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How the Flat Earth Climate Error Occurred: ‘Slayer’ Youtube Presentation

Written by John O'Sullivan

Canadian scientist Joseph E Postma provides a stunning new Youtube webcast that exposes critical mathematical errors in government climate science ‘flat earth’ physics. Postma explains:

“In this presentation I discuss how the flat Earth error at the basis of climate alarm occurred. In the main presentation we discussed how climate alarm is founded upon a most illogical mistake, and so here I will explain why it was made, and what was wrong with doing that.”

Postma invites discussion and further analysis at climateofsophistry.com

Postma expands on his mathematical debunk of the greenhouse gas theory exposing the over-simplified conception made by government climate scientists that planet earth is flat. It is literally the case that government climate researchers are ‘flat earth’ exponents in the man-made global warming controversy.

In this new video webcast created by Joseph E Postma – to follow up his one-hour first webcast – we see how that ‘flat earth physics’ was based on an intentionally fictional temperature concocted from what an ideal emitter and absorber of energy (i.e. blackbody) would be.

Note: in real, empirical (not fake climate science) physics scientists understand that a ‘blackbody’ temperature – though useful in some contexts – is entirely fictional and should not be confused with a ‘real’ temperature.

Climate scientists fudge their basic starting point for determining earth’s average temperature by taken the known output energy flux from earth and calling it the INPUT from the Sun. Thus they equate numerical flux values (not a conserved quantity) rather than total energy (conserved quantity). These numbers are assumed as equal, rather like saying apples are the same as oranges.

Thus switching energy output with energy input is the first egregious error. Building on that error everything else added by climate ‘experts’ is conceptually skewed and pseudo-scientific.

From this illogical starting point everything else is, in effect, made from extrapolating layer after layer of fake numbers. The climate science initial seed is both a violation of physics and reality.

From that initial seed they then want to simplify things even further and decide to ignore the three-dimensional, 24 hour night and day reality of the climate system to flatten earth, remove the time element and average out night and day into insipid perpetual twilight.


  • Heat flow is irreversible – climate science ignores this
  • Government researchers nonsensically reverse the energy flow of input to output
  • Such errors allow the ‘scientists’ to superficially get away with confusing ‘energy’ with ‘heat’; this deception has been used to fool non-scientists into believing in the greenhouse gas theory as a fair and reliable method of understanding climate change.

And here is the link to the main Youtube presentation if you haven’t seen it yet:

There is no Radiative Greenhouse Effect

See more at climateofsophistry.com