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“Dramatic Cooling In The Arctic”, Says Former NOAA Meteorologist

Written by P Gosselin

Trillions are being spent on the completely wrong scenario, an independent veteran meteorologist implies. Instead of warming, we need to worry about the coming 125-year cool period, which has already begun. david dilley

David Dilley (pictured), a former National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist, has spoken out in a just released 49-minute video that looks at climate change and what lies ahead.

The recent cold winters and expanding polar ice caps are ominous signs of a global cooling that has already begun, maintains David Dilley, now President and Founder of Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. Claims of warming have not been properly founded.

Dilley has forty-two years of professional experience in the meteorology and climatology and many publications. He was with NOAA for twenty years. Not only is the government wrong with its claims of a coming warming, Dilley accuses the federal government of fiddling with global temperature data with the aim of producing a false picture of what is going on.

In his must-see video presentation dubbed “Is Climate Change Dangerous?“, he examines the many drivers and factors behind climate change and why we need to focus on the real problem of a coming cooling.

Here are the points he makes in the video:

1. The 18+ years temperature pause is real. (4.09)

2. Natural cycles are behind the current pause.

3. Ice cores show CO2 lags temperature. (5.00)

4. 7000 years ago there was 50% less Arctic ice. (8.20)

5. The 1000-year cycle is real. (9.20)

6. Planet has been cooling over past 10,000 years. (9.34)

7. Natural cycles are driving our climate. (10.04)

8. Shows cooling from 2023 to 2150.

9. Current warming is perfectly natural.

10. Milankovitch cycles driving large-scale cycles. (13.00)

11. Gravitational forces can bulge Earth’s core by 1.4 km (15.35)

12. Gravitational forces impact global temperature (17.20)

13. Warming and cooling both begin at the poles (17.48)

14. Arctic warming/melt was caused by warm ocean pulses (19.50)

15. “Now starting to see a dramatic cooling in the Arctic“. (22.50)

16. “Arctic is cooling rapidly now. Rapidly!” (24.06)

17. Both poles are cooling rapidly now. (25.05(

18. Poles don’t show signs of warming. (26.30)

19. Western drought and Eastern cold due to 26-year cycle. (27.55)

20. Polar vortices due to Arctic/global cooling. (29.25)

21. Lunar cycles correlated with warming/cooling cycles. (31.30)

22. Rapid global cooling by 2019. (32.00)

23. “Temperature fiddling” are “more political than anything”. (32.56)

24. “Could be the biggest scientific scandal ever”. (33.20)

25. IPCC using “estimated temperatures”. (34.00)

26. How the government manipulated, rewrote data. (36.00)

27. “This is temperature fiddling.” Not the truth. (36.45)

28. NASA, NOAA’s “politically driven press releases”. (37.00)

29. Met Office calls NOAA’s 2014 claim untrue. (38.00)

30. Major data fiddling, cheating by NOAA. (39.50)

31. “The 97% consensus is bogus”. (41.00)

32. John Cook cooked the consensus data. (41.30)

33. 85% meteorologists say climate change is natural. (42.20)

34. Global cooling is the real danger. (43.20)

35. Volcanoes and cooling often correlated. (44.00)

36. Crop failures from cooling “very likely”. (45.45)

37. “Extremely cold” from 2025 to 2050. (46.36)

38. Global cooling next 125 years. (47.00)

39. “The cooling is coming”.

– See more at: notrickszone.com

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    What a superb video about the climate … persuasive and seemingly conclusive … that the UN, Obama, Pope Francis & Co have all got it wrong about catastrophic man-made global warming a.k.a. climate change.

    The evidence presented in the video is overwhelming.

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    paul alves



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    paul alves



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    On the point, “Ice cores show CO2 lags temperature. (5.00)”, this is exactly the issue addressed by Murry Salby. His research is based on the isotope ratios of CO2.

    see for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeCqcKYj9Oc

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    The main reason this is newsworthy is how much it contradicts the prevailing progressive narrative that human activity is causing climate change that is harmful.

    I am awaiting sound research showing the optimum climate for our present biosphere. But most “research” is really an attempt to secure the optimum level of government intrusion in our lives.

    It is no surprise that almost every demand made by advocates of global warming converges on bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom and more restrictions on how we choose to live our lives. That tells me all I need to know about this massive fraud.

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    Mr. Gosselin’s 39 point summary (above) is an accurate reflection of Mr. Dilley’s 49 minute video. I’m certainly glad Gosselin posted it for us to examine.

    Dilley makes a compelling argument that there are significant and predictable warming-cooling cycles for politicians and policymakers to consider. So we can be rightly alarmed that they are 180 degrees out of phase with reality.

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