Epic Fail: Climate Models Versus Cyclones & Hurricanes

Written by c3headlines.com

Fortunately, the Titanic only sunk once because engineers and navigators did not continue to make the same mistakes over and over.

But “experts” and climate models provide a never-ending loop of sinking and re-floating of a wide assortment of climate change predictions, forecasts and scenarios. The weather/climate researchers seem unable to embrace the humility and reality that their computer simulation predictions rarely stay afloat for any length of time before being sent down to deep and cold watery graves.

A recent noteworthy example of a failed prediction is the Hurricane Matthew event.

More specifically, climate model output has been predicting that CO2-induced global warming and climate change would produce more frequent, and more intense, cyclones/hurricanes that would continuously terrorize many coastal populations.

Yet those frightening predictions keep doing a ‘Titanic’ on the expert model forecasts.

And actually, there is a logical reason for that happening: climate models can’t predict squat.

Per the latest peer-reviewed scientific research:

“…Camargo and Wing write that (5) “efforts on modeling improvements, from convective parameterizations to new numerical methods and dynamical cores, also need to continue to occur.” And “most of all,” as they continue, they say that (6) “what is needed is a better theoretical understanding of what sets the frequency of TCs,” noting that (7) “we could make much more confident climate change projections if we had a firmer theoretical expectation of what should happen.”

“In conclusion, therefore, they state that (8) “despite the recent advances, there is still need for a substantial community effort to improve simulation of TCs in climate models on all time scales.”

Essentially, even after burning through multi-billions of taxpayer monies, the models still can’t predict squat due to the inescapable fact that experts require a “firmer theoretical expectation of what should happen.”

Message to Trump from climate scientists: “We don’t know what we’re doing but please send more money anyways, ASAP!”

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