Hurrah for Global Warming!

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

So NASA assures us that 2015 was the warmest year ever. NOAA does the same and sure enough the Climate Research Unit of the Met Office chimes in. celebrate warming Well, that is great news isn’t it? Even the Skeptics do not deny the warming but only quibble that it was the third warmest.

You know what? I had not noticed it. Had you? And did it not strike you as ironic that no sooner was the announcement made than the eastern seaboard of the United States received an unprecedented dumping of snow. Reports came in of bitter cold in Japan, freezing temperatures in Taiwan. Of course the snow in the USA received all our attention, so other places on the globe were left out. But in fact it was unusually cold everywhere upon the Earth. Read the site The snow dominated our TV screens.

Nevertheless NASA and the other conspirators in this great plot still insisted that 2015 was the warmest ever and that it was our entire fault. What a ridiculous position! If the Globe is warming it is something for which we should rejoice. It is only these killjoy scientists who have somehow put it about that warming is bad, and that every sort of calamity will follow from Global Warming. That is ‘suggestion’ on a major scale, which is why I call these evil men Black Magicians.

The very worse calamity that can happen to us all apparently is climate change. But who said that changes of climate were bad per se? Who on earth has put this about? Who are the Black Magicians who have suggested to a supine populace, which includes Princes, Popes, Archbishops, Prime Ministers and so on and so forth, that climate change is bad? Why! It has been going on for some 150 million years. Now all of a sudden Presidents and Prelates all get together to oppose ‘climate change’. Some even declare that the threat of climate change is more dire than the threat of ISIS. Have they never heard of Gondwana?

I suppose they never have. Funnily enough it was a Warmist scientist who alerted me to Gondwana and the Great Australian Bight. What a bite! To think that Antarctica took a huge bite out of South Australia and floated away! Now that is climate change. And South America drifted off and away from Africa, and India crashed northwards pushing up the Himalayas. Yet I have a dear lady who accuses me of not believing in climate change. How wrong you are, dear! I’m a believer. I’m a believer! Isn’t there a popular song to that effect? Oh yes, I’m a believer all right. Some scientists say that it all happened about 180 million years ago. What’s a few million years to a true believer?

Of course climates everywhere upon this Planet of ours are changing all the time. Nothing whatever is constant, except the sublime idiocy of mankind. Even our journey round the Sun is not constant, since our solar system is also in an arm of the Milky Way. None of us knows for certain precisely where we are. Even if you drive to the Supermarket every day and park in exactly the spot, even if you follow the same direct path to the door, what you will be walking is a completely new walk in a completely new space.

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”
I am in favour of Global Warming, but not in the same way as the hysterical crackpots who moan that Global Warming may melt the permafrost. Why moan about that? With the ever-increasing population of this earth there are vast areas in the Russias, in Siberia, in Canada and Alaska that are as yet undeveloped, with huge natural resources. I have another lady friend who tells me solemnly that the Great North West passage is open and that the Arctic ice has all melted. I am afraid my dear that you are a bit premature.
Unfortunately we are in for a prolonged period of cooling according to the Sun. Yup! If we do get warmer in some place like Canberra we are sure to get cooler other places. But none of us knows any of this exactly.
I have already declared that there is no such entity as a Global Temperature, and without a Global Temperature it is impossible for us to know whether the Globe as a whole is getting hotter or colder. Nobody knows. Believe me! God alone knows.
So I am assured that there is however an average. Now that we have satellites we can count the number of joules (you do know what a joule is don’t you? And a newton?) Just count those up and from that you can infer Earth’s temperature. Really? I prefer not.
Listen a moment, if you consider yourself to be a rational human being. The temperature of the moon varies between 240C and minus 240C. These temperatures are the temperature of the earth and rocks since the Moon has no atmosphere. So let us do the same on Earth. Would there be enough thermometers to cover everywhere? Now as David Attenborough pointed out when in the Sahara, he pointed to a sand lizard that was getting some respite from the heat by climbing on a twig five inches off the ground. So at 5 inches up there is a different temperature. At 5ft there is yet another temperature. At 500 ft yet another. At 1,000 feet up the temperature has already declined 2 degrees centigrade. At the same time that Attenborough was enjoying the blistering heat half the globe was in darkness, where the gases of the atmosphere were carrying the heat of the earth upwards and away to Outer Space.
If that is not complicated enough, just consider the winds. The winds make a mockery of all our conclusions and all our predictions. Because we had a mild December some people concluded that we were warming. But that warm air was carried up by winds from the Sahara. Change the wind to the East and we will enjoy the biting cold from Russia and Siberia.
The wind also determines the currents, so if the Arctic melts it is not due to the atmosphere but to currents of warm water arising perhaps in the Caribbean. I may be over simplifying – so what? But surely any person of normal intelligence can see that an average is not only meaningless, but is also impossible to compute. Why impossible? Because it is simply impossible to put in all the data, all the changing temperatures of all the different levels of the earth’s surfaces of the seas and of the 100 Kilometres of atmospheres.
The atmospheres are in constant flux. The oceans likewise are visibly moving. And the crust of the Earth if we were able to observe it is also on the move. So then if the Earth does warm up and if the various climates upon Earth do change, what’s new? There is nothing new except those men with evil in their hearts who presume to know better than Great Nature and Almighty God himself. I’m a believer!
Here are some headlines from
Record snowfall in South Korea

