Danish Propose Red Meat Climate Tax

Written by Dr Klaus L E Kaiser

The Danish Council of Ethics” (DCE) wants its Government to do a Robin Hood – but instead of robbing the rich, it would be red meat, while wind turbines take the place of the poor” as reported by the Market Business News (MBN). meat

More specifically, the council advocates a “red meat climate tax” imposed by the government. Having to pay what is already among the highest electricity rates within the European Union is not enough for some do-gooders in Denmark. Obviously, more punitive measures are necessary.


You, dear Readers, really ought to be ashamed of yourself; how could you even ask such a question? Don’t you know that cattle, like other ruminants, emit carbon dioxide and methane? Don’t you know that they require grass or similar plants as fodder? Not to mention their need of water to live?

The same MBN report states that the council’s “members debated the issue for the past six months.” Whoopee do, does that mean a few people meeting a couple of times in a pub over a pint or two?

Of course, as you might have guessed already, it’s all for a “good cause,” specifically lowering any carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane (CH4) emissions that are claimed to rapidly drive the globe towards a heat stroke or something similar. Not that there has ever been any scientific proof of either gas to have that claimed effect on the climate. And, by the way, CO2 is present in the atmosphere at an astonishing 0.04% and CH4 at an even more mind-boggling concentration of 0.0002%.

Clearly then, these two invisible gases must be the cause of all hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, draughts, heat waves, cold spells, and any other natural disasters that the earth experiences. Oh, if the world were just that simple!

Whilst this news is circling the globe, I did a little searching on the web. Much to my surprise, that famed council seems to have a rather limited profile.

Danish Council of Ethics

To begin with, one wonders if it is still alive. Searching the web you’ll eventually come across a link to http://www.etiskraad.dk/ , an internet site that appears to be available in the Danish language only. My attempt to contact them at the given email address did not result in a response (within 4 days). Consequently, it would appear to consist of not much more than a handful of deluded Danes.

But that’s just the beginning. The MBN report also states “For the moment the [council’s] recommendation is limited to red meat…” In plain English: If that’s successful, then similar recommendations about pork, chicken, fish, and any other animal protein will likely follow. In short, they’ll probably want to make a vegan out of you – while living well on “steak” themselves.

It all boils down to the annual consumption rate per person and that’s where the Danes are doing rather well, as you can see in the following.

Meat Consumption per Capita

To prove my point, have a look at the (abbreviated) table that shows meat consumption (for the most recent year available, 2002) at http://www.theguardian.com/environment/datablog/2009/sep/02/meat-consumption-per-capita-climate-change . In all, that page lists per capita meat consumption for 180 countries. In fact, Denmark is shown to be on top, with 146 kg/person per year.

Annual meat consumption in kg per capita, data from the link above.


Total [kg/yr]











Another, more recent (2012) compilation at ProCon has the people of Luxembourg on top with an annual consumption of total (beef, pork, poultry, mutton & goat, and “other”) meat at 136 kg/yr with the Danes in close pursuit.

Really, the exact numbers or of who eats more or less meat in which year don’t matter at all. The data mentioned above, if you take them seriously in context of the DCE proclamation, mean you have already fallen for the trap. With that I mean the very idea that any group, like the DCE or the United Nations could or should be empowered to tell you what or how much to eat or how often.

Henceforth, what Meat are You Allowed to Eat?

In other words, I don’t think the world needs any organisation to prescribe your food, certainly not a small group of deluded Danes nor an unelected and un-accountable group of UN (United Nations) functionaries. Unfortunately, just some Danish government officials responding to the DCE’s musings alone gives some level of credence to the very thought of that council’s idea.

The whole idea is trial balloon, of course, with UN backing (at least implicit) that serves to make you shudder.

See, they’ve won already!

PC” (political correct) speech was just the beginning. Now the progressive mind is on to your food consumption too. I have no problem with vegetarians but whatever your food preference may be, I still like my

Steak – “au Contraire”