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Electromagnetism, Saturn’s rings & the “geysers” of Enceladus

Written by PSI staff

In this latest of a series of articles about retired science writer, Edsel Chromie, we feature a further example where Chromie demonstrates that natural phenomena can be neatly explained by strong magnetic field current flow, as proven in 1900’s laboratory experiments overlooked today: Electromagnetism on Saturn.

From those same laboratory experiments Chromie has identified how Saturn’s rings and “geysers” of Enceladus also exhibit strong magnetic field current flow that is consistent and reproducible.

In 1980 when the dark fingers within the rings of Saturn were first discovered, Dr. Bradford Smith said: “We just don’t know what to make of them, except they look dark. And that would suggest that it’s a diminution of material”

At that time Chromie wrote a letter to Harold Keen, the talk show host of the “Telepulse” program on his local KFMB television station. Previously KFMB had interviewed Chromie  and he explained his concept of the rings of Saturn to television viewers.


While viewers were fascinated Chromie’s follow up letter to an expert in the field, Hannes Alfvén, failed to elicit a reply. It seemed that consensus science was off on another track.

Dr. Alfvén had advocated that the gravity of the moons caused the dark spokes within the rings of Saturn. Dr. Bradford Smith’s referral to the “diminution of material” means that some particles had to either speed up or slow down to reduce the reflection.

But scientists were at a loss to explain how or what force can cause the particles to return to their precise location and then continue the beautiful uniform glow of the rings over and over again for centuries.

Glowing gases have been detected by the Pioneer spacecraft in the vicinity of Saturn. To Chromie, the stimulation of these invisible gases by an equally invisible magnetic field current is the only possible way these dark spokes can be created and returned to their uniform glow as soon as the intensity of the magnetic field returns.

As in other cases where Chromie had sought to demonstrate how verifiable experiments performed by other scientists a century earlier had relevance to today’s discoveries, it again seemed that few experts wanted to see a connection between what was occurring on Saturn with what could be seen to be occurring with Earth’s jet stream.

As Shown previously, a swirling magnetic field can be shown to create an eerie glow in the atmospheric gases, just as they do in the lab when such a flow is surrounding a wire.

Edsel notes: “What I used to explain how the jet stream around the Earth is produced can be applied to the much larger planet Saturn and its much more powerful magnetic field.”

The Earth’s Jet Stream produces a wind speed of 300 miles per hour so the more powerful magnetic field of Saturn is capable of producing the ring speed of between 20,000 to 40,000 miles per hour.

It was yet another thirty years from then till NASA issued an advisory (April 20, 2011) titled: “Cassini Sees Saturn Electric Link with Enceladus”. It stated: “The magnetic field lines of the magnetic connection between Saturn and its moon Enceladus are not visible to the naked eye, but are detected by the ultraviolet imaging spectrograph and the particle instruments on NASA’s Cassini spacecraft.”

Chromie notes: “This new information lends credence to my 1980 explanation of the invisible magnetic field current stimulating atoms of invisible atoms of gases comprising the geysers. This is very satisfying as the NASA probes discover the evidence needed to confirm my original analysis.”

Chromie’s efforts over the last 30 years to get his observations addressed also saw him make impassioned pleas by letter direct to researchers and also via open published letters in newspapers. One such example Edsel recounts:

“I wrote a letter to the editor or our local Daily Californian on Sept. 16, 1981 in which I wrote” Scientists have admitted on national television that they have exhausted all of their possibilities and threw in the towel trying to explain the ‘spokes’ in Saturn’s rings. They estimate 10 or 11 years will be needed to determine what is going on.” Actually, we artificially produce the very same glowing gases in a vacuum, radio waves, microwaves and heat that Mother Nature does in exactly the same way.””

Chromie had encountered what was symptomatic of so much modern science research: little or no inquisitiveness and sharing of research across otherwise previously unconnected disciplines.

But Edsel is nothing if not resolute. He sought to explain his concept to Dr. Stephen J. Edberg, a scientist at J P L. In a letter dated May 13, 1986 Dr. Edberg wrote: “The invention of a new and unmeasurable phenomenon – ‘magnetic field currents’ – is not necessary. Until you can provide predictions of new phenomena that cannot be explained by physics as presently understood your ideas will not be incorporated into the body of physical knowledge. The essence of scientific advancement is the increased understanding of more phenomena; your ideas so far do not offer this.”

To Chromie it seemed academia was overly insular. Perhaps the electromagnetic connection is so remote it goes unnoticed and will probably require a master electrician to verify the method to an astronomer to convince him how it is done.

