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60 Years Of Research Later, Scientists Finally Say Fluoride Is 100% Safe

Written by Andrew Follett

Scientists at Australia’s main medical research agency say that fluoride in drinking water is safe after analyzing 60 years of research and 3,000 scientific studies.

Researchers found that fluoride in water has no adverse health effects at the levels used in Australia, and that the substance is not linked to low IQ, cancer, or cognitive problems. The only result was reduction of the effects of tooth decay by 26 to 44 percent in children. water

“It shows that community water fluoridation as it’s used in Australia today is effective at reducing tooth decay and is not associated with any general negative health effects,” Anne Kelso, CEO of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, told reporters.

Australia’s research on fluoride debunks older Chinese studies which found that using about five times as much fluoride as Australia and were badly designed.

The findings are not just applicable to Australia, and can be applied to pretty much any fluoridated water supply. The American Dental Association states that fluoride has enormous dental health and economic benefits as well as the economic advantages of preventing tooth decay. The organization estimates that “every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves $38 in dental treatment costs.”

Fluoride is naturally present in groundwater and the ocean.
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