Greenhouse Gas Ptolemaic Model

Written by Joseph A Olson, PE

Accused of being “flat Earth deniers of settled science” requires placing the Ptolemaic Model in perspective. Discussed for two centuries by the Greeks, Aristotle in 400 BC gave a solution involving approximately 50 transparent concentric spheres which rotated to provide the movements of planets and stars observed on a fixed, flat Earth.

The fact that mathematical formulas provided some accuracy on the beginning and end of planet retrograde motions gave some empirical proof of concept. 
Ptolemaic model 
The fact that NO empirical evidence points of Carbon climate forcing has not bothered the “settled” scientists, which we will examine.  
In 1543 Copernicus proposed a circular orbit, heliocentric solar system, but by 1609, Kepler had proven the elliptical orbit model.  Galileo’s discovery of moons around Jupiter in 1610 ended the useful period of ‘Flat Earth Center of the Universe’ Ptolemaic Model.  For two thousand years humans believed a false model, with some mathematical support, but their “beliefs” did not alter reality.  Greenhouse gas belief does not alter reality either, as we will soon prove.
Accurate analysis of the movements of our solar system was more than an esoteric effort, as this knowledge proved the existence, and behavior of forces far beyond human production or easy measurement.  
In addition, accurate celestial mapping improved navigation.  One method to study the Sun’s inputs to Earth’s climate, is to study the Moon, which is the same distance from the Sun.  There are a number of important differences including no atmosphere, no oceans, no magnetic field, no volcanoes and longer rotation period, variables which we will examine.  
Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are energy buffering systems, and not energy inputs.  The Earth has two inputs, solar energy and internal fission energy.  
The Moon has no volcanic activity and no evidence of any internal fission heating source, so only solar energy.  The Moon rotates with the same side facing Earth giving a 14 Earth day long Sun and darkness cycle.  
With no atmosphere and no oceans, Earth conditions would approach Lunar temperatures, except the faster rotation making slight reductions in maximum highs and lows.  Wiki lists Moon’s equatorial temperature range of 100 degrees K to 390 degrees K, although readers are cautioned to consider that published research indicates that sun’s radiant energy only penetrates 0.4 meters into the Lunar, refractory brick like surface [1].  
The Lunar poles are a near constant 40 degrees K, and the lowest temperature ever recorded in our solar system is the polar crater Hermite at 26 degrees K.  By comparison, Earth’s coldest temperature is 184 degrees K and highest is 218 degrees K.  Clearly forces are keeping Earth 75 degrees K (167 degrees F) warmer and 200 degrees K (392 degrees F) cooler than the Moon.
The Carbon climate forcing debate his a three sided event, where two sides argue over the degree of CO2 warming and the third side that the “back radiation forcing” is a fiction.  solar radiation spectrum
I recently attended the Heartland International Climate Change Convention where I got to have a first hand exchange with the Luke Little Warmers.  I brought along a copy of the Atmospheric Absorption Graph (see diagram right) and was met with “Yes, we’ve all seen that before”, or “Reduced cooling is warming”, or “We are only claiming a very small warming”.
 The dark, smooth curved line at the top of the graph indicates the ideal Planck curve for the Sun and is in correlation to the top yellow line of the graph. The yellow area is energy absorbed by the atmosphere, at least 30% of the incoming energy. The red area is the energy than impacts Earth’s surface. Rather than inform the masses on the actual nature of absorption and the variation with the gas, liquid and solid states of matter, the climate alchemy elites let the misconception of absorption as a long term effect set part of the Carbon forcing myth. Incoming solar radiation is absorbed by Ozone, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and water vapor, which we will deal with individually. Wikipedia has a general analysis on the Atmospheric Absorption process [2] which we will be providing data from, but Wiki readers are cautioned that this ‘independent’ group is guilty of egregious distortions with regard to climate data [3]. The Wiki claims in this linked post on greenhouse gases, and particularly the 70% GHG warming from water vapor, will be exposed.

