Cognitive Dissonance in the Case of Man-made Global Warming

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological trauma, which prevents most of us from acknowledging our mistakes, even when they are made abundantly clear.

The case of Global Warming is such a case in point. Although it is obvious to any sentient being that everything everywhere is cooling by itself and that heat has to be generated, the Global Warmers insist that the globe is getting hotter and hotter and that we must restrict some gases so that we can keep the non-existent temperature of the Globe to within 2 degrees Celsius. fact

Although this is palpable nonsense, we have people appearing on Sky Television and other channels, assuring us that it is beyond question that Climate is changing, and the inference is that it is changing all because of the exhausts of wicked man and the flatulence of livestock. Well, the various climates are changing all right – who can deny that?  So I am not a denier or a contrarian – oh no! I fully believe in Climate changes, I acknowledge Global Warming and Global Cooling happening all the time.

I recently watched a long piece on the BBC about a glacier in Switzerland, which was definitely melting. One could even go under the glacier and see it happening. There you are – global warming QED! So it is true that some glaciers are retreating, and if they are retreating that means that they are melting from warming.

That seems conclusive. Except that some glaciers are advancing: –

Norway’s glaciers growing at record pace. 

Glaciers growing on Canada’s tallest mountain

FRANCE: Mt. Blanc – See Mont Blanc Glacier almost doubles in size

Greenland glacier advancing 7.2 miles per year! 

CHILE  Pio XI, the largest glacier in South America, grows
50 meters in height, length and density every day.

All 48 glaciers in the Southern Alps have grown during the past year.

Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier, the largest glacier in Patagonia,
is advancing at the rate of 7 feet per day.

Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier advancing 7 feet per day!

Now perhaps you can see what I mean by cognitive dissonance – it is a refusal to acknowledge contrary facts. It is the Global Warmists who are the contrarians, the deniers of Great Nature. Sure there are glaciers that are retreating, but there are also a huge numbers that are advancing, which are getting colder and where the ice is getting thicker.

Should you wish to check the source of my assertions above simply go to: –  where you will

find even more date about Antarctica growing colder and colder, as the ice gets thicker and thicker.

Now Secretary of State John Kerry of the USA has welcomed the agreement of some 120 states to limit the amount of HFCs that are sent into the atmosphere, claiming that this will reduce Global temperature by half a degree Celsius. Well, well, well! His argument is based upon the fact – if it is a fact – that HFCs are Greenhouse Gases and trap heat. But we already know that is totally idiotic to claim that a gas can trap heat. One can trap a substance, one may trap an animal, but in no way can one trap a transfer of kinetic energy. So although John Kerry has a certain ‘gravitas’, which is emphasised by his lugubrious visage, and which helps in diplomatic relations, when it comes to the understanding of scientific principles, alas he is all at sea.

The Globe has a huge range of constantly changing temperatures. Does anyone disagree with this statement? It is obvious – it is stated on every weather forecast in every country in a thousand different languages every day. So although we all know from experience that warming and cooling constantly occur, nevertheless if someone has been persuaded that man-made Global Warming is happening, I am afraid that Cognitive Dissonance steps in and prevents his acknowledgment of facts that are contrary to well-honed beliefs.

Far from the Globe warming, the Globe is gradually cooling. The mighty Sun is also cooling and will one day burn out – not in our lifetimes, never fear. There is no such thing as a Global temperature, and there never has been and never can be. One cannot admit that there is a huge range of constantly changing temperature on this Planet and then declare in the next breath that there is a Global temperature – it is simply a contradiction in terms that is harboured by those with low IQs and alas by some politicians.

The so-called Greenhouse Gases, far from causing warming in any way whatsoever, do precisely the opposite. They scatter the incoming radiation from the Sun, thus keeping us cool, and moreover all gases without exception carry the heat way from the Earth’s surface. The fact that we have an atmosphere prevents us from having the wild swings of temperature experienced on the Moon – at roughly the same distance from the Sun as the earth – where temperatures vary between 100ºC. in the lunar daytime and minus 173ºC. at night.

Here is the proof! The Moon has no atmosphere and so experiences extremes that would make life impossible upon Earth. Luckily our atmosphere prevents us from getting too hot and also transports such heat as we have safely upwards and away.

Anthony Bright-Paul

Monday, 17 October 2016