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Breaking: Top German Scientists Discover Fossil Fuel in the Stars

Written by John O´Sullivan

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute, Germany have discovered that the Horse Head Nebula galaxy in the Orion constellation contains a vast field of hydrocarbons (‘fossil fuel’ to you and me).The astonishing discovery signals the death of a theory that for decades told us the petroleum we use to power our motor cars comes from rotten prehistoric vegetation and dead dinosaurs.

horse head nebula

A powerful 30-meter telescope positioned at the Institute for Radio Astronomy confirmed the incredible news. Astronomer Jerome Pety told The Daily Galaxy, “We observed the operation of a natural refinery of gigantic size”. Will this incredible story be appearing in the mainstream media? Probably not. So far only the Daily Galaxy and the oil industry publication Rigzone have put this amazing discovery ‘out there.’

This incredible revelation confirms what scientists and engineers at Principia Scientific International (PSI) had long claimed: abiogenic oil theory was far more credible, based on the actual evidence, than the fossil fuel theory. For some years now Texan engineer, Joseph A. Olson and this author have battled to get this issue more widely debated. Now, it seems, this new discovery offers fresh hope that we can finally dismantle another brick in the wall of mainstream junk science.

Olson and other researchers will claim this new discovery affirms their hypothesis that hydrocarbons are formed under considerable nuclear heat and pressure. Two years ago the Texan engineer wrote: “The newly ‘liberated’ atoms from the fission reactions are in an environment of extreme heat and pressure.  Some of these daughter atoms are stable, non-reactive inert gases, others quickly find a matching atom and form a stable diatomic molecule.  For the remaining atoms, the heat and pressure force new molecular bonding.

As Olson declared years ago, “Oil is a renewable resource and man’s harvesting of this resource, may be of actual benefit to the eco-system.” The Houston engineer believes that once we abandon the nonsense of the ‘fossil fuel’ theory we will better placed to utilize what he believes is one of Earth’s best naturally re-generated resources: petroleum. 

Whether or not the stars are also constantly creating a boundless supply of oil, astronomer Viviana Guzman is sure of one thing; that the nebula contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than the total amount of water on Earth. Now that a world-leading science body, the Max Planck Institute, joins us in letting the cat-out-the-bag it is time that  the discredited ‘one percent’ who govern us stop peddling their self-serving lies about ‘peak oil’ and all those other Malthusian junk science scare stories (global warmers, are you listening?).

For too long a scientifically illiterate mainstream media has misled us. The western world, has been living in an age of stupid where self-loathing, guilt-ridden middle classes were duped into believing government junk science.

Hydraulic fracturing, often vilified by sections of the media, is already confirming there may be vast untapped lakes of oil being continuously replenished under our feet. In the USA the oil and shale gas revolution promises much as indicated elsewhere.

But it isn’t just in the stars that our skyward gaze has revealed a wondrous bounty of hydrocarbons. As Olson reminds us it was four years ago Saturn’s orange moon Titan was found to have hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth. The finding was from data obtained by the Cassini space mission. It was made known by a study led by Ralph Lorenz, Cassini radar team member from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA.Titan is known to have dozens of Titan’s lakes each having the equivalent of all earth’s natural gas supplies.

PSI co-founder Joe Olson asks, “Will humanity harvest and use this resource or will over-funded pressure groups and expanding government forces overwhelm reason and force unneeded control of this resource?”

But while media misinformation rules and we allow it, then we should blame ourselves for such perfidy and our corrupt and collapsing world economy. As long as we fail to fully exploit the Internet as the medium of shared learning we will continue to see the stupid get stupider, the rich get richer and poor, poorer. But if we embrace knowledge and share the truth we can more speedily put behind us the absurdities of man-made global warming, ‘Too big to fail’ banking, ‘peak oil’, ‘fossil fuels’, ‘Big Bang’ theory, etc.

Please help PSI become a force for good in this fast-evolving Age of the Internet where self-directed research and learning can reap real benefits for wider society. The Max Planck Institute has provided an invaluable addition to our growing knowledge of our bountiful Universe. PSI will be addressing further the implications of this new discovery. We will assessing, for example, how we may now better understand the true significance and potential of ‘Frakking’ – the fracturing of rock to release all that earth-bound hydrocarbon treasure which is the key to a bountiful and cheap energy-driven future.

It is up to us to free ourselves from the straitjacket of ignorance.


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