Lectures on the condensed Sun and stars

Written by PSI staff

Professor Pierre-Marie Robitaille has upset many defenders of consensus science with a ground-breaking peer-reviewed study that casts doubt on the validity of Max Planck’s famous theory of radiation. It is shown that Planck misrepresented Kirchhoff’s Law such that the behavior of nature is not properly accounted for. Robitaille now presents a series of lectures for viewing on Youtube.
Throughout “The Theory of Heat Radiation’ the celebrated Max Planck employed extreme measures to arrive at Kirchhoff’s Law.  Professor Robitaille exposes the flaws in Planck’s work that others have previously declined to address.

Professor Pierre-Marie Robitaille has released the first 5 lectures of his series of 40 on the condensed matter nature of the Sun and stars.
 Lectures 1-4:
* History of the Gaseous Sun
* Is the sun a Gas? The Standard Model Explained!
* What is Occam’s Razor? (Law of Parsimony)
* Does the Sun have a Surface? Transverse Waves, Helioseismology, CMEs, X-Rays and Flares!
Lecture 5:
The Life cycle of the Stars,

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