Michael Mann & Lawyer Exposed in Climate Court Case

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More than six months have elapsed since climate science data-fraudster Michael Mann’s multi-million dollar legal team bullishly announced the climate science trial of the century would be underway “shortly.” Oh, how the internet makes liars of them. What has transpired since?  Answer: Nothing. Mann arrest photo

In February the world’s only truly independent science association dedicated to exposing government-funded junk research (Principia Scientific International) broke the news that the former golden boy of global warming “science” is down and out in a courtroom battle not seen since the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925.

As our story went viral Mann’s legal team, led by top Canadian libel expert, Roger McConchie, swiftly counter-punched issuing their own press release retorting:

“The Mann lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase, with further examinations for discovery (depositions) of the defendants to be scheduled shortly, following which I will either set the action for trial by jury in the usual manner, or bring a summary trial application.”

We foretold Mann would either face bankruptcy upon Dr. Ball’s stunning victory, or his deep-pocketed backers (including David Suzuki) would be liable for costs in the millions. But weasel words from McConchie proclaimed:

“The review of Tim Ball’s new book by Hans Schreuder and John O’Sullivan makes preposterous statements…”

Our “preposterous statements” are backed by the shocking revelations in Dr. Ball’s astonishing publication, The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science exposing the science fraud of the century. Literally hundreds of climate science papers are based on Mann’s fraudulent work. When Ball wins, all alarmist climate science loses. Game over.

But as we move deeper into the fourth year of this shameful attempt to misuse the courts to stifle public debate – while there has been no further global warming for 17 years despite relentless rises in atmospheric CO2 – the public sees clearly what “climate science” is really all about. 

These are tough times for the beleagured climate alarmists in the United Nations, self-serving governments and their “scientists.” All have failed in their bid to dupe the world’s citizenry that man-made global warming poses a real threat to life on Earth. It hurt them badly that our report that Mann’s once trumpeted libel suit against popular skeptic climatologist, Dr Tim Ball, had withered and Mann had lost his mojo. It all really began to unravel badly for Mann in 2009 when those leaked ‘Climategate’ emails first exposed him as an egotistical bully boy trashing any scientists who disagreed with him.

For example, upset that Harvard University researchers were successfully arguing that solar variance rather than carbon dioxide emissions are the most likely primary cause of recent global temperature fluctuations, Mann sent out an email seeking to coordinate action to pressure Harvard to rebuke or discipline the researchers. “If someone has close ties w/ any individuals there [at Harvard] who might be in a position to actually get some action taken on this, I’d highly encourage pursuing this,” writes Mann to fellow scientist-activists.

Now Mann is further shamed as the bully/coward shying away from the Vancouver courtroom he once brazenly chose as his battleground.

You see, Mann simply won’t permit courtroom examination of his withheld calculations (those damning r2 regression numbers) of his infamous ‘hockey stick’ graph made an iconic image of the UN and climate alarmists worldwide since 1999. And secret science is not science you or I can trust.

So with the last vestige of Mann’s credibility (and his lawyer’s) in the toilet we thought it apposite to now publicly prod them once more over their shameless abuse of the court system.  As we all know, last week the world’s media was busy hyping the latest climate protests hullaballoo in New York and London.  We had the obligatory wealthy Hollywood stars, Leonardo DiCaprio (the new “UN Climate Change Envoy“) and Emma Thompson (‘Nanny McFee’) out and about shilling for the cause. Thompson told the London rally that climate change is the human rights issue of our time and that:

“No more are we the grungy hippies sitting in trees. We are the voice of the future – if there is to be a future.”

And revelations suggested that “grungy hippies” at the New York event were being paid $50 a head.

But science isn’t showbiz and theatrics. It is about empirical evidence – proving your case openly to the public and the wider scientific community. And that is something Michael Mann cannot do without exposing the extraordinarily corrupt basis of the widest and most coordinated scientific fraud known.

Again, if it still needs repeating – Michael Mann is a crook, his “science” is fraudulent and the cause promoted by DiCaprio and Thompson and other useful idiots is anti-science and anti-truth and the sooner Mann and other climate cronies face criminal prosecutions the better!

