Climate Lukewarmers Sell Carbon Magic Gas Sorcery

Written by Joseph A Olson PE

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” ~ William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

Today ever more of us are realizing we live in a ‘fake news’ false paradigm reality. It is bounded by faux science, fake history, filtered news. You can be forgiven for extrapolation to a mega dystopia financed by a fiat currency and directed by Demonic Warlords of the ‘Deep State.’ The ‘One Percent’ have long ruled over the other 99 percent. Monarch/monopolists continue to war with meritocracy, Truth and humanity.

Some facts to trump fake news: Today six monopolies own 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishing companies and control 95 percent of the entertainment (programming) industry. The near total information hegemony is maintained by a false dichotomy, explained in the political context in “Divide & Conquer, the Left/Right Fraud” by James Corbett in a ten minute video on YouTube.

Science presents a dilemma for plutocrats because empirical evidence conflicts with imposed, agenda driven orthodoxy – while technology depends on accurate knowledge of reality. When fact exposes the fiction open conflict ensues.

The elitist controlled US Geological Service has stated that petroleum was a finite resource since the first 200 foot deep well was drilled in Pennsylvania in 1859. The concocted “fossil fuel” fable was perpetrated by Rockefeller while he monopolized 90% of US oil production and installed his cousins Teddy and FDR as president, then his cousins John and Allen Dulles as Secretary of State and Director of the CIA. To exert total energy control, elitists then concocted the triad of Carbon frauds, adding climate change and ‘sustainable’ energy [1] to the fossil fuel fraud [2].

The fake news debate on Carbon forcing has been the subject of analysis by an expanding group of scientists at Principia Scientific International, who are doing great work in exposing the false dichotomy of the Alarmist BIG and Luke LITTLE positions on climate change.

A brief history of this fake debate is in “Lukewarm Lemmings and the Lysenko Larceny” at the FauxScienceSlayer website.

Offhand remarks about greenhouses by Jean-Baptiste Fourier have led the Alarmists to claim him as ‘father of the Greenhouse Gas Hypothesis’ [3].

In this same report Fourier claims all volcanism is due to ‘original heat of origin’, but since there would be no periodic table, Laws of Thermodynamics or model of the atom for over fifty years, Fourier can be forgiven for his speculation. Other Alarmist credit Svante Arrhenius as the hoax father, but he was quickly discredited by Knut Angstrom [4] and in 1909 Professor Robert Woods of Stanford proved that NO greenhouse can capture radiant energy.

The Carbon forcing fraud was revived with federal funding under Big Bush beginning in 1988. The last year of GAO records in 2014 indicate an annual expense of $12 billion to fund this fraud.

In July 2010, Dr Roy Spencer wrote a silly article on ‘Yes Virginia, Cold Makes Hot’ and I replied with “Rocket Scientists Need Not Apply” posted at Canada Free Press. Roy never responded to my rebuttal. In August 2014, Dr Pierre Latour, PhD Chemical Engineering wrote, “No Virginia, Cooler Objects Do Not Make Warmer Objects Warmer Still” using classical Thermodynamics, a rebuttal to which Roy never replied.

In a recent email thread I mentioned that the average thunderstorm weighed 16,500 ton, per Wiki/Thunder Storms to which Roy replied….

“OMG another strawman, Joe? Besides you do not understand buoyancy (the thermals and the water vapor they contain are “positively” buoyant….like wood, which has mass, floating in water, and I have no idea what this has to do with the GHE debate anyway”

Just how ill-informed is our ‘Yes Virginia’ meteorologist?  We get an insight as per Wiki/Lightning Detection thunder clouds….

“Eventually the mass of raindrops is too large to be sustained by the updraft and they fall to the ground….intra-cloud (IC) lightning occurs 5 to 30 minutes prior to cloud-to-Earth (IG) occurs. Updrafts in convective cells starts to become electrified when it reaches altitudes sufficiently cold that mixed phase hydro-meters (water, ice) can exist in the same volume. Updraft continues until all liquid water is converted to ice which releases Latent Heat.”

Latent Heat of Vaporization removes 2,257 KJoules/Kg of heat from the surface of the ocean, and from the solar facing and lower altitude surfaces of clouds. This heat is then released at altitude by Latent Heat of Condensation. Latent Heat of Solidification removes another 334 KJoules/KG to form hail, sleet or snow as described in “Science Goes Over-Under, Inside-Out” [5]. In this same email thread I mentioned Roy and his stonewalling of Dr Latour, and sent a CV which includes Dr Latour’s impressive achievements. Roy Spencer was born in 1959.