More like it is solipsism that promotes arrogance. We could be forgiven for assuming that it is only astronomers who possess the relevant knowledge and intellect to solve mysteries beyond our planet.

Chromie sagely notes: “In essence, all of the amazing electrical marvels we have all around us appear to be created simply by forcing one magnetic field current through another one in the spinning generator of the utility company. Nothing else touches except the magnetic field currents. This current is thus converted into a force which duplicates every wonder in the universe.” fieldcurrents

On the Aug. 12, 2010 “History” program finally seemed to evidence some move forwards in the science community. Scientists in the film stated: “First: Electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing. Second: All solar activity is basically magnetic activity. Third: Magnetic storms are the most powerful forces in the solar system and they have been nearly completely overlooked by scientists. And fourth: Solar magnetism; why is it so deadly and so misunderstood.”

Finally a breakthrough!

Chromie had renewed enthusiasm and wrote several emails to Dr. Carolyn Porco explaining that the rings of Saturn are actually created by a magnetic field similar to our jet stream.

Because of this comes stimulation of the atoms of invisible gases to a glowing state of excitement. To Chromie it was evident that the variable flow of energy combined with the radiated magnetic fields of Saturn and the Sun that causes the atoms of gases to glow brightly or cease to glow in direct response to the intensity of the stimulating energy flow.

Edsel adds, “This conforms exactly to my demonstration of rubbing a piece of polyethylene material with your bare hand that generates a charge of static electricity in both the material and your hand. Then, if you move the material and your hand near an unplugged fluorescent tube in a dark room, you can assimilate the glow as well as a dark spot between two glowing patches of light exactly like the spokes within the rings of Saturn. It is absolutely impossible to create these dark and bright spots within the rings with particles reflecting sunlight.”

And NASA’s ongoing space exploration evinces more new evidence. The Cassini spacecraft also detected sodium gas in the vicinity of the geysers of Enceladus.

Chromie writes, “We have used sodium lamps to light our highways for decades simply by passing a magnetic field current through the sodium in the lamps. I suggested this concept to Dr Carolyn Porco (pictured) to explain both the rings and the “geysers” of Enceladus. In an email dated Nov. 20, 2009. But his enthusiasm was soon blunted as Porco wrote back: “I don’t know what you are talking about. You are seeing fine solid particles, not atoms or molecules.”  porco

Seven years later and Dr. Porco has recently stated that it may take another 100 years before we understand the anomalies of the rings of Saturn and that we never be able to figure all of it.

While the academics are still trying to determine how solid particles reflecting sunlight can possibly create these phenomena the maverick science writer is defiant.

“My concept explained every detail of the rings and all of the other anomalies around Saturn over 38 years ago.” Perhaps Porco should examine the evidence and test Chromie’s assertions?

When Edsel wrote to Carolyn Porco and mentioned that the geysers do not appear to have any residue as would be expected around the opening from a salt water geyser, she wrote in an email dated Nov. 20, 2009 : “In the images of the jets, you are seeing solid particles, not atoms or molecules. And we know that most of the material does indeed fall back to the surface. It is probably the cause for the smooth-looking ramparts of the cracks from which the jets issue. Also, we think the vents probably close off and open down the crack somewhere, explaining why there is no local distinct ‘residue’.”

But Chromie is adamant that not one scientist has been able to explain where the phenomenal amount of particles came from to form the rings of Saturn or how they managed to become concentrated in the immense rings with the very thin profile of the rings.

He laments, “And not one scientist has been able to explain exactly how the dark spokes were created with solid particles reflecting sunlight. And, even if someone concocted a reasonable explanation of how they gained or lost speed to create the dark spokes, it is absolutely impossible for solid particles to return to their precise positions again to continue the beautiful uniform pattern of the rings over and over again for centuries.”

And, only the magnetic field current lines of force can produce the perfect pattern of the rings with all of the precise separations without any barrier or physical restraint to keep them in position. At first the scientists speculated that there were moons that shepherded the particles into the various separations but it turns out that there isn’t any moons in all of the separations.

And, even if there were moons, it is not intelligent to believe that a round moon can separate the particles into only the direction of gravity and anti-gravity without scattering the particles in other directions.


Edsel Chromie is a retired science writer and World War Two Navy veteran with expertise in electric systems. While in the service of his country he applied his knowledge of magnetic field currents through a wire to determine electrical damage in US Navy torpedoes. He has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun chromietracking systems. Over several decades Chromie has applied his unique insight into interpreting various natural phenomena.
Today Edsel writes for Principia Scientific International about this unique set of life experiences which has guided his scientific understanding. His insights, unrecognised by the scientific community, may provide answers to yet unexplained phenomena. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address: edselchromie@att.net


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