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    Jeremy, this case is never going to get to trial because Mann will not comply with discovery and has to settle out of court to avoid further public humiliation. That is why Dr Ball doesn’t need to make comment. Ball is sitting pretty because Mann’s only get out now is to make hefty offers of settlement.

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    Mike, the only comments that have been deleted are from commercial spammers. We would welcome any comment from Michael Mann supporters but they seem to not want to say anything.

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    Mike Bromley


    Mann the Bully indeed. Shameless display of sour grapes. I have a question, though, why delete dissenting posts? I’m not sure it accomplishes much. We need to know what kind of smarm is levelled against us skeptics!

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    “How A Club of Billionaires and Their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA” posted at the EPW.senate.gov site has more info. These ‘elitist’ robber barons use their TAX FREE philanthropic foundations to force taxpayer and utility rate payers to pay more for their controlled green energy solutions. For more on the FRAUD of photovoltaics, see “Green Prince of Darkness”. For Satire on Mann made warming see “Hockey Stickery Doc” and “Penn Panel Limbos Under the Hockey Stick”….all posted at FauxScienceSlayer site.

    Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling.

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    What a pity these scientists are not members of a formal genuine professional body to which they could be referred for disciplinary action or worse, be struck off, when accused of fraud and/or scientific malfeasance.

    Instead, they get protection. Unbelievable!

    This Michael Mann debacle is astounding. What is more disgraceful is he is allowed to continue pretending to be an honest scientist despite his hockey stick fraud.

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    D o u g 


    The main supply of thermal energy to the thin ocean surface layer is not from the radiation which mostly passes through it, and which could not even raise a black asphalt surface to more than 235K on average.

    What none of you understands is the process described in statements of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. You don’t understand thermodynamic equilibrium or entropy or the need for there to be no unbalanced energy potentials when entropy is a maximum. Hence you are still a long way from understanding how downward convection can and does occur. That’s why you have no understanding of what is happening with the thermodynamics and non-radiative heat transfers in planetary tropospheres and surfaces, including Earth’s.

    What is in my book is correct and ground-breaking physics. No other document in world literature sets out an alternative hypothesis containing an accurate explanation of the thermodynamic processes which are the primary determinant of all planetary surface temperatures in any planet with a significant atmosphere – from which observed temperatures can also be determined computationally.

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    D o u g 




    [url=http://judithcurry.com/2014/09/26/week-in-review-28/#comment-633140]>Click here[/url].

    [b]No one has a valid counter argument – keep watching or try yourself to rebut the argument.[/b]


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    Al Shelton


    Excellent John…….
    It has been said over and over and over, that the AGW Alarmists must PROVE that CO2 is causing global warming.
    They cannot, no matter how hard they try.
    So they resort to ranting and raving along with some parades using paid-for stand-ins.
    YET.. conservative politicians still sit on the fence [most of them anyhow].

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    Thank you, John.

    Your courage, integrity and dedication to restoring scientific integrity are appreciated.

    Malcolm Roberts

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     D o u g


    The trouble is, John, that PSI has no valid case which uses standard physics to show calculations which not only explain Earth’s tropospheric and surface temperatures but also those on other planets with significant atmospheres.

    I have shown in previous comments that (as is obvious) most of the direct solar radiation entering the thin surface layer of the oceans is transmitted down to deeper, colder layers where most of its energy is indeed converted to thermal energy. But the solar radiation does not raise the temperatures in the ocean thermocline sufficiently to cause thermal energy to go back to the warmer surface above. That extra energy (perhaps from 90% or more of the radiative flux) can only come to the surface again after it diffuses horizontally along isotherms which break out at the surface in polar regions.

    Furthermore, even if the whole Earth’s surface were paved with black asphalt (which you’d rightly think should get hotter than a water surface) all that the incident Solar radiation could do is raise the temperature of that asphalt (with emissivity 0.93) to a mean of 235K – more than 50 degrees colder than reality.

    So, John, where is a statement on the PSI website which explains all planetary temperatures and the correct physics and valid mechanisms involved?

    So, John, what is PSI’s mutually agreed hypothesis that is in keeping with the Second law of Thermodynamics and refers to thermodynamic equilibrium states with maximum entropy? Or don’t your members know the difference between thermal and thermodynamic equilibrium?

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