new research “may in the not too distant future protect a building from earthquakes by bending seismic waves around it.”invisibility cloak

Some say that invisibility is next to invincibility. I presume the NSA will be interested in that and fostering the research. Canadian and US military are said to be in discussions already, but bending seismic waves? Isaac, as in Newton, and others may have a word to say about that.

What makes you Visible?

To solve the perennial problem of how to hide from whatever, you have to determine what makes you visible in the first place. In the case of (visible) light that is easy to answer. The light bestowed upon you from the sun or another light source in form of electromagnetic (EM) wave radiation is reflected by your body and seen by another eye. Therefore, in total darkness you will be invisible to a human eye. But an “eye” that can see EM radiation of other wavelengths would have no problem in seeing you.

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Scaremongering Climate Professor Gets Trapped in Thick Antarctic ice

Written by New Nostradamus of the North

Australian climate change professor who warned about melting East Antarctic remains trapped in thick ice

“there is an increasing body of evidence, including by the AAE members, that have identified parts of the East Antarctic which are highly susceptible to melting and collapse from ocean warming” The Australasian Antarctic Expedition trapped ice ship
The reality:
Chris Turney, the leader of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition (and Professor of Climate Change at the University of New South Wales) who, together with 73 scientists, tourists and crew is trapped in thick Antarctic ice, is still waiting to be rescued.
This is the latest tweet from Turney:

Still waiting. #spiritofmawson Alok Jha

Even the Chinese icebreaker which was supposed to rescue the professor and his team had to retreat:

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The Citizen Scientist

Written by Scottish Sceptic

The House of Commons Energy and Climate Committee have now published the submissions of the review of the IPCC and what an impressive collection it is. It is great to see so many citizens putting in their own time and effort to produce these superb submissions.

citizen scienceIn one of the numerous pages that didn’t make it to my submission I introduced the idea of the “citizen scientist” which is the scientific equivalent of the “expert patient”. Reading the submissions, I regret not including it.

The Expert Patient is the phenomenon in medicine, that more and more, doctors are coming across patients, that not only know more about their own illness than the doctor, but even know more about the latest medical research. Initially – and for obvious reasons – many doctors were quite hostile to this phenomena: it fundamentally changes the balance of power and therefore the relationship between doctor and patient.

However, after some initial resistance, it has now been accepted in medicine, as a de facto outcome of the internet, that many patients will be experts in their own condition. This phenomenon is one which doctors have not only learnt to live with, to the extent there are now numerous papers, but some are now encouraging patients to become their own experts.

In a very similar way that the latest medical information can be easily found on the internet and there are communities interested enough to analyse and discuss medical information, there are also numerous other “hobbies” where people have a keen interest. Through the medium of the internet, these people & communities can gain a level of expertise that surpasses the “official sources”.

From train-spotters, to bird-spotters, from environmentalists to climatology, there are now groups of citizen-experts, very much akin to the expert-patient phenomena in medicine. Their interest and the ready availability of information through the internet has enabled them to become experts in their own right. But more importantly, they can do this outside the normal power-relationship between academic and student. As such there is no requirement to effectively “bow” to the supposed superiority of academia which legitimises their authority.

We citizens are no longer students of academia but researchers and even professors in our own right.

This is extremely threatening to academia. It is understandable that when a close-knit group is threatened in this way, that they react viciously. We have seen some very reprehensible attacks from those like Gleick and Lewandowski very much in the vein of the union activist attempting to protect their closed shop; but perhaps a closer analogy is the way the Catholic church reacted to printing (~1500) by introducing the Roman Inquisition (1588) which was responsible for prosecuting heretics like Galileo (1633).

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German scientists predict a century of global cooling

Written by Cliff Harris,

Two German scientists, Horst-Joachin Luedecke and Carl-Otto Weiss of the European Institute for Climate and Energy, say that “two naturally occurring climate cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the next century.”

They added, “by the year 2100, temperatures on this planet will plunge to levels seen at the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’ in 1870.” iciclesThese researchers used historical data detailing temperatures as well as cave stalagmites to show a recurring 200-year solar cycle called the DeVries Cycle.

They likewise featured into their studies a well-established 65-year Atlantic and Pacific Ocean oscillation cycle of warming that has occurred since 1870 and will soon shift to a much cooler cycle of sea-surface temperatures, in other words, more chilly ‘La Ninas’ and less warm ‘El Ninos.’

