Climate Crazies: Strange Tale of the Green House Gas Gang

Written by Joseph A Olsen PE


The Green House Gas Gang began in 1896 when Svante Arrhenius of Sweden discovered heat storage increases with increased carbon dioxide levels. This father of the gang was a child prodigy, Nobel Committee member, Nobel Laureate and founding member of the Eugenics movement. In 1900 he became involved in the creation of the Nobel Prize, in 1901 he was a member of the Nobel Committee and in 1903 he helped give himself a Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

He served on the Nobel Committee until 1927 where he exerted enormous influence on the selection of all prize winners. In 1922 he helped father the State Institute for Racial Biology, which was to have been a Nobel Institute. The principles for this had been in discussion by the literati for decades and were incorporated in the US Progressive Movement of the 1900’s and fully implemented by the Nazi eugenics programs.

Carbon dioxide was the first member of this gang. Padrone Svante calculated that if the atmospheric level of this gas were doubled it would raise earth’s temperature by six degrees Centigrade. By 1900 he was challenged by his rival, Knut Angstrom and fought valiantly to uphold his claim. By 1906 he was forced to reduce his original estimate by 75% under laboratory conditions. What happens in a test tube is not always an accurate reflection of reactions in the wide range of environmental conditions. Atmospheric CO2 can be absorbed thru chemical actions or broken apart by nuclear bombardment.

There is constant radiation bombardment from Earth elements decomposing and from solar and galactic transmissions. When big things become littler things there is a release of energy. When big molecules, made up of many atoms are broken apart they release chemical energy. When big atoms, made up of protons, neutrons and electrons are broken apart they give up nuclear energy. The three-atom molecule of CO2 is 1.5 times heavier than air and remains close to the surface. The half-life of this gang member is estimated at 100 years. Of course, there is difference between doubling, or 100% increase and the IPCC proposed human caused change of 5% increase in CO2 levels from inaction, but never under estimate what this gang member can do, El Don Svante didn’t.

The second gang member is occasionally referred to as a fart. Yes, it’s Methane, the five atom molecule and simplest of the notorious hydrocarbon crime family. As indelicate as it is to discuss, we must all admit to generating Methane directly and indirectly in the decomposition of our ‘solid’ waste. This gang member can store reasonable amounts of relatively clean chemical energy when used as ‘Natural Gas’ in homes, engines and power plants.

This gas is produced geologically and biologically. Even though this gang member has five atoms its larger size makes it buoyant. At half the surface density of standard air it rapidly rises up thru the atmosphere where it is broken apart by radiation, which releases stored chemical energy into space. Even at only 1.7 parts per million in air, this gang member is to be feared for it’s potential environment savagery. The half-life of this gang member is only 8.4 years, so this punk won’t bug you for long.

Both of these gas gang members are measured in the parts per million range and their present day handlers, the Global Warmists knew they needed a ‘heavy’ to provide more of a fear factor. They found water vapor. This thug is everywhere and capable of disguising itself as a solid, a liquid or a gas. And this gang member transfers heat every time it makes that change of phase. It absorbs heat when it melts and absorbs heat when it evaporates. Then it releases heat when it condenses back into a liquid and releases heat again when it returns to a solid. When heated all of the gas gang members try to rise up in the atmosphere.

When evaporating, water vapor absorbs heat from oceans and lakes, which makes the Earth’s surface cooler. Then this vapor raises reaching thinner and cooler air the higher it goes. At some point it can go no further and releases energy and condensers to water or making an additional phase change, releasing even more energy, this vapor freezes. This lowered energy and denser gang member then falls back to Earth as cooling rain, hail, sleet or snow. This multilevel energy transfer racketeering might seem at odds to the Green House Gang objective which is to warm the planet. But the Warmist have friends in high places, like the IPCC, who has dictated that water vapor contributes between 25% and 75% of all global warming. One of this vapor’s behaviors is to collect in the atmosphere and form clouds.

The IPCC math model allows them to ‘adjust’ the coefficient for water vapor based on whether the clouds are helping the warming equation by keeping the radiant energy in at night or reducing the available energy by reflecting solar energy away by day. The fact that melting, evaporating, condensing and refreezing each has beneficial effect can be overlooked. The half-life of water vapor is meaningless because without this thug the whole planet is dust.

While this gang of gasses has existed on Earth for billions of years in greatly higher and lower concentrations with little destructive effect on life, they are now poised to dominate mankind. A successful syndicate needs muscle directed by brains, and Wall Street has a surplus of brains. The same great minds that brought you hedge funds, derivatives, and credit default swaps have taken control of the Green House Gas Gang. Their insider deals with government and the Ivy League Institutions gives them the street creed.

Madison Avenue has kept us weeping over morphed images of polar bear cubs. Their hijacking of the energy sector is planned by Congress in July. To get this done the mob is going to have to break some kneecaps and screw some thumbs. If you are a freedom-loving individual who is still standing and who still has a thumb then beware. Never mind that their ‘science’ seems unsettling. With their ownership of the government-media complex, these gangsters are making you an offer which they will not let you refuse.


Article first published at (May 30, 2009)