December 31 Global Sea Ice Area Largest Ever Recorded

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First, we saw an ill-fated crop of climate scientists embarrassingly rescued from the fast-freezing waters of an Antarctic summer in their abortive attempt to prove the ice caps are melting. Now the latest satellite data provides the reason why this ill-fated polar expedition became trapped: our planet is currently enduring the largest extent of polar sea ice since records began (January 2, 2014, stevengoddard).

In the southern hemisphere the summer melt should be in full swing. But the doomsayers’ plan to trumpet fears of global warming have been cruelly crushed not only by four meters of obstinate pack ice but also by the cold, hard facts of the official satellite data, graphically depicted by Goddard’s graph (right).sea ice extent

With our planet’s sea ice now at record highs it is little wonder that Aussie expedition leader, Professor Chris Turney, came a cropper.

Turney and his doomsaying adventurers were today ignominiously airlifted by helicopter to a nearby Chinese ship, then transferred on a barge to the Aurora Australis rescue icebreaker. The climate scientists had been trapped in deep pack ice off Commonwealth Bay since Christmas Evesome 100 nautical miles (185 km) east of French Antarctic station Dumont D’Urville. Attempts by three icebreakers to free their Russian vessel all failed due to persistent ice packs, some over four meters (12 feet) thick.

Turney’s lavishly funded $1.5m expedition was “to answer questions about climate change.” The unequivocal answer provided by Mother Nature is that the ice is in very rude health, thank you very much!

But there is a vile angle to all this hilarity, as prominent Aussie skeptic, Jo Nova, reports:

“Let there be no doubt, the mission was to document and record scientific changes in Antarctica and to broadcast that to the world. Most scientific missions don’t have a dedicated media team, but this one named a staff of five journalists. There is a journalist and a documentary maker from the Guardian as well as a senior producer from the Science Unit at the BBC world service. (See the media list.) If they’d discovered less sea ice, fewer penguins, or big cracks, we know the images would be all over the mass media and it would be evidence for “climate change”.”

Turney and his cronies are the denizons of that demented (or corrupt) clique known as “Climate Experts” hoping to make their names by showing that global warming is melting sea ice “faster than expected.” But as anyone with a brain and the savvy to crunch the official satellite numbers may adduce, the poles currently have the most sea ice ever measured (for the date of December 31st).

As we demonstrated with our recent article on citizen scientists, a growing army of internet sentinels are refusing to defer to climate “experts” like Professor Turney. To that unpaid army the wider public owes a debt of thanks.

Numerate citizen scientists, Goddard, Nova et al. are able to discern the truth. The numbers being relayed from the satellites show that many millions of taxpayer dollars are being misspent searching for a global warming sky dragon no one has been able to find.

Turney and his hapless entourage ventured forth on their polar escapade equipped with all the delusion of warmist forecasters of doom, knowing the climate models are “correct.”

As Jo Nova observes, none of the mainstream media outlets that have so far reported on Turney’s rescue saw fit to mention the original purpose of this aborted mission. Undaunted, independent analysts continue to relay the facts that we are well into a decade of global cooling whereby all of the previous predictions of disaster have failed to materialize, and all of the climate models are laughably off the mark.  But hundreds of billions are invested in social and economic programs geared to “halting climate change.”

And the misdirection and subterfuge shows no sign of abating, as Alan Caruba shows,

The Guardian, a London-based daily newspaper, has been a leading advocate of the global warming theory—now called climate change—and its December 20 edition published an article by Susanne Goldenberg, “Conservative groups spend up to $1bn a year to fight action on climate change.”

As Caruba rightly tells us, “the past seventeen years the Sun has been in a natural cycle of reduced radiation, less warmth for the Earth. The result has been a cooling cycle on Earth that has crushed decades of lies about “global warming.””

The well-paid anti-scientists who, over the last genertion, have fuelled this climate craziness are now reduced to farcical desperation. Turney, the BBC, those journos at The Guardian and elsewhere are deliciously exposed as the science deniers. By contrast, skeptics are delighted and continue to point to the empirical evidence. But corrupt and self-serving news agencies like Reuters who reported this story (photo credit: Reuters, below) conspicuously avoided even mentioning that Turney is a climate professor, nr do they deign to do proper journalism and report the truth about global cooling linked to record-breaking sea ice rescue

And this story paints a picture all too stark and really quite simple— the joke is on NASA, the universities and Professor Kevin Trenberth for all those “missing heat” claims. The junk scientists are now completely cornered and their friends in the mainstream media are left clutching at straws to repeat the fanciful claim that all that CO2-generated heat has “gone into the deep oceans and forced all of the cold water to the surface.”

But all that government money is still earmarked to be misspent, regardless of the deep worldwide economic recession. According to an October article in The New American the US government will “spend more money on fighting global warming than it will on tightening border security.” That’s $22.2 billion this year,” twice as much as the $12 billion estimated for customs and border enforcement.”

Caruba points out that there are, according to the White House, “Currently 18 federal agencies engaged in activities related to global warming. These agencies fund programs that include scientific research, international climate assistance, renewable energy technology, and subsidies for renewable energy producers.” 

So not only are reputations, scientific careers and thousands of government-sponsored jobs dependant on sustaining the lies about this non-problem, the climate change cancer has become a gargantuan tumor draining many nation’s economic prospects. Is there a solution? Yes, we must go back to traditional scientific methods based on evidence gathering and hypothesis testing (known as empiricism); and to get us there our misguided governments must first rid us of these poisonous post-normal junk scientists.

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