Nobel Laureate Smashes Global Warming Hoax – Video

Written by Robert,

How do you get an average global temperature when there are only eight thermometers in Antarctica? childs thermometer

This is an extremely important video. When the American Physical Society, of which he was a long-time member, announced that the evidence for global warming was “incontrovertible,” Nobel Laureate  Ivar Giaever resigned.

“The only answer to that,” says Giaever, was that “I resigned.”

“Global warming has really become a new religion, because you can’t discuss it, ” says Giaever “It’s like the Catholic Church. There are a lot of incontrovertible truths in the Catholic Church, I’m sure.”

How do you get an average temperature when there are only eight thermometers at the South Pole?

Look at where the temperatures are measured, says Giaever. The United States is practically covered. But there are only eight thermometers at the South Pole according to NASA.

“That’s all they have!…. Eight thermometers! …. And it has never been as cold at the South Pole as it is now. There’s more ice than there ever has been.”  global thermometers

Only eight thermometers in Antarctica,  a continent more than twice the size of the entire contiguous United States! And we’re supposed to believe the global warming lies?



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    Always interesting to note how closely they follow the temperatures when they agree with their theory, or even alter them to do so. Just what do they think is the accuracy of the thermometers used in the past and how many were located where? They seem to like to use these inaccurate measurements to tell us that the earth has warmed by 1.1 Degree within the last century. Hah- find me the thermometer accurate to that level even today (absolute not relative I mean). And don’t even get me started on how they measured CO2 a hundred years ago…

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    Doug C o t t o n


    You will only smash the carbon dioxide hoax with the correct physics which I have explained at [url][/url] and in the linked video, book and papers.

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    The peculiar distribution of thermometers is irrelevant. Whatever the number of thermometers and the readings, data are ‘homogenized’ so as to produce the politically correct conclusion.
    It is worth noting that satellite readings of surface temperature tell a story different from the ‘adjusted’ thermometer readings.

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