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Critics Call for Moratorium on ‘Unachievable’ G20 Renewables Plan

Written by Mark Duchamp,World Council for Nature

In an open letter to G20 governments at upcoming summit critics of the multi-trillion dollar ‘green’ energy boondoggle urge energy ministers to heed calls of “astronomical” waste made by philanthropist and entrepreneur, Bill Gates, among others. burn money

Mark Duchamp (World Council for Nature) and other campaign groups have released the following open letter plea:

Prime Minister of Turkey, 

Energy Ministers of the G20 countries,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the G20 Meeting,

You are preparing the Istanbul meeting of October 2nd, the objective being to coordinate the energy policies of G20 countries. This is an opportunity to relay to you some serious concerns held by the ordinary people of this planet regarding the “energy transition”.   

Wind farm and photovoltaic output depend on the weather. Thirty years have passed since the introduction of this intermittent, erratic electricity. Without means for its storage on a massive scale, it remains of little use. Using fossil fuel power plants to regulate this energy is prohibitive in cost and cancels out savings realized on C02 emissions.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates said that the cost of decarbonization using today’s technology is“beyond astronomical”. Having invested one billion dollars in finding new ways to harness the energy from the sun, he suggests governments likewise redirect wasteful green subsidies to research & development (1) . He also donated $28 billion to charity, nearly half his fortune (2). 

Subsidies to ineffective wind “farms” have created a “1.8 trillion dollar global industry” (3), whose cost isstifling the economy everywhere while CO2 emissions fail to regress. Collateral damage, on the other hand, isconsiderable, no matter how many “experts” for hire dismiss the evidence, such as adverse health impacts revealed by conscientious professionals (4).  Likewise, the massacre of birds and bats by the million (5) is denied, as are deleterious effects on the price of electricity, employment, property values and tourism potential. Wildlife habitats and marine ecosystems are sacrificed, as well as marine mammals, forests, landscapes, amenity of the countryside and quality of life. Ground water is being contaminated (6), unrecyclable turbine blades accumulate in dumps, the extraction of rare earths for wind turbines kills miners, women and children in China (7), while everywhere populations are fed mendacious buzzwords like “green energy”, “wind is free”,  and “renewables will save the planet”. 

Vested interests and unscrupulous politicians have hijacked the “Green” Agenda, causing unprecedented devastation throughout the world, notably when wind turbines are erected in migration corridors or protected habitats, killing rare species – as in Ontario (8).

Press articles testify to growing suspicions of corruption, and a book describes how (money) “bundlers” are working within the US administration, distributing favors to private interests: “Throw Them All Out” (9). 

Infrasound emissions increase as wind turbines become larger, causing more wind farm victims. These are neither attended nor compensated. Also, e.g. in Turkey, property rights are being breached by bulldozers illegally entering private properties, or valuable land being expropriated outright in violation of the Constitution (10). State Council (High Court) orders to stop construction are not always implemented by local authorities (10). In Bodrum, residents had to remain on guard 24/7 carrying sticks to prevent construction workers entering their properties. Yet many wind projects in Turkey are actively supported by the German or Danish governments, and financed by the EBRD and/or the World Bank. 

Residents globally suffer the brutality of windpower development. Take Mexico, where entire communities of indigenous populations from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are taking to the streets to demonstrate against the invasion of their tribal lands by hundreds of unwanted wind turbines. Violence pits wind farm personnel against protesters, causing loss of life (11). Wind development caused more deaths in Guatemala and Kenya (12), and in Dongzhou, China, 20 protesters were killed by police firing into the crowd (13).

Ineffectiveness & cost caused the wind farm bubble to burst in Spain, Greece, Portugal & Italy. Richer countries like Denmark, Germany and the UK, are scaling back their support, as have China (14) and India. Others – Australia, Canada, France & Turkey, having entered the game belatedly, lurch ahead blindly, moved by a political agenda which may yet prove corrupt (15). Only the United States can maintain its misguided renewables’ policy after 30 years of wasteful subsidies – courtesy of its bonds and treasury bills remaining sought-after investments the world over, giving the U.S. the unique advantage of being able to print money at will.  

None of this bodes well for the future of mankind. In a bid to assist decision making based on current realities, we respectfully urge you to consider the information herein provided. It’s merely the “tip of the iceberg”, and we hold further evidence at your disposal. On behalf of those suffering now and in the future, we strongly recommend that G20 countries reassess their energy policies, starting with calling a moratorium.


Yours, faithfully 


Mark Duchamp   +34 693 643 736  
Chairman, World Council for Nature
Iberica 2000, Plaza de la Fuente
19313 Peralejos, Spain   wcfn@live.com

Sherri Lange 
CEO, NAPAW   kodaisl@rogers.com

Ghislaine Siguier
Présidente, Victimes des Éoliennes (Wind Farm Victims)   gis.bel@laposte.net   



(1) –       http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/06/26/gates_renewable_energy_cant_do_the_job_gov_should_switch_green_subsidies_into_rd/

(14) – the share of renewables in China’s energy mix is projected to only reach 17% by 2030 compared to 13% in 2010”  http://irena.org/remap/IRENA_REmap_China_report_2014.pdf

One, just one of the reasons may be the poor quality of their wind turbines:


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    The central planning policies imposed on the world, to fight the mythical threats form CO2 emissions from human activity, are doomed to fail.


    Central planning has a record of failure. The free market economy has a record of success.

    For example, when vehicles were emitting vast amounts of deadly pollution, the catalytic converter was not a product of central planning, it was a product of the free market economy that encourages invention, innovation and discovery … something totally alien to central planning.

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      I think you will find most of the pollution control advances stemmed from the environmental groups campaigns through the 60′ and 70’s.

      The problem with environmental groups today is that significant obvious pollution has been significantly reduced in advanced economies and environmental groups were at risk of becoming irrelevant.

      Then they latched onto global warming/climate change as a source of unlimited revenue.

      This results in “green” groups actually opposing needed environmental improvements because of an obsession with CO2.

      But there is no doubt it was the public endorsement of environmental groups action on water and air pollution in the 60’s and 70’s that caused governments to create environmental protection laws which resulted in the advances we take for granted today.

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