Solar activity is one area of evidence that scientists have used for decades in predicting both global warming and global cooling. Low sunspot activity has been linked to the ‘Little Ice Age’ between 1350 and 1870. The recent warmer periods have been associated with much higher than normal solar activity.

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December 31 Global Sea Ice Area Largest Ever Recorded

Written by

First, we saw an ill-fated crop of climate scientists embarrassingly rescued from the fast-freezing waters of an Antarctic summer in their abortive attempt to prove the ice caps are melting. Now the latest satellite data provides the reason why this ill-fated polar expedition became trapped: our planet is currently enduring the largest extent of polar sea ice since records began (January 2, 2014, stevengoddard).

In the southern hemisphere the summer melt should be in full swing. But the doomsayers’ plan to trumpet fears of global warming have been cruelly crushed not only by four meters of obstinate pack ice but also by the cold, hard facts of the official satellite data, graphically depicted by Goddard’s graph (right).sea ice extent

With our planet’s sea ice now at record highs it is little wonder that Aussie expedition leader, Professor Chris Turney, came a cropper.

Turney and his doomsaying adventurers were today ignominiously airlifted by helicopter to a nearby Chinese ship, then transferred on a barge to the Aurora Australis rescue icebreaker. The climate scientists had been trapped in deep pack ice off Commonwealth Bay since Christmas Evesome 100 nautical miles (185 km) east of French Antarctic station Dumont D’Urville. Attempts by three icebreakers to free their Russian vessel all failed due to persistent ice packs, some over four meters (12 feet) thick.

Turney’s lavishly funded $1.5m expedition was “to answer questions about climate change.” The unequivocal answer provided by Mother Nature is that the ice is in very rude health, thank you very much!

But there is a vile angle to all this hilarity, as prominent Aussie skeptic, Jo Nova, reports:

“Let there be no doubt, the mission was to document and record scientific changes in Antarctica and to broadcast that to the world. Most scientific missions don’t have a dedicated media team, but this one named a staff of five journalists. There is a journalist and a documentary maker from the Guardian as well as a senior producer from the Science Unit at the BBC world service. (See the media list.) If they’d discovered less sea ice, fewer penguins, or big cracks, we know the images would be all over the mass media and it would be evidence for “climate change”.”

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The climate views of an independent physicist

Written by Professor Pierre Darriulat

The AR5/WG1 IPCC report, and particularly the Summary for Policy Makers (SPM), conveys an alarmist evaluation of the influence on the climate of anthropogenic C02 emissions that does not properly reflect current scientific knowledge. 

Pierre DarriulatThis results in part from the ambiguity inherent with asking scientists to express themselves consensually on what they think is the best message. There is a need to produce a scientific summary addressed to scientists and giving an objective picture of our knowledge and ignorance in climate science, with emphasis on the issues that are less well understood and what it implies to clarify them. 
Such a summary should pay particular attention to a number of contentious issues that have been identified by a number of climate scientists who do not share the alarmist interpretation of the science. 
In the short term, the IPCC report weakens the case for taking urgent action. In the long term, it supports the importance of taking global warming as an important factor in decisions affecting the future of the planet, together with energy policy, management of natural resources, social, financial, economic and geopolitical considerations.
1.              Late September the IPCC published Climate Change 2013: the Physical Science Basis, a document of over 2200 pages, which will be read by very few people, and an accompanying “Summary for Policymakers” (SPM) of 36 pages, which will be the document that is generally read by politicians, officials and the media. In my opinion the main point to appreciate is that as it has the purpose of addressing policy makers, the SPM can not be a scientific document. When writing the SPM, the authors are facing a dilemma: either they speak as scientists and must therefore recognize that there are too many unknowns to make reliable predictions, both in the mechanisms at play and in the available data; or they try to convey what they “consensually” think is the right message but at the price of giving up scientific rigour. They deliberately chose the latter option. The result is they have distorted the scientific message into an alarmist message asking for urgent reaction, which is quite contrary to what the scientific message conveys.

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America’s Most Evil Betrayal?

Written by PSI Staff

American congressional representatives, recently permitted to read a controversial 10,000 word section censored from the original official government 9/11 Report, have sensationally asserted that the redacted pages place full responsibility for the planning and execution of 9/11 on one or more foreign intelligence agencies, not “terrorists.” President Bush and Isreali intelligence (Mossad) implicated (full story below).

