American Physicist Refutes Greenhouse Gas Theory

Written by John O´Sullivan, Suite 101


Physicist, Joseph E. Postma publishes groundbreaking paper that refutes the standard greenhouse gas hypothesis. The paper is a milestone publication for Principia Scientific International (PSI) having been the painstaking product of the collective study of all the avialable scientific literature. Postma’s work was in no small measure due to the invaluable input of several PSI researchers.

Postma finds:

The effective blackbody radiative ensemble temperature of Earth’s surface and its atmosphere does not directly relate to the ground temperature. We should expect the surface-air temperature to be higher than the ensemble temperature because 1) the input flux density has a much higher temperature than -180C; 2) the temperature distribution of any atmosphere in thermal equilibrium with a source of heat is already one in which the surface-air temperature is higher than the effective radiative temperature of the ensemble.

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