In 1967, while Roy was completing grade school, Dr Latour was a US Army officer assigned to the Apollo mission and was Chief of the Simulation Branch in charge of the thrust calculations for launch, landing and return. Dr Latour holds multiple patents on refinery processes where Carbon Dioxide is both a reactant and a byproduct, requiring exact knowledge of the thermal and chemical properties of this gas at conditions that far exceed those in the atmosphere. Roy then denigrates this honorable scientist in the same email thread…..

“an expert in rocket propulsion should have no particular expertise in atmospheric radiative transfer.”

Somehow Dr Latour was able to keep the Apollo moon mission rockets from falling out of the sky. In the Science and Environmental Policy Project newsletters ‘climate expert’ Spencer makes these two claims…

“Temperature of anything…can be increased in one of two ways (1) by adding more energy (2) by reducing energy loss” ~ July 23, 2016

“Spencer….stated that the greenhouse effect is not warming per se, but a reduction in the rate of cooling” ` Aug 06, 2016

Spencer is sorely mistaken. In fact, delayed cooling is NOT warming, and no mass will increase temperature by adding insulation. No reflected energy emitted by a mass will increase the temperature of the mass.

You see, chemistry is still chemistry, and physics is still physics. In whatever branch of science you claim to have expertize you cannot play fast and loose with Scientific Laws.

For too long the alarmists and the ‘lukewarmists’ have held a fake debate over how much warming us due to carbon dioxide. Both groups were compliant to the fake news that CO2 ‘trapped heat’ and/or ‘delayed cooling.’ But from the Scientific Laws we know carbon dioxide, like any gas, cannot trap heat or delay cooling. Only in fake climate fysics does this occur.

The junk science, fake two-sided debate held center stage until the ‘Slayers’ (aka Principia Scientific International) rose up in 2010 to speak for those from the ‘hard’ sciences who are guided by empiricism and the traditional scientific method.

PSI’s expanding body of applied scientists and engineers showed how the climate debate is rigged among the willfully deceitful and unintentionally fooled.

Using PSI as a platform applied scientists and engineers steered the debate back to Classical Thermodynamics. As a hub for sane science PSI proves both alarmists and lukewarmists hold absurd positions.

The Lukewarmist charlatans complain of the Alarmist gate-keeping and stonewalling, but are equally guilty in denying debate with the reasoned NO Warmists. At the Heartland ICCC-9 convention in Las Vegas (July 2014) I met Dr Arthur Viterito, and reviewed his excellent analysis of geothermal forcing [6] which is a position I have supported since my “Motive Force for All Climate Change” was posted at Climate Realists, May 2009.

Access a rich list of articles based on the ‘hard’ sciences that explain why carbon dioxide is not our climate’s control knob here, and by using the ‘search’ feature at top right of the PSI main page.


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The above is a revised and edited version of Joseph A Olson’s article first published on Aug 22, 2016


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    While browsing various sites I came across the text below in a discussion of surface conduction, convection, radiation. It was sort of fortuitous because I have been involved in similar discussion thread over at Principia and ran similar experiment as a consequence of a discussion with a climate PhD at CSU.
    “Since air is a poor conductor, most energy transfer by conduction occurs right at the earth’s surface.
    At night, the ground cools and the cold ground conducts heat away from the adjacent air.
    During the day, solar radiation heats the ground, which heats the air next to it by conduction.”

    I used a couple of SS sheathed industrial grade type K T/Cs, stuck one in the ground, hung the other on the north side of the garden shed out of direct sunlight and started taking data.

    The dense ground has a lot of thermal mass/inertia and cools or heats slowly. Air, on the other hand, is light with little thermal mass/inertia and cools or heats quickly with a change in energy flow.

    In mid evening the air quickly cools to a temperature below that of the ground, i.e. energy and heat flowing from ground to air, opposite the clam above. Not until mid-morning after a few hours of sunlight did the air warm up to a temperature above that of the ground, i.e. energy and heat flowing from air to ground, also opposite to the statement above. Is it sun heating air heating earth or sun heating earth heating air? Or does it really matter or make a difference?

    BOTH of the statements in the above paragraph are incorrect!

    Why does this matter?

    Because the bedrock, the cornerstone, of GHE theory is that the air/atmosphere warms the earth. If the surface actually radiates 396 W/m^2 at 15C then the ground would cool rapidly. This is allegedly counterbalanced by the 333 W/m^2 downwelling from air/atmosphere. Both of these S-B calculations are mistaken!

    Actual data and observations shows this “air warming ground” theory is JUST FLAT WRONG!! As is all the up/down/”back” misapplied S-B radiation calculations that erroneously try to explain it.

    Of course the “33C with atmosphere is also total rubbish.

    As Feynman observed:
    “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it (theory) doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”

    RGHE – IT’S WRONG!!!!

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