Record snowfall in South Korea – Taiwan – hundreds of people trapped by snow – Parts of Vietnam see first snow ever – First snow in Guangzhou, China for 88 years – Thailand – two die as cold bites central region – Laos – extreme cold in Northern Laos provinces – First snow EVER in Okinawa – Record snowfall in Japan – Hanoi – coldest spell in four decades – Moscow – most snow in 50 years – China battles snow and freezing cold – Poland –snow covers the entire country – China – temperatures drop to minus 40C.

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    what does anyone think of the claim in the “The battle against global warming:
    an absurd, costly and pointless crusade” about sea level rise being a consequence of buoyancy ?

    Assuming a crust “floating” –

    “However, gravity provides an understanding of rising sea levels resulting simply from buoyancy. Where the mass is greater (land), the level will sink and where the mass is less (sea), the level will rise. “

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    John Marshall


    Agree, apart from your Lunar temperatures. Check again, -240C is lower than 0K and the Lunar surface gets to about 121C, the max with solar heating.

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      Um no -240 C is about 33.15 K. Yeah +240 C is way off.

      If there is one thing that the lunar data tells us it is that the claim that the Earth would be minus 18 C without an atmosphere is simply complete rubbish.

      We know the land surfaces in the sub tropics can heat up to over 50 degrees C – you don’t need a satellite to tell you that even though the hottest recorded was 70.0 measured by satellite.

      If you look at the cooling rate for lunar rock surfaces you find the the cooling rate by radiation alone is significantly lower than a degree per Earth hour.

      In our 12 hour night a surface at 50 C say at 2 PM would never even approach 25 C by the middle of the next day when it would actually have commenced to be heated again – let alone anything approaching 0 C.

      People who quote the Moon or Venus as examples supporting AGW and the greenhouse effect are either stupid, lying or both.

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        Peter Champness


        “If you look at the cooling rate for lunar rock surfaces you find the the cooling rate by radiation alone is significantly lower than a degree per Earth hour.”

        Interesting point Roscoe. Do desert areas cool faster than 1C/hr? Hard to check at the moment because Cyclone Frank has blanketed our desert areas with cloud. Maybe in a few days time we will see higher cooling rates.

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          Alice Springs regularly has an air temperature range – minimum to maximum – of 14 up to 20 degrees C daily in summer. The forecast – partly based on historical averages – is 16 to 32 for Thursday 4 February – a 16 degree C change. Historical averages state a range of 15 degrees C over the whole year is common.

          In an average 11 hour night this is higher than the radiation rate for lunar rocky surfaces and roughly equivalent to the rate of cooling of the lunar regolith – and remember the lunar surfaces are hotter than the ground surfaces on Earth and thus radiate more powerfully initially.

          But this is air temperature – one would expect the ground surfaces to reach far higher temperatures than the air as anyone who has ever walked barefoot across the ground on a hot day can attest.

          Thus the change in temperature of the ground surfaces would be much higher than the change in air temperatures.

          The range of temperatures experienced by the lunar surfaces is offered as “proof” of an “atmospheric or greenhouse effect” but reality is that the Moon takes over a week to record changes of the magnitude observed – 6 lunar hours is ~177 Earth hours or 7.375 Earth days.

          The other thing is climate scientists claim normal air doesn’t absorb or emit significant IR. If this is true then the sometimes rapid changes in air temperature experienced in desert locations cannot be due to anything other than convection – air doesn’t heat or cool rapidly by radiation.

          The rapid rate of cooling of the ground surfaces in desert locations may well be explained by radiation easily passing through a sky with little to no “greenhouse gases” present BUT it doesn’t explain the change in AIR temperatures (which is what people notice – the air temperature) if – as these “experts” claim – convection is insignificant compared to radiation.

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