Big Bangs, Black Holes and Greenhouse Gas Science in Retreat

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Advocates for a return to a no nonsense empirical approach to the Big Questions in our Universe are making headway. Such critics of Big Bang, Black Hole, String Theory, etc say it is time to put away all the unproven and unprovable post normal pencil and paper theorisations. Instead, a rising tide of skeptics are demanding a wholesale re-think. Among their gripes is that for too long modern cosmology has done little more than the construct of an iffy Universe populated by equations and not provable science. 

Pierre Latour

Dr Pierre R Latour (pictured), PhD Chemical Process Control Systems Engineer and registered Professional Engineer in Texas and California, shares that sentiment. His main focus is the similarly shaky post normal interpretation of how earth’s atmosphere works.

Dr Latour has been studying the cornerstone of climate science rationale – the so-called greenhouse gas theory, since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. Among skeptics the ‘theory’ is regarded as wishywashy at best and as replete with conjecture and contradiction as is much of modern cosmology. Latour, on behalf of Principia Scientific International (PSI), was invited to give a talk on “Engineering Earth’s Thermostat with CO2?” at the Electric Universe 2014 Conference – All About Evidence, on March 24, 2014 and eloquently put the PSI case across. The impact of this conference and the compelling arguments presented, is currently reverberating throughout the independent global scientific community.

Dr Latour explains, using essential engineering requirements,  that any supposed earth thermostat is technically impossible – it cannot work and proved it never will.

Latour adds, “The Thunderbolts Project EU2014 Conference was interesting, informative and good fun. Most attendees were physicists from diverse backgrounds, skeptical of some mainstream consensus theoretical physics/astronomy.”

Fascinating to Latour and PSI was the overall theme of the project –  how electric field currents throughout the universe better match poorly explained observations like dark matter, black holes and Big Bang infinity points.

PSI’s Vice Chair is in solid agreement with others at the EU conference in arguing that the preponderance of matter in our Universe is disassociated ions and electrons, like stars, nebula and solar wind plasma – unlike zero charge atoms and molecules on Earth. 

“There are four phases of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. It’s mostly plasma. You are rare, very rare, because you are electrically neutral. Yet electric currents, charged ions, flow throughout your body nervous system and affect your behavior,” says Dr Latour.

The Holy Grail of higher scientific endeavor is to attain a Unifying Theory and it appears to an increasing number of inquisitive minds that modern cosmology has taken us down a wrong path. The Electric Universe alternative explanation is compelling because it has rational basis in observable evidence. Proponents of an empirically verifiable electric universe say it is scientifically superior than modern cosmology because it has traditional physics and empirical evidence on its side – evidence such as how tree sap flows up and down simultaneously in gravitational and electric fields. 

Also, the Electric Universe (EU) alternative view better than modern cosmology fits with the painstakingly accumulated astronomy of our ancient ancestors. Almost all Egyptian hieroglyphs preserved in stone have been translated to a literature far larger than the Bible, with similar philosophy of living. (Author of Genesis, Moses, was raised in Egypt.) Some presentations at

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