Post-Easter Frost And Snow To Grip Europe: Temps To Fall 12°C Below Normal

Written by Pierre L. Gosselin

Some years ago German warmist climatologist Mojib Latif complained over our changing climate, reminding us how in Germany we used to get snow sometimes for Easter.

Well this year, in mid April, Easter is relatively late, and the forecast is now calling for snow to hit large parts of Europe as a low pressure system (OTTO) centered over the Baltic sea will pump polar air across the continent — thus ushering in a nasty and possibly protracted spell of winter.

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Tick tock, stay ahead of the aging clock

Written by Babraham Institute

Ageing in humans (and animals) can be seen as either an inevitable process of wear and tear or as an inherent biological programme by which the lifespan of each species is more or less predetermined. Recent research has shown that DNA methylation, an epigenetic modification which alters how DNA is read and expressed without altering the underlying sequence, can show age-related changes.

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New method for 3-D printing extraterrestrial materials

Written by Northwestern University

When humans begin to colonize the moon and Mars, they will need to be able to make everything from small tools to large buildings using the limited surrounding resources. Northwestern University’s Ramille Shah and her Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (TEAM) Laboratory have demonstrated the ability to 3D-print structures with simulants of Martian and lunar dust.

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The Hypocrisy of the Greens

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

There can be no better illustration of the hypocrisy of the Greens than the case of the Drax Power Station. As most people now know, Drax was fired by coal, but under pressure from the Greens this power station has been converted to burning wood pellets, made from virgin hardwood forest in the United States, converted to pellets and shipped to the UK.

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Supersonic Plasma Jets Detected in Earth’s Atmosphere

Written by BEC Crew

For the first time, researchers have discovered supersonic plasma jets in Earth’s upper atmosphere, and they’re responsible for some pretty extreme conditions, including temperatures near 10,000°C (18,032°F).

These jets not only appear to be changing the chemical composition of Earth’s ionosphere – they’re actually pushing this atmospheric layer so far up, some of the planet’s atmospheric materials are being leaked out into space.

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Environmentalists Lose Big In Battle To Stop Fracking

Written by Andrew Follett

Environmentalists lost a major lawsuit against hydraulic fracturing Wednesday, clearing one of the last major roadblocks to fracking in Britain. The Preston New Road Action Group (PNRAG) sued to stop fracking in Lancashire, England. High Court Justice Ian Dove threw out the suit, dealing PNRAG a huge setback. Dove ruled PNRAG’s lawsuit was groundless, and “not made out in substance.”

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Ominous Future: Harvard Scientists to Geo-engineer Stratosphere

Written by Harry Pettit

Harvard researchers are set to test aerosol sprays that could be used to ‘combat climate change.’ The controversial technique could one day be used to block incoming solar radiation and cool down Earth to combat the effects of global warming.

The first-of-its-kind experiment could begin as early as next year and will pump small amounts of material into the stratosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. But scientists have previously warned that the results of changing our own climate could be ‘catastrophic’.

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NASA Has Major Announcement About Search For Life Beyond Earth

Written by Thomas Tamblyn

NASA has scheduled a major press conference where it plans to reveal a new discovery about ‘ocean worlds in our solar system.’ While we don’t know the specifics of what NASA will reveal the agency has confirmed that what has been discovered will “inform future ocean world exploration…and the broader search for life beyond Earth.”

The conference is scheduled for Thursday April 13 at 7PM UK time and will focus on new discoveries around ocean worlds within our own solar system.

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