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Electromagnetic Field Energy: Open Peer Review of a Novel Hypothesis

Written by Edsel Chromie

Retired professional science writer, Edsel Chromie, enters the arena of online open peer review with a novel hypothesis on electro-magnetic energy that encompasses a number of disciplines including geology, physics and chemistry as well as astronomy.  rings of saturnBelow Edsel recounts his 40-year experience seeking to advance a concept that has drawn the ire of establishment experts:

I copyrighted my Hypothesis titled “Electromagnetic Field Energy; The Key to Solution of Scientific Mysteries of the Universe.” on May 6, 1978. I telephoned our local Public Television Station in 1979 to see if they would be interested in discussing it. I was told that if it was not written by a professional Physicist they were not the least bit interested.

I went to our local TV Station in 1979 and demonstrated for our local news reporter, Jack White, how I can assimilate the visual appearance of a sunspot depicted in the encyclopedia with a sheet of paper covered with steel shavings. A sunspot was described as an explosion of hydrogen gas that had seeped from the interior of the Sun.

This should have made a sunspot brighter than the surrounding surface, not darker. I held a magnet under the paper and lowered another magnet of like polarity from above the paper. This caused the steel shavings to be repelled into a circle resembling the filament around a sunspot with a clear dark spot at the center. Unfortunately, Mr. White said he “Had only a minuscule knowledge of science so he had to rely on the opinion of the experts and their explanation of sunspots.”

So I went to the editor of our local Sun News to see if he would be interested in publishing my article. After a few days he said he could not get a registered physicist to approve of my concept so the only way he could publish it would be in a box clearly marked as a paid advertisement. So I paid to have a portion of it published on January 17, 1979. In the article I wrote ”Is the Sun really a burning ball of fire or is it a fantastic optical illusion that has fooled billions of people over the centuries? We measure intense electrical emissions from solar flares and sunspots. Watch a solar flare closely. It shoots from the surface with the speed of light, not flame.”

If you refer to http://www.salem-news.com/articles/december092013/edsel-magnetism.php  it has a picture of me pointing to a model of the Earth I made that was published in The Daily Californian on Oct. 17, 1980. The article also has a detailed explanation of other phenomena. The white circles represent the swirling winds around the low and high pressure areas on Earth with a connecting loop between them that still hasn’t been recognized by the meteorologists but were very clearly photographed on the Sun by the SOHO, TRACE, IMAGE and POLAR satellites and reported on the May 29, 2007 “History” program 27 years later.

In the almost 40 years that I have been demonstrating how static electricity and magnetism will positively create the bizarre glows in a vacuum that have been recorded by the spacecraft and seen by the astronauts I have encountered very indignant and almost hostile responses from highly respected scientists. It is astonishing that I have been advocating this concept long before the static electricity has been detected yet the NASA scientists who have been recording the electrostatic moon dust and rocks and the static electricity discharges and static sounds from comets either ignores them or do not understand what to make of them.

In 1980 when the dark fingers within the rings of Saturn were first discovered, Dr. Bradford Smith said: “We just don’t know what to make of them, except they look dark. And that would suggest that it’s a diminution of material ” I wrote a letter to the talk show host of the “Telepulse” program on our local KFMB television station, Harold Keen, with whom I had a previous television interview and explained my concept of the rings of Saturn. He said he would forward my letter to Dr. Hans Alfven, with whom he had several interviews to get his opinion.

After several days he said he did not even receive the courtesy of a reply. No other scientist or professor were interested in even discussing my concept, so I wrote a letter to the editor or our local Daily Californian on Sept. 16, 1981 in which I wrote ”The scientists have admitted on national television that they have exhausted all of their possibilities and threw in the towel trying to explain the ‘spokes’ in Saturn’s rings. They estimate 10 or 11 years will be needed to determine what is going on. Actually, we artificially produce the very same glowing gases in a vacuum, radio waves, microwaves and heat that Mother Nature does in exactly the same way.

However, the connection is so remote it goes unnoticed and will probably require a master electrician to verify the method to an astronomer to convince him how it is done. In essence, all of the amazing electrical marvels we have all around us are created simply by forcing one magnetic field current through another one in the spinning generator of the utility company. Nothing else touches, just the magnetic field currents. This current is thus converted into a force which duplicates every wonder in the universe.”

