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Breaking: ‘Whistleblower’ blogger admits he is Climate Science Insider

Written by PSI Staff

‘Steven Goddard,’ the man behind ‘Real Science,’ a prominent anti-global warming blog, admits his real identity is Tony Heller, a former US government climate modeler. whistleblowerHeller broke the astonishing news on his website (June 27, 2014) declaring he is a life-long committed environmentalist sickened by the orchestrated campaign of misinformation pumped out by governments.

Among a list of gripes Heller writes, “The claims of 97% consensus are a massive lie. Only 52% of American Meteorological Society members believe that man is the primary contributor to global warming.”

Governments Know Carbon Dioxide Cannot Cause Warming

But without doubt the greatest of Heller’s revelations from the climate modelling community is that it is well known by insiders that increases in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide will not cause global warming.

He explains, “The radiative transfer models used by government climate scientists show that going up to 550 PPM or even 1000 PPM CO2 will make minimal difference to the radiative balance of the atmosphere. The knee of the CO2 curve is at about 30 PPM, and additional CO2 has little first order effect. This is because almost all radiation in the CO2 absorption spectra is already being absorbed by H2O or CO2 molecules. Adding more CO2 has minimal effect, because there is not much radiation left to be absorbed. (This is a bit of an oversimplification because of second order effects, but those are also small.) There is no indication from the radiative transfer models used by government scientists that additional CO2 will cause large amounts of heating.”

Such a disclosure from a former government insider serves as a powerful endorsement of the findings of independent scientists at Principia Scientific International (PSI). In recent times PSI has been gaining recognition for representing independent experts from the “hard” sciences who say their own specialities show no evidence that atmospheric CO2 can “trap” heat or impact global temperatures.

Using real world evidence rather than junk climate models skeptics show that the climate ‘science’ community is wrong for blaming humans for changes in climate that are entirely normal. Heller’s revelations affirm that alarmist scenarios cooked up in official US government climate models have all the ingredients of junk science, intentional fakery and group think.

But real science relies on the traditional scientific method where actual data trumps computer models every time. Among those who still hold to such methods is noted Chemistry expert, Dr Darko Butina.

On the very same day Heller blew the whistle Dr Butina’s latest papers also prove what climate science insiders know:  that H2O (water) in tandem with N2 (nitrogen) and O2 (oxygen)  control the amount of heat energy received from the sun. They serve as Earth’s real thermostat – not carbon dioxide a trace gas which is an entirely innocent player in climate change. [1]

Global Temperature Records Fraudulently Altered to Create Warming Trend

Heller pulls no punches as to what he saw while working on the inside as government climate science worker. His revelations also confirm the long-held suspicion of skeptics that there has been a systematic conspiracy of criminal manipulation of the official temperature records.

Heller laments, “The temperature record of both the US and the world has been massively altered since older versions, almost invariably to create the appearance of more warming, and in some cases to create warming where there is none.”

Read Tony Heller’s full declaration at stevengoddard.wordpress.com

[1] Butina, D, ‘Should We Worry about the Earth calculated Warming at 0.7 degrees C. over the last 100 Years when the Observed Daily Variations over the last 161 Years can be as high as 240C?’ International Journal of Chemical Modeling, ISSN: 1941-3955, Vol, 4, Number 2/3 Butina, D, “Quantifying the effect that N2, O2 and H2O have on night-to-day warming trends at ground level” International Journal of Chemical Modeling, ISSN: 1941-3955, Volume 5, Issue 4

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  • Avatar

    Alan McIntire


    I’m cynical of CAGW, and I fall in on the “Steve Goddard” side here. Of COURSE cloudy winter nights are less cold than clear winter nights. Note THAT back radiation is brought about by water vapor rather than CO2.

    I will concede to the CAGWers that CO2 DOES have a warming effect, but plugging in the figure of a 3.8 watt increase from a doubling of CO2, with NO feedbacks we’d get a warming of 0.7C- negligible. Looking at earth’s history, the sun was only about 70% as luminous as it is now 4.5 billion years ago. Earth has had liquid oceans going back at least 4 billion years. If there hadn’t been a strong NEGATIVE feedback, our oceans would have boiled away or frozen solid long ago. I suspect actual warming from a doubling of CO2 would be more like 0.3 or 0.4 C.

  • Avatar

    Greg House


    Alder, a person can not be that stupid to maintain that while he is riding a bicycle at -6°C, the “back radiation from clouds” is warming his hands. Which leads to the conclusion that he is probably a liar. And an active one, given the fact he was invited to post an article at Watts’.

    The fact that he still criticizes some minor points seems to be a part of the strategy to establish trust to more effectively support the key IPCC point about CO2 warming the planet, providing the ground for the “climate policy”.

  • Avatar



    What is ‘hard line’ to Greg is luke-warm to others.

    Steve Goddard’s points about fakery, manipulation of data, the false consensus, and so on deserve proper appreciation.
    His belief that radiation from cold to warmer objects occurs, but is negligible in the climate context, contrasts with the proposition that the effect is zero and cannot exist. So, Steve Goddard is not a ‘slayer’ but still an ally.

  • Avatar

    Greg House


    Steve Goddard is a hard line warmist promoting the IPCC “greenhouse effect”.

    I made a quick search for “Steve Goddard greenhouse effect” and immediately found his article on WUWT: “A short primer: The Greenhouse Effect Explained” (http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/02/25/a-short-primer-the-greenhouse-effect-explained/).

    His answers to comments are worth reading as well: “I bicycle year round day and night, and am quite certain that my hands stay warmer on cloudy nights in the winter – due to back radiation from the clouds.” (http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/02/25/a-short-primer-the-greenhouse-effect-explained/#comment-90827)

    Or this one: “At 20F, humidity is very low, and perspiration is essentially non-existent. Also, high clouds are not necessarily associated with low altitude humidity but they do produce a lot of back radiation.”(http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/02/25/a-short-primer-the-greenhouse-effect-explained/#comment-91317)

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