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New Book Warns of Catastrophic Earthquakes for the United States

Written by John L. Casey

A critically important book for all Americans titled “Upheaval!”  has just been published by Trafford Publishing. The book subtitle is “Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States.”

TThe Press Releases page oand how to obtain the book is found at: http://www.veritencepublishing.com/press-releases.htmlupheaval

This book has been developed by a team of international scientists and has as its primary author,      John L. Casey, a bestselling author and leading climate researcher. The text is co-authored by three PhD geologists: Dr. Dong Choi (Australia), Dr. Fumio Tsunoda (Japan) and Dr. Ole Humlum (Norway).

“Upheaval!” explains why climate changes involving dramatic reductions in the Sun’s activity are intimately linked to our worst earthquakes and why a two century long earthquake and climate cycle has begun again. The authors conclude that the just started reduction in the Sun’s energy output called a “solar minimum” or “solar hibernation” has already initiated a new round of catastrophic earthquakes that will affect the 149 million US citizens identified by the US government as “at risk” from earthquakes.

A few of the amazing findings from this team of researchers is explained in this 332 page book, now available in paperback. They include:

  • Why the ‘big one’ could in fact strike California with devastating losses of life and property in the near future.
  • Why a portion of the Cascadia Subduction Zone may also rupture, where and when this may occur.
  • Why another catastrophic series of M7.0 and M8.0 earthquakes may be coming to the central Mississippi valley states soon with calamitous losses in lives and property, with huge impacts on the US economy.
  • Why the northeastern United  States may be plunged into darkness and cold for months, possibly during mid-winter, because of the near total loss of gas and fuel now coming through pipelines in the central Mississippi valley. FEMA estimates there could be 450,000 breaks in these nation-critical energy pipelines because of the expected earthquakes in the region.
  • Why the first record quakes could strike as early as 2017!
  • What lifesaving and business saving measures can be taken to prepare for this new dangerous geophysical era.
  • Why entire states and regions of the United States could be without power and essential water and food distribution services for weeks or months with no prospect for government assistance.
  • Why there could be long term damage to the US economy with several states going into bankruptcy as a result of this geophysical turmoil.
  • Why the damage from the expected earthquakes could top 600 billion dollars with death tolls in the tens of thousands of Americans.
  • Why the worst threat could be multiple large earthquakes striking the entire US over a short period of time, a repeat of what happened two centuries ago, the last time this cycle of destruction took place.

Dr. Rich Swier, an online journalist, who wrote the foreword for the book, has said “Upheaval!”  is:

“…a book that every American and every citizen of planet Earth should read and heed.”

The book can also be reviewed/and or purchased at : http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-001120017/Upheaval.aspx

More about the book and firms involved are available at the web sites for Veritence Corporation and Veritence Publishing, Inc. at www.veritence.net and www.veritencepublishing.com, and the IEVPC at www.ievpc.org.

Other book distributors are expected to be carrying “Upheaval!” in the next few weeks along with an eBook version.