Written by Myles, PSI Researcher

THE SCARE STORY is that global warming from human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is going to melt the glaciers of the world causing widespread ecological disasters. The unverifiable junk science claim is that they will continue to melt at an increasing rate and eventually vanish. For example in the paper “Climate Change in Relation to the Himalayas” by S.P.Singh [1],  the author typifies an alarmist position and says… 

“…rivers and adjoining grassland and forest ecosystems would be severely affected by the phase of rapid snow melt and subsequent phase of the absence of the snow melt water forever with the loss of glaciers.”

THE TRUTH is that glaciers will never melt back above the SNOWLINE due to that being the height at which atmospheric temperature becomes zero and thereby where water vapour freezes. According to a well-respected 1980’s paper (before the current fad for global warming alarmism) a well-respected peer-reviewed paper ‘Holocene Glacier Fluctuations’ by Gerald Osborn and P Thompson Davis portrays a completely different secenario (image right). Osborn and Thompson Davis found that glaciers reached their maximum extent about 400 years ago. They say that since then there has been ” General retreat of most glaciers continuing to the present day.”Myles fig 1

This line varies but as a rule of thumb a glacier forms above the snowline and then advances down into above zero temperatures, the region where it can actually melt. How much could supposed human-caused CO2 global warming push this line up? The answer is it cannot to any measurable amount. Therefore there will be no “loss of glaciers” as alleged by “climate scientists.”

THE ASSUMPTION is that glacial retreat is unusual, unprecedented and occurring at a rate faster than has ever been seen before because of human factors. Research into the history of glaciers reveals a different picture. Glaciers have been advancing and retreating constantly for thousands of years. The most recent peak in length of glaciers being with the peak of the little ice age. A short three-page paper here to verify this:–26.pdf

 Naturally after reaching a MAXIMUM size with the peak of the Little Ice Age the glaciers started retreating. The glacial retreat of some areas started well before human industrialization even began and carries on to the present day. NO human fingerprint is thus proven.

Just as the planet has warmed up since the unusually cold Little Ice Age (LIA) so the glaciers retreat as well. So really the question is to what extent should they be melting back to? What is the normal size of a glacier? What mass were the glaciers before the LIA?

Well the paper points out that there have been many phases of growth and retraction in the past few thousand years prior to which the glaciers were more “recessed.” That means the “natural” or normative extent of a glacier is somewhere between “recessed and maximum extension.”

In short, there is nothing unusual about glaciers worldwide melting back. Their melting wasn’t started by mankind’s emission of a trace atmospheric gas (CO2) so any modern warming can only be a negligible contributor to the natural process, not the cause. Also, the melt can only terminate at the snowline after which the build-up of snow and ice will start the next advance. No crisis, no anomalies, just normal “Holocene Glacier Fluctuations.”     (Myles)

[1] Professor S.P. Singh, Former Vice Chancellor, H.N.B. Garhwal University Weldrof Compound, Mallital, Nainital




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    Considering their attitude toward civilization environmental activists are just looking back at the days when there were 2 mile thick ice sheets over NY City, Chicago, and Detroit with nostalgia.

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    What is puzzling is that scientists have produced a wealth of empirical evidence indicating that Earth has experienced glacial and interglacial periods, and that during interglacial periods there have been cool/war/cool/warm periods. And none of this happened because of carbon dioxide.

    So it should be of no relevance whether glaciers are melting or growing in present times as this has clearly happened before.

    What is worrying is the fact that we have people today who want to misuse the science in order to achieve international controls over fossil fuel energy use in order to implement a green utopia.

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    Greg House


    [quote]Written by Myles, PSI Researcher: “Just as the planet has warmed up since the unusually cold Little Ice Age (LIA) so the glaciers retreat as well.”[/quote]

    I have seen neither the scientific evidence of “unusually cold Little Ice Age” nor of “the planet has warmed up” nor of “the glaciers retreat”.

    Repeating fictions is not really a research, is it?

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