Don’t Blame Climate Change for Extreme Weather

Written by Bjorn Lomborg

CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS more extreme weather: This is a simple, powerful claim that has been pounded into our consciousness for a decade.

From Greenpeace to President Obama to Scientific American, scarcely a weather event happens without someone pointing the finger at global warming and calling for action. wind

But there are big problems with this simple statement, which are exposed starkly in recent peer-reviewed analysis in the journal Weather, Climate and Society by University of Manchester scientists Vladimir Jankovic and David M. Schultz.

Citing the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United Nations’ global panel of climate change experts, Jankovic and Schultz find that “not all extreme weather events will change, nor will some of the changes — if they even occur — be detectable.” They note that some extreme events are expected to become less frequent but become more intense. Some areas of the globe will benefit; others stand to lose.