Green Delusion Exposed on Nightly Weather Forecast

Written by Professor Vincent R Gray

The climate is always changing and these changes are presented to us every night on the weather forecast. royal forecastMeteorologists provide beautiful animated charts for the local climate and for the global climate on which they plot thousands of measurements of air pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, cyclones, anticyclones, precipitation, hurricanes and many more.
They are in a form from which it is possible to see how both the local and the global climate will change in the next few days and weeks and it also shows how the complexity is such that forecasts beyond this begin to become impossible.

No Weather or Climate Role for CO2

Carbon Dioxide is not one of the measurements used because it has no influence on the climate.
Global temperatures have been little changed for 18 years.  NASA is puzzled at it now sees by global cooling. Over the same time carbon dioxide concentrations have increased. The two quantities are obviously unrelated.
All other climate change claims are based on the false assumption that the earth is warming. It is not.
The ice in Antarctica is currently at a record size. The Antarctic Peninsula is being melted by an underwater volcano.
Temperature in the Arctic is controlled by cyclic ocean variability not by the atmosphere.
Floods droughts and heat waves have a lot to do with human inability to maintain water supply and drainage for an increasingly more wealthy population.
Sea level is only increasing because there are no corrections for the upward bias of the individual records.
Parts of the ocean emit carbon dioxide and there is no evidence that this is harmful. Increases will merely benefit those creatures that use it to build their house. Any extra will be welcome.

Climate Models are all Absurd

The sun does not shine at night.
No part is ever in equilibrium and energy is never balanced.
Some energy is used to maintain living organisms including ourselves.
Most energy interchange on the earth is by conduction, convection, and latent heat change – not radiation.
There is simply no evidence that carbon dioxide harms the climate. The IPCC has never supplied any.

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    Charles Higley


    D J C talks mainly of only water vapor in the atmosphere.

    Do not forget that water vapor is part of the conduction/evaporation/convection/condensation of the water cycle, responsible for transferring 85% or more of the surface solar energy input to altitude, thus cooling the lower troposphere. This is a huge global heat engine, with a giant negative feedback, which ramps up with a bit of warming and serves to bring the climate back down. This explains why our climate is generally so even. It is major changes in larger energy inputs and outputs, such as the Sun, ocean cycles, and continental drift, that change our climate.

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    D o u g   C o t t o n  


    Surveys show that 60% of the public here no longer believe that carbon dioxide warms Earth, and they ranked climate change 13th out of 13 in their priorities. (See article on Jo Nova.)

    The public are not as motivated to maintain the hoax as those who live off it whilst the public pay. Just take a look at how many climate groups on Facebook talk about the hoax. I guess I’m a member of over 200 climate groups on which I post regular messages about valid physics and why the temperature hike at the surface is due to the gravitationally induced temperature gradient and has nothing to do with the impossible conjecture that back radiation helps the Sun to warm the surface. Oh, and then there’s that October snow in the Blue Mountains right in the middle of Spring.

    This then is my Facebook comment for tomorrow …

    Air molecules move between collisions at a speed of about 500 metres per second. This is orders of magnitude faster than any bulk air movement.

    That should give you an idea of the rate at which gravitational potential energy changes for any particular molecule, because Newton’s laws can be applied for all practical purposes.

    At thermodynamic equilibrium the mean sum ….
    (KE + Gravitational PE) = constant at all altitudes.

    When a molecule with mean KE for its initial altitude rises (passing on average about 30 molecules in its mean free path) its kinetic energy is partly converted to extra gravitational potential energy and so, when it next collides its new KE is the same as the mean KE at that level, and so it has no warming or cooling effect on the molecule it strikes. Hence there is a temperature gradient, because the mean KE per molecule is proportional to the absolute (K) temperature.

    So the “lapse rate” is not caused by any slow convection rising as fast as it can from a heated surface. It’s just there because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says thermodynamic equilibrium is the trend.

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    As explained by Josef Loschmidt in the 19th century, the temperature gradient [i]-g/Cp[/i] evolves by [i]diffusion[/i]. When a long sealed insulated cylinder with 80% pure nitrogen and 20% pure oxygen is rotated about its centre the top gets cooler and the bottom gets hotter as energy is redistributed (not lost or gained) and entropy increases to the maximum accessible level. That state is thermodynamic equilibrium.[/b]

    This is all well confirmed empirically. Until people understand this, they will never understand how the required energy gets down into planetary surfaces, crusts, mantles and cores. Solar energy supports all such temperatures by downward convection, which includes diffusion and advection. That is what people don’t yet understand, but it’s fact and they won’t learn it in climatology classes.

    Footnote: Robert Brown on WUWT did not successfully refute the gravito-thermal effect because he clearly does not understand that a new state of thermodynamic equilibrium evolves when an external connection is made between the top and bottom of the cylinder. There is no perpetual cyclic motion of energy.

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    Great Summary,

    I think that you are too generous to allow that weather forecasts can be usefel a few weeeks out. About 5 days is outlook in my part of the world.

    Nice picture of Prince Charles looking “baffled”.

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     D J C 


    “Climate Models are all absurd.” Well said Vincent Gray.

    “Climate models diminish the importance of actually reasoning about diverse types of evidence.” Well said also today by Judith Curry.

    Real world temperature data proves beyond doubt that the most prevalent greenhouse gas, water vapor, causes mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures to be lower because its radiating properties work against the gravitationally-induced temperature gradient in the troposphere. This lowers the gradient and thus lowers the supporting temperature by about 10 to 12 degrees, as is confirmed by empirical evidence. Further evidence from other planets reinforces what I say. Because of this it is blatantly obvious to all those who are not gullible and understand thermodynamics that the greenhouse conjecture is totally false and carbon dioxide, like water vapor, actually cools, but only very slightly, perhaps less than 0.1 degree.

    All climate follows natural cycles which are very evident in the inverted plot of the scalar sum of the angular momentum of the Sun and all the planets. In that plot (calculated from planetary orbits) we can predict slight cooling till 2028, then 30 years of warming (by about half a degree) and then 500 years of long-term cooling with superimposed 60 year cycles. This plot has been on my earth-climate dot com website for three years.

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