I was vilified by a charter member of the Planetary Society, the late Franz Joseph Schnaubelt, who wrote a reply to the letters editor. He wrote: “Edsel Chromie’s ‘enlightened’ commentary is a beautiful example of gross scientific illiteracy. Those comments lacked not only a most rudimentary understanding of scientific methodology, but any high school science student can affirm they have no foundation in fact contained in even the simplest textbooks on astronomy, electricity, magnetism and physics. The commentary demonstrates a total ignorance of the four fundamental forces in nature as well as the relative strengths of each of these forces. It makes a completely erroneous correlation between the principles of an electrical generator and the magnetic fields of the various astronomical bodies. And it does not exhibit a knowledge of the fission and fusion processes taking place in the interior of the stars, or the other substantiated data of the solar system.”

On the Aug. 12, 2010 “History” program the scientists stated: “First: Electricity and magnetism are one and the same thing. Second: All solar activity is basically magnetic activity. Third: Magnetic storms are the most powerful forces in the solar system and they have been nearly completely overlooked by scientists. And fourth: Solar magnetism; why is it so deadly and so misunderstood.” These statements add credence to the explanations I have been advocating for over 30 years.

Now, I take this attempt to vilify me as a complement because my statements have since been proven to be correct. Dr. Schnaubelt should have admonished the authors of the textbooks for not including the electromagnetic information in the textbooks, not me. Note that it is 35 years later and Dr. Carolyn Porco, leader of the imaging team on the Cassini probe said that it may take another 100 years before all of the bizarre features of Saturn’s rings are understood. And, she said we may never be able to explain all about the rings.

I wrote several emails to Dr. Porco explaining that the rings of Saturn are actually created by a magnetic field similar to our jet stream that actually stimulates atoms of invisible gases to a glowing state of excitement. It is the variable flow of energy combined with the radiated magnetic fields of Saturn and the Sun that causes the atoms of gases to glow brightly or cease to glow in direct response to the intensity of the stimulating energy flow.

This conforms exactly to my demonstration of rubbing a piece of polyethylene material with your bare hand that generates a charge of static electricity in both the material and your hand. Then, if you move the material and your hand near an unplugged fluorescent tube in a dark room, you can assimilate the glow as well as a dark spot between two glowing patches of light exactly like the spokes within the rings of Saturn. It is absolutely impossible to create these dark and bright spots within the rings with particles reflecting sunlight. I suggested this concept to Carolyn Porco to explain both the rings and the “geysers” of Enceladus. In an email dated Nov. 20, 2009 she wrote: “I don’t know what you are talking about. You are seeing fine solid particles, not atoms or molecules.”

On July 13, 1980 the San Diego Union-Tribune reported: “Here are some other things that Pioneer learned; On the way in, Saturn’s environment exuded a weak bluish glow from hydrogen and helium atoms. A vast cloud of these atoms was discovered as the rings were approached, and a similar cloud was seen on the way out near Titan. Saturn has a magnetic field and its influence extends millions of miles.”

In 1985 NASA played what they described as “The sound of Saturn’s rings”. The sound was a hum – exactly the very same hum you hear from your car radio as you pass under high voltage wires strung across the highway. And the main antennae was bent out of position so they had to rely on a smaller

antennae for communicating with the spacecraft. This indicates that it was the resistance of a magnetic field that caused the antennae to bend, not particles of dust or ice. Not one sound of any impact was recorded. Besides, if any particles impacted on any part of the spacecraft at that speed and the particles that reportedly travel between 20 to 40 thousand mph it would have destroyed the spacecraft.

