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”Climate Experts” Obsessed With CO2, Ignored Remaining Universe Of Factors

Written by Pierre L. Gosselin

High profile German food chemist Udo Pollmer here at German public radio brings the following video to our attention.

In the video biologist and public speaker Allan Savory tells an audience how climate change and desertification has a lot more to do with the elimination of roaming herd animals over grasslands and vegetated areas over the 20th century.

Another tragedy of consensus science

Tragically, it used to be consensus science that the desertification of vast areas of land on all continents was caused by the over-grazing by herds of animals. As they chomped on the vegetation and moved on, they left the soil barren and exposed to evaporation and wind erosion. Animals that had lived there for thousands of years were suddenly deemed by consensus science to be the culprits.

Flawed wildlife management cause as much climate change as fossil fuels!

Savory recalls ordering the destruction of 40,000 elephants in the mid 20th century in order to protect vegetated land. Mass culling of wildlife was the answer to spreading desertification. Much to his horror, he later realized he had made a terrible mistake. The land on which the destroyed elephants inhabited later rapidly deteriorated and became barren – thus even wreaking havoc on the macro-climate.

It turned out that roaming herds, with the dung and urine they left behind, were essential elements in preserving green vegetation and preventing desertification. He concludes that in order for the planet to survive, it needs more land grazing animal herds and not less. At the 18:48 mark he says:

What we are doing globally is causing climate change as much as I believe fossil fuels, and maybe more than fossil fuels. But worse than that it is causing hunger, poverty, violence and social breakdown and war.”

Savory then notes that reversing the damage to the ecosystem can be done at a very low cost. And by taking the measures he recommends, it will lead to taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and putting it back into the ground:

If we do what I am showing you here, we can take enough carbon out of the atmosphere and safely store it in the grasslands soil for thousands of years, and if we do that on just half of the world’s grasslands that I’ve shown you, we can take us back to pre-industrial levels while feeding people.”

What’s interesting is that if the poor management of wildlife (particularly reducing grazing herds of animals) has led to half of the 20th century climate change, and the oceans and solar activity have played significant roles as well – as a large body of science shows – then there really isn’t much left to be chalked up to CO2. Increasingly it is becoming obvious that some climate scientists have obsessed with CO2 while ignoring the remaining universe of factors – see here, here, here and here.

Clearly our understanding of how climate and ecosystems function is far less than some “experts” would have us believe.

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