Ozone in the high atmosphere absorbs life damaging UV light in the 200 to 360 nanometer and the 450 to 750 nm ranges. Ozone has a half life of 30 minutes and is constantly destroyed and replaced. Ground level ozone has proven effective in absorbing UV that thin layers in the atmosphere did not absorb. Paris has used Ozone for water purification for over a century and more than a thousand cities have this system today. EPA claims of negative effects of ground level Ozone may be hyperbole. Oxygen absorbs energy in the 50 to 242 nm range. Carbon Dioxide absorbs in the 1400, 1600 and 2000 nm range, but with its low Infrared emission, based on its low 210o to 310o K temperature range, the Earth only emits energy in ONE CO2 absorption range. The CO2 molecule is linear, with central Carbon atom and one Oxygen atom, exactly opposite each other. With this molecule structure, CO2 has only one vibrational mode, and absorption results in a billionth of a second vibration, followed by an emission, which due to the Laws of Energy Conservation, MUST be lower energy and longer wavelength. The now excited CO2 molecule then releases this excess energy to the adjoining 79% atmospheric Nitrogen and 19% atmospheric Oxygen. This energy is then removed from the lower atmosphere to the upper by convective currents and does NOT travel down to the Earth. The planet wide lapse rate of 2o C (3o F) for every 1000 ft of altitude increase is proof that this energy is being removed in accordance with the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Now to the greatest buffering factor in Earth’s temperature, water vapor. As shown in red on the graph, water absorbs almost continuously from the 200 nm to the 2500 nm range, including the three absorption bands for CO2. From Wiki, “HITRON spectroscopy shows 37,000 spectral lines for gaseous H2O from the micro wave to the visible spectrum”. This does not include the massive number of absorption bands by water vapor in the Infrared range. What the climate alchemists have tried to get humanity to believe is that the ONE band of Earth emitted IR absorbed by CO2 and water vapor in the 2000 nm range is the governing factor in climate. While it is axiomatic that ‘delayed warming is cooling’, it is false to assert that ‘delayed cooling is warming’ as we will discuss.

Temperature is a measure of the local kinetic energy of gas, liquid or solid matter and higher temperature is more movement, or more energy. It is correct to say that delaying the transfer of heat will result in a lower energy, cooler body. It is incorrect to say that delaying cooling is ‘heating’ as no energy is flowing back from the insulating material. Your body radiates IR energy and mirrors can reflect IR energy, but your energy reflected back on your body will NOT increase your temperature. Wrapping yourself in blankets, or mylar will reduce your convective loss in a cool environment, but cannot warm you by radiant energy.

Liquid water also absorbs in a range of solar energy bands and when sufficiently excited transforms from liquid to gas, absorbing surface energy 2,270 kJ/kg of energy by Latent Heat of Vaporization and releasing that energy at high altitude by Latent Heat of Condensation. This same mechanism is constantly transferring daytime solar heating from the cloud base and solar facing side to the cloud tops [4]. For anyone to assert that water vapor, liquid water or the hydrological cycle is in any way an Earth warming factor is preposterous. Having described the Earth’s thermal buffering systems we will examine the second forcing system.

In January, 2013, Russian scientists successfully drilled through 4,000 meters of ice at Lake Vostok into warm water with over 3,500 unique gene sequences [5]. While working at this location, these scientists recorded the lowest temperature ever for Earth,

-89.2o C (-128.6o F or 184o K), on July 21, 1983, which brings up several questions. Why is the coldest temperature on Earth more than 150o K warmer than the equal solar input to the Lunar poles ? With such a low surface temperature, in the Antarctic winter, why was there liquid water under 2 miles of ice ? Why were there ANY life forms with no light and no traditional forms of nutrition ?

Earth is cooler than the Moon due to the buffering effects of liquid and gaseous water. Earth is warmer than the Moon due to variable rate, internal fission which is linked to variable solar particle bombardments and partially shielded by a varying magnetosphere [6]. Life exists at this extreme condition because single celled Archaea are able to digest fission byproducts, including Methane and form the base of the food chain for much Antarctica, including the Lake Vostok multi-celled life forms [7].

Also at the Heartland ICCC event was a college professor who has analyzed the 30 years of NOAA satellite temperature data and the US Geologic seismic data and found a startling correlation. This research involves two publicly available data sets with over 100,000 points each, standard statistical analysis, and is currently under peer review. If rejected it will only be for political reasons and will be submitted to other, less political venues. If you can convince yourself that ONE Earth emitted band of CO2 and water vapor absorbed energy can over-power the +50,000 bands of water vapor absorbed sunlight, then you deserve the faux reality that this Ptolemaic Greenhouse Gas Model, and the feudal future science that this mindset will deliver.

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