In a wireless “Flash News” report by the Copley Radio News Service they issued to their radio talk show subscribers dated April 4, 1985, it stated:

“Are scientists flakes for explaining that the brilliant tail of Halley’s Comet is a snowball of dust and frozen gas? The reasoning goes that as the Sun heats the snowball, it sheds molecules and dust that are pushed into two separate tails by sunlight and solar wind. But retired San Diego inventor and amateur astronomer Edsel Chromie says that’s a bunch of malarkey. First of all, he says sunlight striking a mass of dust and frozen gas wouldn’t light up the sky the way Halley’s Comet does. Instead Chromie’s theory is based on the concept of static electricity. He says Halley’s Comet has a weak static electricity charge. When the comet breaks the magnetic lines of the Sun’s force at high speed, it stimulates the molecules of gases already in the path of the comet to a visible glow. Chromie says it’s not much different than the natural forces that cause lightning or the phenomenon known as aurora borealis or ‘Northern Lights.’ “

In 1985 I explained my concept to Stephen F. Maran, Senior Staff Scientist at NASA. In a letter dated Nov. 21, 1985 he wrote: “Thanks for your letter of Nov. 7th concerning your concept explaining the nature of comets. Along with most other astronomers who have investigated the subject, I favor the dirty iceball model. However, rather than debate the subject with those such as yourself, I’m just planning to wait for the results of the spaceprobe visits to Halley’s Comet, which will show us whether there is an iceball or not.”

This was over 30 years ago and NASA is still trying to understand how and what creates the comet coma and tail. Now they are planning more probes to investigate the interior of comets to try to understand what creates the bizarre activity around comets.

I also explained my concept to Dr. Stephen J. Edberg, a scientist at J P L. In a latter dated May 13, 1986 Dr. Edberg wrote: “The invention of a new and unmeasurable phenomenon – ‘magnetic field currents’ – is not necessary. Until you can provide predictions of new phenomena that cannot be explained by physics as presently understood your ideas will not be incorporated into the body of physical knowledge. The essence of scientific advancement is the increased understanding of more phenomena; your ideas so far do not offer this.”

Again, this was 30 years ago and my concept will absolutely contribute to the increased understanding and the solution of many other glows that have been observed by the astronauts and recorded by the spacecraft. NASA’s “Unexplained Files” have been reporting dozens of unexplained sightings of mysterious glows that appear out of nowhere and suddenly disappear in open space without any trace of movement. Every program begins with the statement: “There is more that we do not know than we know about the universe.” Once when a mysterious glow was being observed the communications system malfunctioned, indicating the interference of static electricity.

The Rosetta experiment resulted in a very clear static electricity discharge as the impacter approached that the NASA scientists described as a cloud of dust and debris blasted into space by the impacter as it hit the surface of the comet. However, the purported cloud of dust created a glowing cloud for just over 1 minute and vanished. A cloud of dust reflecting sunlight would certainly reflect sunlight for much longer than several minutes. And a subsequent spacecraft a year later could not discern a substantial crater on the comet leading the scientists to speculate that the dust and debris magically settled back into the crater and miraculously settled back so precisely that the size of the crater was much smaller than expected.

Poor Professor Peter Schultz has worked for months trying to create a comparable impact on a bucket of sand to see how the debris could have settled back into the crater, without success, of course. The static electricity discharge between the impacter and the comet would not create the massive crater that was expected.

On Dec. 28, 1985 The Daily Californian published my concept of a comet in which the reporter enlisted an astronomer from the very prestigious Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center to offer a comment. Astronomer Clint Hatchett said: “His idea that I cannot agree with is that the atoms in space are glowing because the magnetic field around the comet is exciting them to glow, and that’s just really farfetched because there isn’t that much material out there to glow”. Since then, the scientists have determined that over 80 % of the universe consists of “dark matter” but they do not know what makes up the dark matter. The scientists have also since then determined that there is a vast amount of “dark energy” in the universe.

My concept has always stated that there is undetected magnetic field current energy forces that the scientists have either overlooked, ignored, or did not notice, a comet travels at a velocity 100 times faster than the muzzle velocity of a 45 caliber bullet against the radiated magnetic field from the Sun. This generates a charge of static electricity in the nucleus that stimulates the atoms of gases around it to a glowing state of excitement. As the radiated magnetic field current from the Sun passes through this abnormal static electricity it also becomes increased in intensity via the natural electrical induction process so that it stimulates the atoms of gases beyond the comet nucleus to a glowing state of excitement to create the glowing tail always pointing away from the Sun until its abnormal charge is dissipated. This is absolutely the only way the glowing tail can precede the nucleus as it travels past the Sun at over 120,000 mph.

