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European forecasters warn winter 2016 – 2017 will be “coldest in 100 years”

Written by mesastuces.net

European weather forecasters believe that the inhabitants of the old world should start now making provisions for sweaters and winter coats. The German meteorologist Dominik Jung said the 2016-2017 season promises to be “unusually cold.”paris

The long-range forecaster said that he “shivers” just looking at the latest maps and models from the national weather Service. According to Jung, the lowest temperatures will be “during the months of January and February.” He adds, “Don’t expect a March spring thaw either. ” He warns Europe will have to wait until the month of April for any warmth from the sun to end a bitter winter.

Meanwhile, meteorologist Joe Bastardi, of AccuWeather weather service, agrees with his European colleague. Bastardi’s diagnosis is “it will be very cold based on the fact that this coming winter will be marked by the arrival of Arctic air masses coming down over most of Europe.”  Also of great concern is the reduction in solar activity expected during this period that will likely increase the drop in temperatures to even lower than normal. Elena Volosiouk, weather specialist at the Meteorological Center Fobos, notes that the predicted changes in the solar cycle are really going to impact this coming cold season:

“This phenomenon is related first to the disruption of the movement of air masses. When air blows from the Atlantic ocean, winter is mild and is marked by recurrent thaws and a wet snow. Remember the last great winters: thaws almost never took place. We have had hurricanes from the South, which resulted in falls and snow storms. And then the Arctic cold happened. Usually, the change in “weather traffic” is related to solar activity. Today, we face a period of severe local temperature reduction, though it may still be premature to talk about long term global cooling and a new “ice age.”

Courtesy of mesastuces.net

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