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Your Donations Matter!

Dear friends and colleagues,

Every year we ask for donations to help keep Principia Scientific up and running. From hosting costs to server fees, maintaining and running the website is costly.

And if you haven’t been to our site lately, we’ve given it a complete overhaul, a new look to better address evolving technologies, and built everything on a mobile-friendly platform.

We also don’t believe that a site of this nature should have any sort of web advertising, lest our message be impugned, and as such have implemented a new policy of having zero advertisements and will continue to be an ad-free site (we cross-link to other sites when relevant, but not for pecuniary gain).

If everyone on this list gave only $10.00, we wouldn’t have to ask for donations again. But not everyone can so we ask those people who are able to consider making a contribution.

Whether it’s $5 or $500, your donations matter! And one hundred percent of whatever you can donate goes toward hosting and sustaining this website. With the holidays now behind us, we understand that money is tight, so any amount you give is appreciated.

Last month we had over half a million unique visitors. While that may not seem like a lot compared to some of the other “big” boys out there, for an operation of our limited size we consider that to be very good.

We also have a large Twitter and Facebook following that spreads our message far and wide, and our unique stories have been picked up by other leading climate sites.

To donate, simply CLICK THE BUTTON below:

So please, give what you can and may you have a truly blessed New Year.


John O’Sullivan, CEO

Hans Schreuder, CFO

PS: Please use our contact us page if you run into any issues. As noted, we have a new site on a new platform and are ironing out any bugs that may pop up.