Funding Our Work in 2014 – your donation sought

Written by John O'Sullivan, Principia Scientific, Intl

To all our loyal members, thanks for your support throughout 2013. But now we are well into a new year and new challenges, so once again, we need new money.

We ask you, our generous friends and supporters, to make a small donation to keep Principia Scientific International (PSI) truly independent, as we step up the fight against officially-sanctioned junk science. Please give $30 (£20, 30 Euros) generously and be part of something awesome.

All you existing PSI members know that PSI represents the traditional scientific method, upholding full disclosure as we strive towards uncovering scientific truth, in the ongoing man-made climate change debate, such as it can be called a debate.

From our site menu (above) you can freely read the best of our peer-reviewed papers crafted by ground-breaking scientists and related experts. Our papers have turned climate science on its head by refuting the so-called ‘greenhouse gas theory.’  As such, there is now no credible scientific basis for any government to pursue policies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. To us, some of the ‘science’ that is trumpeted appears criminal.

Of course, the climate change scam occupied most of our time and resources in 2013, and we expect no let up now we are into the New Year.

Opposing Science Censorship

As savvy internet users, you will no doubt be aware of the shocking censorship still being perpetrated by vested interests against scientists and researchers eager to get their papers published. The challenge is enormous when considering the whopping disparity in the resources available to PSI when we go up against the orthodoxy and those heavily invested to staunchly defend their dogma. As we are all too often finding, junk science is cynically propagated to justify political/corporate agendas.

The latest scandal in this never-ending ‘David and Goliath’ war of truth is the outrageously unethical shutting down of the journal ‘Pattern Recognition in Physics,’ terminated merely for publishing ‘inconvenient’ science undermining the discredited man-made global warming narrative.

PRP co-chief editor, Nils-Axel Morner’s science has long been published on PSI and we continue to give his work pride of place.

Courage, Tenacity Scientific Free Speech

Help PSI grow stronger as the safe haven for free-thinking scientists such as Morner,  because they are most worthy of our support.  Be in no doubt, some of our senior members are recognised as being among the brightest and best.

Many will recall that in 2013 PSI proudly sponsored the UK lecture tour of Professor Murry Salby, thanks to the kind assistance of our publishers, Stairway Press.  Salby’s visit and discussions with PSI, are promising to evince a startling new development regarding atmospheric CO2 accounting shenanigans, as we reported here.

And one of PSI’s proudest endeavors is the ongoing support given to world-leading independent climatologist, Dr Tim Ball. Dr Ball was PSI’s founder-chairman and heroically defended malicious libel lawsuits filed against him by ‘hockey stick’ fraudster, Dr Michael Mann and, separately by that other junk scientist, Dr Andrew Weaver. Dr Ball frequently speaks out against such misconduct. Dr Ball’s important new book, ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science,’ is now out and well worth buying.

Dr Ball, like many of us independents, doesn’t have deep pockets or rich backers. We rely on grassroots supporters like you because PSI is the place where highly-qualified scientists commune freely and innovatively with dedicated ‘citizen scientists’ for the betterment of all.

Our voices are being heard in high places; it is no wonder that elected representatives are now coming to us seeking the specialist unbiased advice our experts offer.

In 2014 we plan to have more impact, publish more spectacular work and build up a kitty for organising events in London or elsewhere, as opportunities arise. We don’t make membership fees compulsory because we are truly an international, non-partisan, non-political body that seeks the broades representation, and certainly we want more members from the poorest nations. We understand some of our members are in pretty dire financial straits and we wish them to continue to be exempt from having to make donations.

If you’ve already donated to us in the past, please donate again now. If you’re not yet a registered user of the website, please do register now (see online registration form on the right of the page). Help defend integrity in science; please give $30 (or equivalent today) by entering your payment details via the ‘Donate’ button.

Many thanks,

John O’Sullivan

CEO, Principia Scientific International


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