Dr. Hans Alfven advocated that the gravity of the moons caused the dark spokes within the rings of Saturn. Dr. Bradford Smith’s referral to the “diminution of material” means that some particles had to either speed up or slow down to reduce the reflection. But not one scientist can explain how or what force can cause the particles to return to their precise location to continue the beautiful uniform glow of the rings over and over again for centuries. Glowing gases have been detected by the Pioneer spacecraft in the vicinity of Saturn. The stimulation of these invisible gases by an equally invisible magnetic field current is the only possible way these dark spokes can be created and returned to their uniform glow as soon as the intensity of the magnetic field returns.

You cannot have the contradicting scenario of the solar wind carrying particles away from a comet at 300 K/second and still have the comet “coasting along in a cocoon of dust” as though it is traveling through a passive environment. You can have the 80% of the mysterious unseen mass of the universe stimulated to a glowing state of excitement by the 80% of unknown energy of the universe. In other words, the mysterious dark energy is simply the atoms of invisible gases that simply are not seen because the magnetic field of outer space is simply too weak to excite them to a glowing, visible state of excitement. Once a magnetic field is combined with another magnetic field, the resulting energy intensity is sufficiently strong enough to stimulate atoms of gases to a glowing state of excitement and create the illusion of particles reflecting sunlight.

As Dr. Edberg stated: “The essence of scientific advancement is the increased understanding of more phenomena.” The utility company does not produce photons of light or heat at the scene of the generator, only more intense magnetic field energy that passes through many miles of copper wire without notice. However, when the energy passes through proper resistance in a vacuum it creates photons of light. The common explanation for the reason we do not see the photons of light radiated

from the Sun into outer space is because there is not any matter to reflect from. A photon of light is a light in itself and does not require anything to reflect from to be seen. We have visible photons of light in the vacuum of incandescent bulbs and in the vacuum of fluorescent tubes as well as sodium lamps that have been lighting our highways for decades. This is not reflected light but generated light via the resistance to the flow of magnetic field current.

Einstein proposed the theory of energy equals mass and mass equals energy. With the awesome size of mass of the Sun equivalent to the magnetic field energy it produces, why is it necessary to concoct an internal thermonuclear furnace in the core of the Sun and try to explain the absolutely impossible transfer the temperature of over 2 million degrees to the corona while leaving a relatively cold 10,000 degrees between these two awesome temperatures? The generation of the light and heat of the Sun via the resistance of the magnetic fields to one another in the massive outer magnetic field of the Sun is entirely within the parameters of the laws of physics and makes much more common sense than the imaginary thermonuclear furnace.

With this concept the Sun does not consume hydrogen or any other fuel to generate the heat and light. The energy is supplied simply by the accumulated mass that will even grow in size to produce even more energy instead of consuming fuel.

Ironically, the CEO of the Public Television station who declined the offer to discuss my concept later became the CEO of the Reuben Fleet Space Theater and Science Center. When the program Director of Copy Radio News, Patrick Glynn, asked if one of his science staff would be willing to discuss my concept for their subscribers via telephone conference for $1,000 per hour at their convenience, Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch, wrote in a letter addressed to Mr. Glynn dated March 14, 1990: “Mr. Chromie’s concept encompasses a number of disciplines including geology, physics and chemistry as well as astronomy. It may be difficult to find someone who is an expert in all of these fields, but we would suggest that you approach some of the researchers he refers to in his letter. These research scientists would be ‘experts’ rather than generalists like our staff, and the resulting discussions would reflect up-to-the-minute research information to produce a highly interesting interview for your news service.”


Edsel Chromie is a retired science writer and World War Two Navy veteran with expertise in electric systems. While in the service of his country he applied his knowledge of magnetic field currents through a wire to determine electrical damage in US Navy torpedoes. He has four approved patents on solar energy and Sun chromietracking systems. Over several decades Chromie has applied his unique insight into interpreting various natural phenomena.
Today Edsel writes for Principia Scientific International about this unique set of life experiences which has guided his scientific understanding. His insights, unrecognised by the scientific community, may provide answers to yet unexplained phenomena. You can write to Ed Chromie at this address: edselchromie@att.net


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