Flexible Glass, A New Way To Exercise

Written by Dr Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Had enough of your treadmill, weightlifting, and similar exercise activities? Then you will happily embrace the latest technology: flexible smart and/or not phones and television screens. To make it easy for you at least the TVs are said to come with “power assist.”flexi phone

Flexible Glass

“Flexible glass” is the true technology breakthrough required for your new exercise system. It came with Apple’s patent for “sapphire,” a conductive film on a flexible substrate.  That patent claim was filed in 2010 and awarded in December 2013. While the patent is not exactly for a type of ”flexible glass,” the end result is nearly the same, a flexible mobile phone or TV screen.

Apart from Apple, also the South Korean behemoth Samsung was quick to apply the new technology to their products. And now you have it: a new way to watch TV and exercise at the same time. At this time, it’s too early to say which is more important, flexing your TV or your muscles, but rest assured someone will figure it out in due course.

Flexing Muscles

Flexing muscles involves doing work, spending some energy by your body. Gadgets like treadmills, weight lifting, bending, twisting, pushing and pulling devices will help you to tone your muscles and keep your joints active. However, to build up and keep your muscles strong you will actually have to lift or lower a weight; in short use your muscles against an external force.

Now, if bending your flat screen TV is too strenuous, relax and try to work out with your new flex-i-phone.


Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts convenientmyths.com Dr. Kaiser can be reached at: mail@convenientmyths.com

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