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Florida based Veritence Corporation’s Two Major Climate Predictions Come to Pass

Written by Dr. Rich Swier

John L. Casey, founder of Veritence Corporation and author of Dark Winter, on April 11, 2016 made two major climate predictions.

Prediction 1.  We can now add this new event and date to our memories – February 2016. This is the month when global temperatures began a final long term decline into a deep and potentially dangerous abyss of record cold that will last for thirty years. Read more.

Prediction 2. Like the past 200 years of relatively continuous growth in global temperatures, the 2015-2016 warm temperatures were caused by the Sun. Unfortunately, the last two decades of solar heating, which have simultaneously permitted bumper crops for the world’s hungry masses, is in my opinion, the last of its kind for at least the next 400 years. The warmth we have enjoyed and that of generations to come is over.

Read more.

Casey notes,

As of today’s latest satellite global temperature data from Dr. Roy Spencer at the University of Alabama, Huntsville that is exactly what has happened – March, April, May and now June have seen dramatic drops in global temperatures -exactly as I predicted. I expect the rest of the year to continue to show this prediction was correct. According to Dr. Spencer, the last two month drop is the steepest in 37 years! See “drroyspencer.com.”

See Dr. Spencer’s chart below.

temperature chart


The mission of Veritence Corporation is to provide consulting advice and related services to the government, business community, and the general public in its areas of expertise. These areas include climate science, space programs and space policy, geophysics, and management advice in complex scientific and engineering projects.

To achieve the Veritence mission we will:

1. Become a vocal and visible public advocate for truth and integrity at all levels of government involving the mission areas.

2. Provide requisite consulting services to Veritence Corporation clients.

3. Make recommendations to the government and the public for establishment of important science and engineering goals.

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