10 worst eco commercials

Written by Doug McIntyre, Twawki

greenpolice300x200OK this is the 10 (well OK I ended up with a lot more than 10) worst list of eco commercials:

At No. 10 Green Police. I actually found this commercial quite funny in one way but alarmingly real and frightening in another with regards the future and big green brother. I think yet again the message of the ad backfired on the green movement as people saw the orwellian, 1984, socialist/dictatorship philosophy of the green/environmental movement and their eco elitist plans where even your garbage is now screened.

No. 9 Obama the celebrity. This ad another disaster for the left but brilliantly done as it exposes a ‘green’ president who talks the talk but cant walk the walk. In the mould of Al Gore, Pachauri, Cameron etc these eco elites want to tell the rest of us to cut back on our necessities whilst they live in opulence and extravagance. As the Ad says “Two vacations, a half dozen parties, and several rounds of golf later, Barack Obama finally addressed the nation on the BP oil spill this Tuesday. He finally spoke with BP officials yesterday after 57 days“.

No. 8 Girl on the train tracks. This one is yet another of violence and kids. This one with kids and global warming as a time bomb. Then there’s the greenpeace one with a disturbed child and a call to revolt against adults. The thing with Greenpeace is it is anything but peace – as their ad says “the lines are drawn you have to choose sides, you are a friend or an enemy, I may just be a kid today ….” Another misinformed stupid commercial. First of all it is snowing on the Sydney Opera House which it has never done but because of global cooling it could quite likely happen in coming years. Secondly it shows rising sea levels when sea level rise has plateaud and is now starting to fall. Thirdly it advocates replacing cheap light bulbs with expensive, mercury laden ones. Hardly what you could call either intelligent or factual. But hey the more you tell a lie hopefully the more people will believe it.

No. 7 The Animal suicide commercial. Animals are too busy adapting to climate change they always have an always will. They care nothing for climate alarmism propaganda. All these eco elitist groups take it upon themselves to speak on behalf of animals but if animals could speak most of them would probably eat the eco elitists. A monkey hanging itself, a polar bear drowning itself, a kangaroo on the railway tracks – again lies and fear and baseless arguments all used to manipulate people with guilt.

No. 6 Yet another drowning kid commercial – what is it with the eco elite – is anything fair game in their smear campaigns – here’s another commercial with a couple of drowning kids from years ago.

N0. 5 British Government brainwashing our kids with fear. In a commercial that was sure to give millions of kids nightmares the Problem is like all monsters, the carbon monster is not real and simply a fabrication by those who want to manipulate us and our kids. That a government would shamelessly do this and that with taxpayers money was appalling. In response to the British Government fear campaign another more sensible ad was posted. And here’s a french ad again using our children for emotional manipulation where a child wants to be an astronaut to escape earth – again courtesy of Greenpeace. And another of a child drowning in a bath tub – because of an irresponsible mother – courtesy again of Greenpeace. There is no low they wont stoop to.

No, 4 Greenpeace Kitkat. What is it with the eco elites and blood? They seem to want to shock but often their alarmism backfires and that badly. This Greenpeace commercial was tasteless and vulgar. Where a man opens a kit kat wrapper and eats orangutan fingers in the place of kitkat chocolate. Greepeace seem to think the populace is moronic and so treat them that way not realising they are just identifying themselves as elitists who think they know better when the reality is they don’t have a clue.

No. 3 WWF 911 – Not only is the correlation with 911 incorrect and offensive, the tsunami it references has nothing to do with CO2 and was caused by undersea volcanism. So it is a stupid piece of baseless propaganda – but typical of what you would expect from the fear mongering WWF. It was called beyond disturbing and shockingly tasteless. The WWF later claimed it was not responsible as though it commissioned it, it then rejected it.

No. 2 Polar bear. In yet another tasteless, disturbing and factless commercial going for the guilt issue was this commercial with polar bears being pulverised as they fell out of the sky. The message was every time you fly you kill a polar bear. Problem is the theory that Co2 heats the planet is still unproven and polar bears far from going extinct are increasing substantially in number.It was called graphic and tasteless. People compared it to those jumping from the World Trade Centre in New York when it was bombed by planes. Prophetically it was said when this commercial was made “I’m sure the enviro-statists will think of something even more grotesque to rub our noses in until we fall in line“.

NUMBER 1 WORST COMMERCIAL OF 2010 goes to … drum roll … 10:10 No Pressure commercial. The commercial dubbed the green smiling assassins because it was all about the ‘feel good’ greens who felt that that had the right to kill anyone – whether it be children,workmates or team mates who did not toe the global warming line. Within hours it was pulled after the utter disgust it generated with the major sponsors (like Sony) pulling out very quickly. Youtube also put a 18+ requirement on it later.It was also quickly nicknamed “splattergate