Dwarf Star ‘has all the ingredients’ for life

Written by Cheyenne MacDonald

Scientists have discovered a star 200 light-years from Earth that may hold the building blocks for life.

The white dwarf star spotted in the constellation Boötes has an atmosphere rich in carbon and nitrogen, and even the ingredients for water.

Researchers say the planetary system tied to this star could be much like our own solar system, suggesting that some of the components that give rise to life are not all that uncommon.

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If Global Warming is real why fake the Evidence?

Written by Kerry Jackson

A few decades back, an upstanding member of the global warming alarmist community said that if the public was going to take the threat of man-caused climate change seriously, the alarmists were going to have to exaggerate the evidence.

It was in 1989 that Stephen Schneider wrote in Discover magazine that in order “to capture the public’s imagination . . . we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have.”

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Respected Scientist & Democrat: Trump Correct on ‘Hoax’ Global Warming

Written by Dr Martin Hertzberg

Respected former American government scientist and life-long Democrat explains why Donald Trump is correct in calling man-made global warming a “hoax.”

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a great number of establishment groupthinkers tell us carbon dioxide causes dangerous global warming and that this is ‘established science’ – it is not.

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Six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out life on Earth

Written by Daniel Brown

If you ask yourself what the biggest threat to human existence is you’d probably think of nuclear war, global warming or a large-scale pandemic disease. But assuming we can overcome such challenges, are we really safe? Living on our blue little planet seems safe until you are aware of what lurks in space. The following cosmic disasters are just a few ways humanity could be severely endangered or even wiped out. Happy reading! 

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Chemistry Expert: Carbon Dioxide can’t cause Global Warming

Written by Dr Mark Imisides (Industrial Chemist)

Scarcely a day goes by without us being warned of coastal inundation by rising seas due to global warming.

Why on earth do we attribute any heating of the oceans to carbon dioxide, when there is a far more obvious culprit, and when such a straightforward examination of the thermodynamics render it impossible.

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How the Flat Earth Climate Error Occurred: ‘Slayer’ Youtube Presentation

Written by John O'Sullivan

Canadian scientist Joseph E Postma provides a stunning new Youtube webcast that exposes critical mathematical errors in government climate science ‘flat earth’ physics. Postma explains:

“In this presentation I discuss how the flat Earth error at the basis of climate alarm occurred. In the main presentation we discussed how climate alarm is founded upon a most illogical mistake, and so here I will explain why it was made, and what was wrong with doing that.”

Postma invites discussion and further analysis at climateofsophistry.com

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Earth’s climate is Naturally Hostile and Unsafe

Written by Carl Brehmer

Those who support the UN’s “Climate Change” agenda feign concern for “the poor”, yet the agenda itself is determined to lock those under its sway into perpetual poverty.  At its core the UN’s “Climate Change” agenda is a war on the burning of hydrocarbons for energy – the thing that has been primarily responsible for the creation of wealth over the past 150 years.  Perhaps we should start by defining “poverty” and “wealth”.

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What Happened to the Sun 7,000 years ago?

Written by Nagoya University

An international team led by researchers at Nagoya University, along with US and Swiss colleagues, has identified a new type of solar event and dated it to the year 5480 BC; they did this by measuring carbon-14 levels in tree rings, which reflect the effects of cosmic radiation on the atmosphere at the time. They have also proposed causes of this event, thereby extending knowledge of how the sun behaves. 

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U.S. Government ‘To Push Ahead’ with NOAA Climate Fraud Investigation

Written by Michael Bastasch

House lawmakers will renew their long-dormant investigation into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on the heels of whistleblower testimony that agency scientists rushed a landmark global warming study to influence policymakers.

“The chairman intends to push for responses to his initial requests,” an aide for the Committee on Science, Space and Technology told reporters on a press call Monday, “to uncover exactly what was going on” at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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Politics and science are a toxic combination

Written by Matt Ridley

Back in December, some American scientists began copying government climate data onto independent servers in what press reports described as an attempt to safeguard it from political interference by the Trump administration. There is to be a March for Science in April whose organisers say: “It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.”

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Trump Agrees with Princeton Physicist: Global Warming ‘a Cult Movement’

Written by Michael Bastach

President Donald Trump told a candidate to be his top science adviser that he agreed global warming had become a “cult movement in the last five or 10 years.”

Princeton University physicist Will Happer met with Trump in January about a week before the inauguration. He told Trump he believed man-made global warming had been “exaggerated,” to which Trump replied: “I agree with you.”

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Climate and Popular Revolution

Written by Dr Tim Ball

My major research interest in climatology is historical climate, but particularly the impact of climate and climate change on human history and the human condition. Climatology was always part of geography because it studies the climate of a region and the change over time. This was subsumed by the growth of climate science in which specialists studied individual pieces of the complex puzzle that are climate, usually without knowing where the piece fit. Geography and Climatology are integrative disciplines that are defined as chorology,

“the study of the causal relations between geographical phenomena occurring within a region.”

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Compulsory Courses for Any Curriculum; The Science Dilemma

Written by Dr Tim Ball

Science is pervasive directly and indirectly in every phase of modern life. While the majority are not directly involved in science, they need to understand science and how it works. It is increasingly the underlying control of social, political, and economic decisions made by them or for them. They need to understand how it works, even if they don’t make it work. This knowledge must be a fundamental part of any school curriculum.

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Scientists record breach in Earth’s magnetic field

Written by Siva Parameswaran


Earth's magnetosphereImage copyright: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Artwork: The Earth’s magnetosphere protects the planet from a continuous flow of cosmic radiation

Scientists have recorded the events that unfolded after the Earth’s magnetic shield was breached. Openings in the planet’s magnetic field are not uncommon, but it is rarer to get the opportunity to gather data while such an event is in progress.

A cosmic ray monitoring facility recorded a burst of cosmic rays associated with the opening. The magnetic field breach was the result of charged particles from the Sun striking the Earth at high speed.

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