Just Another Climate Alarmist Temperature Lie

Written by Viv Forbes, www.carbon-sense.com

2015 is the make-or-break year for climate alarmism, with a crucial battle planned for Paris in November. So we can expect regular bursts of global warming propaganda. panic button

The year started on cue with a breathless announcement from the US National Climate Data Centre: “2014 was Earth’s warmest year on record” (their records start in 1880).The Little Ice Age ended in about 1880.

Therefore it is no surprise that global temperatures have generally risen since then. And it reveals nothing about the cause of the warming.Moreover the announcement hides more than it reveals.

Firstly the alleged new peak temperature is just 0.04℃ higher than 2010. Who are they kidding? No weather recording station can measure to that accuracy. Once the likely error bars are added to the averaged data, the story changes to “recent global temperatures remain flat”.Secondly, what does “average” mean?

Almost every place on Earth has a different average temperature, and the averages range from 34℃ to -58℃, a range of 92℃. With very large daily and seasonal variations, an unevenly scattered and variable set of temperature recording stations, plus frequent “adjustments” to the raw figures, their calculated “global average” is probably a manipulated and meaningless number.Trends are more important than spot values.

Satellite data and proxies such as ice core data give more reliable long-term “average” temperature trends; both records say that 2014 is NOT unusually high.Moreover, information on global temperature trends go back far beyond 1880 – ice core data goes back 20,000 years, as shown below in the GRIP ice core data records.

GRIP ice core data

These show there were several periods in the last 10,000 years with global temperatures significantly above that for 2014.

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    Consider that the Greenland Ice Cores have been allegedly matched to the Antarctic ice cores and ocean sediment cores. This, we are told proves how excellent they are. Well except for one particular strong set of observations that appear to make a mockery of the Greenland Ice Cores that “match” the other records…


    “The revealing quote comes from expedition organiser “Richard Epps”. He puzzlingly remarked, “Who told you one layer equals one year? We dug down through fifty years of time and found thousands of layers in 250 feet.””

    Interesting how so many early observations by scientists have been “modeled” to PROVE dangerous this or that requiring the UN to TAKE CONTROL!!! Yes, that includes the ozone scam.

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