Ex-NASA climate guru sues Obama wants Big Oil to pay trillions

Written by Thomas Richard

James Hansen, NASA’s ex-climate chief at the forefront of the global warming movement, has a new paper that previews an apocalyptic future from#Climate Change unless we stop emitting all carbon dioxide. And he wants the fossil fuel industry to foot the trillion-dollar bill. power-plant

For Hansen, these types of papers are nothing new. He has been warning of Earth’s looming demise since 1988 when he told Congress that the Earth was heating up and it was our fault; he gave a ten-year temperature prediction that was off by 300 percent. Other predictions over his storied career were just as unsuccessful. Now the scientist-turned-activist wants fossil fuel companies held responsible and forced to pay for the so-called climate change problem via judicial activism. And he wrote this paper to support his contention.

He has called the Paris Climate Agreement “toothless” and no better than its predecessor, the Kyoto Protocol. He noted the countries that have signed on to this latest climate deal are deluding themselves. These “governments clapped themselves on the back but when you look at the #Science it doesn’t compute, it’s not true.” Ouch.

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    Ronald Chappell


    If the government will agree to pay ‘big oil’ the same number of billions when climate temperature does not happen, I will take that bet and invest heavily in ‘oil’.

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