Can Anyone Doubt?

Written by Anthony Bright-Paul

Can anyone doubt that climate is changing? No, because that is what climate does. The weather is changing. As I wake up in the morning I look out at the brook and the level of the water, particularly now as there are flood warnings everywhere. I look at the sky – is it overcast or clear? I watch the news on television, paying particular attention to the weather forecast. storm

I do not need to be persuaded that the weather is changing, because I can see it with my own eyes, and as climate is defined as the average of weather in a particular location, I am also persuaded that my local climate, my microclimate, is also changing.   Is there such a thing as world climate? Well, there certainly is not one world climate – such an item simply does not exist. At this very moment in time, forest fires are raging in southeast Australia, fanned by great winds, which now threatens Melbourne itself. While Melbourne swelters, almost the entire United States of America and Canada is snowbound.

The severity of the weather is on every news channel, such as CNN and Fox. In the United Kingdom we have had now 6 weeks of storms and the most severe flooding that most of us have ever known. Europe is likewise afflicted. Indonesia at the other end of the earth is also experiencing floods and also volcanic eruptions. So, yes, there are climate changes everywhere – too many to mention – but is there one world climate? On the evidence, there is no such thing.    What is the cause of climates changing? It seems to be agreed that the Jetstream is blowing right across the world and is more southerly than normal and blowing at great speed. It is this Jetstream that brings one low-pressure system after another to batter the British Isles. If this is indeed so, we are faced with a simple question – has man caused the Jetstream to move or to blow stronger, or is this a change that is brought about by Great Nature herself?  

Of course the Warmists in the face of natural disasters are hastening to affix blame on mankind. They just hate anything ‘natural’.  Yesterday on Sky News Dermot Murnaghan spent his time leading a lady Scientific Officer from the Met Office and a Greenie political lady in trying to make Global Warming responsible for our present weather. The Warmists must somehow or other establish that Carbon Dioxide is responsible for man-made Global Warming, and is therefore responsible for heat waves, for winds, for drought, for floods, for ice and hail and snow and of course for sea-level rises.  

The truth of the matter is that for the ordinary man in the street it is Mother Nature strutting her stuff, but for the Warmists a natural explanation would be a disaster.   Sure one half of the Globe warms in the daytime and one half cools during the night. That much any sentient being can observe for him or her self. But that is not good enough for the Warmist fanatics. They must have it that man is the cause, for without man to blame, excepting themselves of course, there would be no crusade.   

As a salesman for many years I was taught to seek the hidden objection. In our case today we need to seek the hidden agenda. What is the agenda of those who call themselves green? Whether it is conscious or unconscious the hidden agenda is the destruction of capitalism. The Greens and the LibDems are the Luddites of the modern world. They envy the fruits of capitalism, the wealth and the comforts, the high speed travel, the luxuries of television and IT and all the hi-tech advances, but they have an often unspoken hatred of the capitalist system, which has brought so much wealth to so many, not just in the Western world, but now more and more in the Eastern and the Third World. They may not call themselves Marxists, but that indeed is at the root of the Greens – a driving urge to destroy the economies of the West. They hate big business, they hate Big Oil, they oppose Shale Gas with a sort of religious fervour, but would not hesitate to blame everybody and everything should their gas, water or electricity supplies fail.   

While it is evident to any half-educated man is that we are hurtling round the Sun at some 60,000 miles per hour, that our weather and our seasons depend upon the angle we have to the Sun and that this angle varies slightly but enough to cause huge changes on this Planet, these Marxist Greens are intent on blaming Global warming on a gas which humans themselves are contributing to the atmosphere at the rate of 40,000 parts per million for every single breath they breathe. Such is the hypocrisy of the Marxist/Greenies.    They wish to establish that a trace gas is a Driver of Climate. Everything for them depends on this – it is their bedrock. But the truth is other. What is their driver? What is it that drives people to ignore Great Nature and to attempt to blame human kind for just about everything? There must be some reason.    It is not too difficult to pinpoint. The driving force is envy and greed.

Look at the politicians who are even now boasting that they have been tackling climate change, while getting themselves sickeningly rich in the process. Need I name names? Politicians of all parties are party to this fraud and some the most notorious are in the News right now.    Enough is enough. It is time to acknowledge the power of Great Nature and to do what man has always done – take action to survive. Adaptation is the name of the game and that is what man has always done – adapt.    

 Anthony Bright-Paul 10 February 2014 

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    visiting physicist


    You say “The Warmists must somehow or other establish that Carbon Dioxide is responsible for man-made Global Warming,” and yes I agree they do need to prove what in fact is impossible to prove.

    They make out that greenhouse gases are raising the surface temperature because they assume from their schoolboy “fissics” that the troposphere would have been isothermal but for water vapour making the thermal profile warmer at the surface end – supposedly increasing the lapse rate, though they subsequently tell us it reduces the lapse rate, which of course it does do.

    They got it around the wrong way, because they didn’t understand how radiation from the colder atmosphere does not actually help the Sun to make the surface hotter than the Sun could on its own. But they had to convince the world it must be this way because carbon dioxide must be the one who is the trouble maker. Like Adam said to Eve when she asked “Do you love me?” – “Who else?”

    Well the “who else” is the force of gravity which converts the kinetic energy of molecules into gravitational potential energy (and vice versa) and, when there are no unbalanced energy potentials – as the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us a state of maximum entropy will evolve spontaneously – well then, guess what? We have gravity raising the temperature by about 40 degrees or more and then water vapour doing best what we all know it does – reducing the “lapse rate” and thus cooling the surface so that maybe that 33 degrees is about the right answer.

    Well at least we fixed that problem, but poor old carbon dioxide now seems to be in with water vapour – helping energy out of the atmosphere and keeping us just a tiny, tiny bit cooler. So now we know why it’s not carbon dioxide after all. It would be so nice if PSI could manage to tell the world the good news, but alas they won’t.

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    Greg House


    [quote]Written by Anthony Bright-Paul: “Can anyone doubt that climate is changing? No, because that is what climate does.”[/quote]

    Circular reasoning, Anthony.

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