Ground ZeroPrincipia Scientific International takes the position that the greater community of scientists, engineers and expert analysts would not to shirk from addressing concomitant technical, forensic and logistical details that would prove or disprove what is now palpably beyond the realms of mere “conspiracy theory.”


‘Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11’

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

Recent revelations published on the Press TV website, the New York Post and Veterans Today have changed history. 

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Crooked labs, agencies and prosecutors

Written by Paul Driessen

EPA Nifong and Beales prosecute US hydrocarbons, jobs, living standards and health

Former Durham, NC district attorney Mike Nifong was disbarred for withholding evidence from the defense and lying to the court in the trumped-up Duke lacrosse team rape case. Ex-Boston crime lab technician Annie Dookhan was prosecuted for faking test results and contaminating drug samples, to get accused dealers convicted. In both cases, charges against their victims were dismissed or are under review.EPA

So how should we handle federal officials who’ve become unethical researchers and prosecutors – determined to get convictions, basing their cases on esoteric circumstantial evidence, allowing tainted and fraudulent evidence, hiding exculpatory information, rewriting the law, and denying defense counsel the right to cross-examine adverse witnesses or present their case?

As the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow explains in its amicus curiae brief to the US Supreme Court, that’s what Environmental Protection Agency regulators have been doing with global warming. They’re pulling every dirty prosecutorial trick in the book, to convict fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and America’s economy and living standards of “endangering” the public welfare.

Since 2009, EPA regulators have shown a single-minded determination to slash hydrocarbon use, drive up the price of energy, and impose huge costs on companies, industries and an economy struggling to stay afloat and retain jobs. They want to control CO2 emissions from vehicles, electrical generating plants, and eventually the sources of nearly everything we make, grow, ship, eat and do. The damage to our livelihoods, liberties, living standards, legal system, health, welfare and life spans will be enormous.

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Fabricating Climate Doom

Written by Jim Steele,

Part 3: Extreme Weather Extinctions Enron Style

Adapted from the chapter Deceptive Extremes  in Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism by Jim Steele

An Illusion of Extreme Climate Disruption

“While clearing larvae were starving in response to destruction of their hosts, survival in the outcrop was higher than previously recorded: an estimated 80% of larval groups survived.” 1

C. D. Thomas, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

In Part 1, I documented how Camille Parmesan’s 1996 paper (heralded as proof that global warming was forcing butterflies northward and upward) had misread landscape change for climate change, how she failed to publish that “extinct” populations had now recovered and refused to provide the data to permit replication of her iconic paper. In Part 2, I documented how Parmesan hijacked the conservation success story of the Large Blue and the detailed conservation science of Jeremy Thomas in order to again blame global warming for expanding the range of endangered UK butterflies. In Part 3, I document how Parmesan kept half the evidence “off the books” to suggest extreme weather, supposedly caused by rising CO2, was causing population extinctions in the Sierra Nevada, and our top climate scientists then embraced and spread that myth. 

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Endangered Species

Written by Dr. Vincent Gray

All living organisms depend for their survival on their range of genetic variability. 

Early evolution favours increasing complexity but, as a result, the organism becomes progressively more vulnerable to threats.  Eventually the genetic variability range is unable to cope, the organism becomes endangered, and finally extinct.elephant

This process has happened many times in geological history. The larger dinosaurs, which existed over a period of over 135 million years from the Jurassic to the Cretaceous, became extinct after they became too large for their territory and for their ability to move – possibly assisted by the arrival of an asteroid. Their smaller cousins who survived were the ancestors of our birds.

Much effort is currently being exerted to prevent or reverse the process of decline of supposedly “endangered species”. One strategy is to provide more living space. This seems to have succeeded, at least for a while, in African wildlife parks where human predators are causing the evolution of elephants without tusks.

The strategy has been less successful in the USA, where the available territory is more limited. A recent article in “Time” magazine shows how many smaller communities in the USA are now threatened with black bears, wolves, cougars. wild pigs, alligators and even bald eagles, who sometimes eat pets and attack children. There are now foxes on the White House lawn. The extra creatures can only find food from human dwellings.

By comparison with the mid 1900s, the population of raccoons has gone up 2.700%,  beaver 2.400%,  cougar 1,600% wild turkey 1,500%,  deer 800%,  gray wolf 610%,  alligator 400%,  Canada goose 370%,  black bear 320%, wild pig 120%.

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